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June 1, 2010

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As if running all the creative for WRAL in Raleigh isn’t enough to keep a person busy,  SHELLY LESLIE has been training for biking, swimming and running. She’s about to hop on her bike and go for 76 miles to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. Come on, everybody. Click and support Shelly. No amount too small to help. I’m giving you a Well Dunne! knowing you will.

VDO’s DIANNE STREYER is taking a walking vacation. Hiking the Appalachian  Trail. 
Sounds like it’s a perfect opportunity to get away from it all and take some stunning pictures. Hope you’ll share one or two snaps with us, D. You go girl!

Can’t pass up a chance to tout what sounds like a gourmet treat, available via online of course. Bacon filled hotdogs. 4504 Meats out of SF is amazing. And yes, Bacon is the new Black, baby.

Think About This
: "You may call this thought by whatever fancy words you wish-psychology, theology, sociology, or philosophy-but you must think of Mother Earth as a living being. Think of your fellow men and women as holy people who were put here by the Great Spirit. Think of being related to all things!" ~ Ed McGaa,


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