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December 28 2010

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Let’s start the New Year celebration early with the news that a personal favorite is going to Washington. No, not Mr. Smith. Mr. Henry. MIKE HENRY is packing up right now for his move across country to become the new VP of Creative Services at FOX in DC. The calls are WTTG/WDCA. Mike and his lovely wife will be decamping Fresno, where he had been Marketing Director and Digital Channels Director at the CBS affiliate there. Mike has done a lot of fascinating things in his career, from being head of comedy promotion at CBS Network (not kidding – that’s the title and it rocks) to being a VP of Disney. Like so many, he has a few city stickers on his luggage, including LA and Chicago. So let’s pop those champagne corks, light the sparklers and throw caution to the wind as we all say Well Dunne! Mike.

Think About This: “There is no glimpse of the light without walking the path. You can’t get it from anyone else, nor can you give it to anyone. Just take whatever steps seem easiest for you, and as you take a few steps it will be easier for you to take a few more.” ~ Peace Pilgrim


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