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Friday February 11, 2011

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TJ KING has finally been handed the title of Creative Services Director at WAWS/WTEV  the FOX / CBS combo in Jacksonville, FL. TJ has been running the creative for months, and now it’s official. TJ came to the duop in May of last year from WAGA in Atlanta. The Jax native is on the lookout for a Promotion Manager, so let the job hunt begin. Well Dunne! TJ.

SHANNON JAMIESON DRIVER is now in the drivers seat at DIY down in Knoxville. She’s just been named VP Consumer Marketing for the Scripps network. She’s been director of partnership marketing and brand extensions at HGTV and made the switch as easy as signaling to change lanes. Well Dunne! Shannon.

Topicals at the Gannett CBS affiliate in Columbia, SC are now being handled by MICHAEL KANADAY. He’s a local guy who knows how to do it all, including shoot. As topical producer at WLTX, he probably won’t have to. Well Dunne! Michael. And thanks to CSD JIM HAYES for the info.

Job Alert – two great slots open at KIRO in Seattle. Image Producer and Topical Producer. CSD MATT LAWS is the man to talk to.

Well Dunne! Talent’s RICCARDO PEROTTI isn’t just a bilingual voice man. He’s also a magnificent musician who has a show coming up Saturday Feb 12 at 8pm. It’s at El Sitio in Coconut Grove, FL. Cool.

Tweets on a billboard? It’s working in Texas. And it sounds like a great idea for local TV marketing, too.

My heavens. I had no idea. Anybody else guess that the US House of Representatives has spent nearly $1 million on bottled water? A year? Yep. That breaks out to approximately $2,000 per member. I can’t imagine what the bar tab would equate to….

Think About This:
"Faith is power. When we obsess about our problems and the things we lack, that is what will manifest in our reality. By imagining the possibilities-our positive intentions-clearly, then letting them go and having faith in the benevolence of the Universe, we remove the barriers of our limited thoughts and open the path for wonderful things to come our way." 
~Kathy Cordova


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