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August 19, 2011

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So busy I blew the debut of SCOTT NOVASIC’s new demo. Scott is a muy talented TV artist who has worked at FOX Chicago as well as CBS LA. He’s been doing his own business with the clever name SuperNova. This week, he spoke at the Digital Media Artists Los Angeles and, well, it all boils down to a very talented guy who’s worth hunting down for your projects. Click here for his website. And before we depart, a huge Well Dunne! Happy Birthday to Katherine Novasic on her 3rd birthday.   

Got some exciting announcements for new jobs, but have to wait for corporate approvals to say. Vacation time makes it tough. Come back next week and enjoy your weekend.

Job Alert – Director of Advertising Strategy Food Network.

Job Alert – Chic Sarasota FL’s ABC affil WWSB needs a creative services producer.

Think About This: "Spirituality is the awareness that we are connected to Life with a capital "L." This state of being is not dependent on the particular activity we are performing. So instead of denying your spiritual side until you have time to explore it, try doing what you’re doing with the attitude that you already are a spiritual being, and see how your daily life is influenced as a result."  ~ Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman


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