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Let’s hope MICHAEL O’TOOLE is all rested…cause he’s headed to the city that never sleeps. Yep, Michael is the newest member of the creative team at New York’s FOX operation. VP BRIAN BLUM shared the news. O’Toole (love that Irish name!) is driving up I-95 from his old slot as VP of Creative Services at WUTB, the MyTV station in Charm City. He did a terrific job, sometimes doing it all himself.  Michael and Brian worked together in the past at San Diego’s KUSI, and also they worked together promoting WUTB from the Secaucus location…so this new teaming will be particularly fun. The multi-talented Michael has a degree in Broadcast Management from USC, and has done creative marketing for Cox Communiations in LA. Well Dunne! Michael. 

Guess who is STILL doing double duty, both her Promo Manager job AND doing nighttime topicals? WTAE’s TRACY OLIVER. If you’re a writer producer and want to work in a fab market for a great ownership group…send your info to WTAE. Tracy won’t have the time to read it, but CSD ED EVEREST will – much to Tracy’s delight.

Job Alert – NYC-based writer producer editor for promos at Ion Media Network

Too bad this is not coming to you from some fabulous spiritual locale on the farflung map. 11-11-11 was going to be mystical. Well, let’s make it mystical no matter where we are.

Think About This: "You know that being an American is more than a matter of where your parents came from. It is a belief that all men are created free and equal and that everyone deserves an even break.” ~ Harry S. Truman


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