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May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Featured

JACK PARMETER has passed away. I met Jack back in the LA days and hadn’t crossed paths until several months ago when he sent the most upbeat, charming email. He was looking for a new job and wanted to know what was available. His background was very impressive: He had helped launch the Fox TV Network as Director of On-Air Promotions, handling such shows as The Simpsons and 90210. He worked for Fox as Executive Director of Creative Services and traveled internationally working on original material. He made the switch to CBS where he was first VP of On-Air Promotion then Senior VP of Marketing. He was involved in Parmeter Productions where clients included ABC, Cimarron and Fox. A graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in Architecture, Jack had an artists eye, a brilliant mind, a winning smile. He will be sincerely missed.

BRAD CRUM who worked with Jack, wrote the following in his honor. He has graciously allowed us to share: 

"GUESS WHAT, WE ARE CONNECTED"  I got this email a couple of months ago from an old friend. " Hi there…I’m an ex CBS/FOX promo/marketing guy looking for a full time job (remember me?). I figured I’d start with my Linkedin friends. Guess what? We are connected.
Hope all is well with you.  Best   Jack"

I got back to him but we didn’t get a chance to talk. Now, I hear of his untimely death.
If you’ll allow me, I’ve written something in honor of Jack Parmeter.  But it’s really for all of us in the promo business. Because, as Jack so aptly said,
"Guess what–We are Connected".

To the tune of "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime,"

Once I built a network, from the ground, took it right to the top…
Once I took another, turned it around…Brother, can you spare a job?
Once my work earned jealous stares– lined their pockets with gold
Built a reputation—but hey, who cares?! Tell me am I just too old?

Say, don’t you remember, they called me Jack;
they called me John, Lew & Bob,
Why don’t you remember, I’m your pal? Buddy, can you spare a job?

Which leads to today’s THINK ABOUT THIS:  You get an email…a phone call…a FB message…a tweet…a LinkedIn message from someone in the business.  You know the person, or their work, or you know of them. You know people who know them. The person reaching out doesn’t have a job at the moment, or is looking for a project. Sound familiar? Now to the heart of it….what do you do? The answer…the ONLY answer…is that you do something. You return the email…the call…answer the social media communiqué.  You reach back and in doing so, you make that person feel so much better. Remind them they are not alone. They can be hopeful. In the best possible ways, you can even give them the key to a new job.

Think About This #2:  “If doubt, despair, and denial threaten to dismantle your dreams today, let Love rear up in your defense.”   ~  Sarah Ban Breathnach


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  • This is the first mention I have found of Jack’s passing since his sister called me last week. If you could please direct me 2 a site or friend where I could learn more information without bothering his sister I would appreciate it. I’ve known jack for over 35 years. We worked together at the El Cerrito community center while Jack was still going to Cal Berkeley. Jack was larger than life back in those days. He was highly competitive. He won almost every game he played he excelled at almost everything he tried. he played Mozart on the piano he painted he acted he wrote naughty limericks he even tried to sing and dance. He was a true Renaissance man. As our career paths diverged we lost touch for several years. I haven’t seen him since 1993 although we’ve spoken on the phone or email a couple times a year. I’m just a simple school teacher but I have been blessed with a memory for details that Jack really appreciated. After leaving CBS he seemed really down and with family and two jobs I was unable to visit him. But just talking or texting about some of our bike trips days at the pool beach trips ski trips or travels in Europe seemed to bring his spirits up tremendously. The last time we spoke was in April. We were supposed to go for a bike ride like the old days in Berkeley. All I know is he was found face down in his bed. His sister said there’s a funeral service somewhere in the LA area on June 7th that I am unable to attend. I have so many stories and funny memories of Jack to share with people who knew him that I wish to send something to his funeral or 2 put together a gathering of friends in El Cerrito to acknowledge the passing of a great friend who touched many people’s lives in a positive way. He will be missed