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December 11, 2012

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Working in TV marketing is today’s version of being a renaissance man (and woman), so it’s not a surprise to hear that a real life renaissance talent is now working as a promotion writer producer. LEE VANDER BOEGH is the newest member of KIVI’s creative team. KIVI is the Journal ABC affil in Boise. Lee is an actor, writer, musician, comic and filmmaker – all of which will come in exceedingly handy for his new job. Looking for super spots to happen and we know they will. Well Dunne! Lee.

Job Alert – CSD at WTVD in Raleigh/Durham

Think About This:  “Accept whatever is going on completely, without any judgment. It is neither right nor wrong, good nor bad. It just is. Accept whatever is going on to the best of your ability, whether you have just won the lottery, lost your job or are in a noisy disagreement with your boss. This does not mean you don’t feel the feelings, pleasurable or painful, but acceptance is key here.”  ~ Ruth Fishel


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