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February 2, 2012

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WONHEE LEE is the new Creative Director of BIGSMACK. The majorly talented Lee, who has tons of awards for his work, is also a teacher at the  impressive Otis College of Art and Design in LA, where the South Korean was at one time, a student.  And, in his spare time, he is the owner of Mobius gallery and store. Very cool. Lee started his career at FOX TV in LA where he was in the design department and then moved over to NBC as Art Director. When he freelanced, he was at the best shops. Now BIGSMACK is his home and he’ll split his time between their offices in NYC and Philly. Well Dunne! Wonhee.

Job Alert – Marketing Director under the palms…KGMB/KHLN needs one. Honolulu. Mahalo.

Job Alert – WAVE in Louisville needs a Marketing Manager, another name for CSD.



So, the resume is still the foundation of job-hunting, but here’s some insight into how your social media footprint is also muy-important. 


Think About This: "Looking upon the loss of anything as though it means the end of it is the same as believing falling leaves mark the end of the trees." ~ Guy Finley

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