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June 30, 2010

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Sacramento isn’t that far from San Francisco. A mere 76 miles. So when RYAN LEWIS took his new job doing art for DREW FOWLER at CBS’ KOVR/KMAX in Cali’s capital, his trip wasn’t a cross country affair. If traffic was good, it wasn’t even that long of a drive. Ryan, who is already at the station and doing his artistic thing, had been with SF’s Premier Retail Networks, where he was involved in motion graphics. Ryan’s also been with Attik, the hot, hot, hot creative agency in the city by the bay. Well Dunne! Ryan and thanks for the info Drew. Shout out to KOVR’s promo manager, DON SMITH.

Speaking of Sacramento…My former assistant, MARGARET MOHR, who had been VP of Marketing and Promotion at Gannett’s KXTV has not left marketing behind, but has taken it in a new direction. She’s repotted herself, leaving the ABC affiliate and is now putting together the marketing team for a Sacramento-area publishing company. It’s closer to home and, besides, she’s been doing the CSD thing for the last 10 years. Margaret is a gem and TV will miss her, but going in different directions and saving time on a commute are not to be ignored.  Well Dunne!
Tribune is shaking up the status quo. Part of the new way to do things is to appoint two regional VPs who’ll oversee Creative Services. JOHN ZEIGLER is now a member of the VP club, with his marching orders to oversee the Eastern Region of Trib’s TV stations. His former title was CSD at WPIX in The Big Apple. The Central Region will be overseen by new VP CARRIE KING, who was CSD at WGN in Chicago. Just love her new title: Regional Vice President Innovation & Imagination at Tribune Creative Group.  Why Yes, they have an opening for a VP for the western region, so if you’re interested….Well Dunne! to John and Carrie!

Nobody likes what is so euphemistically referred to as “difficult conversations” at work. Nobody. But they aren’t going away and a good leader owes it to everybody to make these effective. Make these conversations easier by reading the tips in this article.

Think About This:  "Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future." ~ Deepak Chopra

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