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December 10, 2012

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CSD GENE ROBINSON of Phoenix’s CBS affil KPHO has found himself (and the station) an Art Director. CLARK PACE made the switch from being at the Indie KTVK in the Valley of the Sun. It was an 18 year run at KTVK where Clark did all the art jobs.  He’s also done freelance and it sounds like he did some amazing projects. I hear he’s a major movie buff and trivia expert. And, this is a quote, a “HUGE Star Wars nerd.” Well Dunne! Clark.

Think About This: Note – this is an obituary that was so beautifully phrased about a life so lovingly led, it is worth sharing:

Mrs. T was someone who appeared fragile, but she was a fighter who lived through the Depression, World War II and many difficult times. She was married for 64 years and had the sorrowful experience of seeing her husband die in September of 2010. Yet she bucked up, straightened her head and pushed on as far as she could.

She taught others loyalty, kindness, love and fortitude; not by her words, but by her actions. She always listened and comforted, but when she made her mind up about something – that was it, that’s the way it was going to be.

In the past few years her body failed and she was in severe back, leg and knee pain. But she took each day as it came, reached out to God, and was known to many times say, “It’s just amazing, today I asked the Lord to help me and he did; he helped me through.” Whether it was finding lost keys, papers, a memory, or just making it from her bed to the door, she had a strong arm to lean on through it all.

In memory, the family encourages friends to spend time with someone they love, say a kind word, or repair a broken relationship.


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