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August 16, 2011

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Headed west on the 10, coast to coast, is JEREMY CLAYPOOL, the new promo writer producer at KNBC in beautiful downtown Burbank. Mr. C is going to be working with the uber-talented TIM HOWICK who heads up the creative efforts of the Peacock in LA. Jeremy has a lot to do before he begins September 26, like move, go on a cruise, visit the fam, and buy a new car. Of course, the drive is going to be great, with stops planned in New Orleans, Phoenix and who knows where else. Fun! Jeremy is taking leave of his current slot at FOX’s WOFL in Orlando and hates to say goodbye to his boss, CHRIS FRIEDRICHS. But LA is calling. Jeremy has worked at KXAS in Dallas so his string of staying in snow-free climes continues. Well Dunne! Jeremy.

Speaking of LA…Job Alert – KCBS/KCAL is looking for a promo preditor focusing on news.

BILLY PITTARD has the most fab marketing blog. You must stop by and check it out.

Love love love Southwest Airlines, and always have. Read about their Random Acts of Coolness and then say “Brilliant”

Some things are just too weird to make up. The truth trumps creativity in this one. It’s the newest in iPad covers. The ones in question are made from, and I am not making this up, Bernie Madoff’s pants. The Ponzi Prince had all his clothes sold and, well, now they’re iPad covers. And they’re not cheap. At least none of the proceeds are going to that crook. 

Think About This: "We take no step unpartnered. We may feel like the fool from the Tarot deck, stepping heedlessly into blank space, but that is not reality. The Great Creator is an artist and he/she/it is an artist in partnership with other artists. The moment we open ourselves to making art, we simultaneously open ourselves to our maker. We are automatically partnered." ~ Julia Cameron


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