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September 4, 2013

Sep 3, 2013 by     Comments Off on September 4, 2013    Posted under: Featured

 Saying nice things about BRIAN BLUM isn’t just easy – it’s a treat. Prepare yourselves, since Brian is the focus of today’s WDTB (which would make great call letters, in case that ever comes up…). Mr. B, who is VP of Creative Services at Fox’s NYC operation, aka WNYW, is going to retiring and moving back to his west coast digs, which is where his family has been calling home for quite some time. Brian has been with Foxny for the last 10 years and was with CBS’ KPIX in San Francisco before that. Just like a Cosmo article, he and his wife did a bi-coastal marriage, which is a feat unto itself. Come the end of this month, he’ll be in the same zip code nightly and enjoying the best weather in the country. The timing is perfect – he’s already closed on his NY condo so the signs all point to “right track”. His stellar career path included getting his foot in as producer at WBBM in Chicago, then going on to be Promo Manager at Philly’s WCAU and Director of Marketing and Program Development at Miami’s WFOR. Brian is the go-to guy for marketing direction and, despite the fact we know he’ll be very very happy, he will be missed. BTW, Brian was the very first person to sign up to get the WDTB and he will forever be a favorite of mine! A huge Well Dunne! Brian. 

Ending the summer in a totally fabulous way – marketing guru BILL HARTNETT. He and his lovely wife have welcomed a new little one into the world. Kudos for those who didn’t think let alone utter ‘now that’s taking labor day literally’. 

Well, fall is really here. They’re serving Pumpkin Latte’s at Starbucks and there’s a few Christmas things for sale on shelves in between all the Halloween candy. 

A sweet and happy Hebrew New Year 5774.

Think About This:  “If you are falling….dive.”  ~ Joseph Campbell


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