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December 30, 2010

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With 2011 just aching to begin, thought it was time to thank you all for being readers…for sharing your news…and for supporting Well Dunne! Sometime during December, this posting site blew past the 800 mark (this marks 813 for those into specifics). It has been a pleasure to talk to everyone beginning new professional chapters in their lives…who are embarking on new adventures…who are finding new horizons. It has been equally wonderful to talk to those who are looking for that next chapter, adventure and horizon and acting as a go-between to help turn a search into a new start.

I hope this upcoming year proves, in the lyrics sung by Frank Sinatra, that the best is yet to come. Looking forward to 2011 and continuing to share good news. Never forget you are the most creative and wonderful people ever.

Today’s Think About This is particularly on-target. It sums up in just two simple sentences what I have found to be true. Enjoy.

“The purpose of life is being–as opposed to not being. Never give consideration to things you do not want to happen." ~ David Baird

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