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July 18, 2012

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It’s about 100 miles from Hartford, CT to Boston…not all that far to drive. One can even commute, although I can’t imagine the traffic on the I-84 to I-90 trip. Whatever, the trip is the next step in LOWELL BRIGGS career when he decamps his slot as CSD at NBC’s WVIT in Hartford to take the VP of Creative Services slot at FOX’s WFXT in Bean Town. Lowell is bringing a fabulous background, including in-depth research and news experience, from such markets as Raleigh, Birmingham and Boston itself, where Mr. B once worked at New England Cable News. He’s even worked as a VJ at CNN and been on-air as a reporter. Very Cool. The Kenyan College grad must surely know his way around Boston and will be hitting the ground running first part of August. A hearty Well Dunne! Lowell.

KNBC’s JEREMY  CLAYPOOL has a blog you must be reading … check it out blog.jeremyclaypool.com

Oops…this was earlier reported as KABC…my bad.

Is Breaking Bad the future of television watching? 


Think About This: "I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving."  ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


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  • Congrats to Lowell, he’s going to like good ole Boston. Kate your blog is awesome, check it all the time. Isn’t Jeremy Claypool at KNBC?

  • Oh yes…Jeremy is with KNBC…my bad. Thanks for pointing it out! K

  • Kate! Thanks so much for the mention! Hope all is well. Will talk soon!