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December 12, 2012

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Well, here it is 12-12-12…the last time in a long time when we can have this kind of fun with the date’s numbers. So write a check, or sign a contract…something fun.

This time of year, companies announce promotions and it’s so much fun to write about. One such promotion comes out of FOX in Atlanta, where JEFF ZELLMER is the newest member of the VP club. Excellent news and Well Dunne! Jeff.

Job Alert – CSD at WPEC in West Palm Beach FL


Job Alert – Programming and Promotion Coordinator KNSD San Diego

Out in Sacramento, KOVR Promo Manager DON SMITH had an interesting event the other night at dinner. A phalanx of police greeted him when he went out the door for dinner…seems there was a shoplifter who had mistakenly chosen the station parking lot as an escape route, and, well, after punching a cop, it all ended up being a very different dinner break for Don. BTW, he didn’t hit the cop – the shoplifter on the run did….but you knew that, right?

Think About This: “Our life is so short that every time I see my children, I enjoy them as much as I can. Whenever I can, I enjoy my beloved, my family, my friends, my apprentices. But mainly I enjoy myself, because I am with myself all the time. Why should I spend my precious time with myself judging myself, rejecting myself, creating guilt and shame? Why should I push myself to be angry or jealous? If I don’t feel good emotionally, I find out what is causing it and I fix it. Then I can recover my happiness and keep going with my story.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz




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