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July 21, 2011

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 JAMES GRIFFEL is having a blast discovering his new city…Philadelphia. The Flint, Michigan creative is now part of Fox Philly’s team – he’s Executive Producer. Mr. G is loving the City of Brotherly Love and is thrilled to be working with CSD AUDREY FISH. Well Dunne! James.

So nice to see a lady make her mark in the sports marketing world. A big Well Dunne! goes out to Fox Sports South’s new  Marketing Manager and On-Air Presentation. CATHY JAMISON is moving to the Miami area from NYC. Cathy is no stranger to South Florida…she has a degree from Florida Atlantic U. A major even in the Women in Cable Telecommunications group, where she is Vice President. Well Dunne! Cathy.

For those seeking some relief from the horrible heat, and like your cold treats to pack a little punch, all the while playing do-it-yourself…check out the Zoku boozy popsicle machine. 

Think About  This: "Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be defeated, but

 they start a winning game."  – Goethe


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