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September 22, 2010

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Let’s all raise our glasses and have a glass of bubbly in celebration of JESSICA STOWELL’s recent nuptials. She tied the knot with a very handsome man and the CBS Boston News Promo Manager is now Mrs. Jessica Henrichs. She’s worked in Hawaii as well as Sacramento. So everybody…wishing the happy couple a very Well Dunne marriage!

Jobs. To my knowledge, these are open: PROMO MANAGER SLOTS @WFTS/Tampa, KCNC/Denver, WKMG/Orlando, @WCAV/Charlottesville, NEWS MARKETING MANAGER @WBFF/Balto, VP Creative @WTTG/DC, @InspirationNetworks/Charlotte, CSD SLOTS @KVOA/Tucson, KOIN/Portland, WJXT/Jacksonville FL, KFSN/Fresno, DIRECTOR OF MARKETING @KAAL/Austin MN, WNCN/Raleigh,

Kudos to Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE whose Detroit radio station, WCSX, has been tapped the #1 station in the MoTown market. You should hear him do TV. Hey, I mean it. You SHOULD hear him do TV. Click here.

Seems that on-air spots work great on the web…even better than web-produced spots. Interesting. For details, click here.

Meanwhile, a new poll finds that there’s confusion about commercials amongst viewers. Could it be the ‘too cool for the room’ feel for some spots that totally omit the viewer in their conception? It’s the viewer, stupid. Perhaps T-shirts sporting that are in order…

Think About This: "We can make conscious contact with God, transcend the limitations of a dichotomous world, and regain the power that is only available to us when we’re connected to the Source. This is what I call getting in the gap. It’s where we create, manifest, heal, live, and perform at a miraculous level. The gap is the powerful silence we can access through meditation." ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


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