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May 19, 2011

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There’s a certain art and talent required to do Topicals. Especially good, effective Topicals. Lots of discussion going around as to whether it’s a craft, a skill, a process or a talent. Or all of them.  CSD KEVIN GORYL at FOX in Cincinnati believes his new Topical writer producer has them equally. Already turning out wonderful spots is CAROLANN CRITTENDON, who learned how to edit on Avid in a mere two weeks. She’s been solo’ing since and everybody seems to be happy. This is Carolann’s first job in TV. The Chicago native has her degree from Miami in Ohio and was looking to get a job after graduation. She had applied for a  Coordinator slot with Kevin earlier, but it didn’t work out. He remembered her and called her back. After showing extraordinary promise (and picking just the right stories to push), Kevin welcomed her into the promo family. She’s a star who deserves a “one to watch” rating. Well Dunne! Carolann.  And you’ll have to watch her this time with your head turned…can NOT get this image to be upright. Seriously. This is what happens when you work at stations in markets where one is not allowed to touch equipment. Sorry Carolann…but you’re adorable even sideways.

Recipe for way more fun than you can imagine. Xbox360 + Netflix instant downloads + personal queue + friend’s queue = Yeah Baby!

Think About This: At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.  ~ Jean Houston

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