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September 26, 2013

Sep 25, 2013 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Featured

Do you know bubbly MAIA BRUSSEAU? If no, you should. If yes, then you’ll be thrilled to hear she’s been promoted to Creative Services Director of Denver’s KDVR/ KWGN, Fox and MyTV. The lovely Maia had been Promotion Manager and has been holding down the creative fort since ERIK CANDIANI took the Director of Marketing and Creative slot at KARE in Minneapolis. Maia’s a sunshine lady, whether it’s Florida sunshine or the sun from the slopes in the Rockies. She’s worked at WKMG in Orlando twice, and at Denver’s CBS affil KCNC. It’s such a pleasure to share the good news with her. Well Dunne! Maia.

With her old title/positio left open, commercial producer CHRIS LUPENSKI was tapped and was promoted to Promotion Manager. The sentence ‘promotion to Promotion Manager’ sounds rather odd, but that’s what happened. Dan is originally from Danbury, Connecticut and made his way to Denver via Atlanta and Birmingham. He’s a Roll Tide Bama fan in case you are as well.  He began his TV career at the Center for Public Television at University of Alabama and his first real job…one with a paycheck…was at WDBB in Tuscaloosa, site of a classic Groucho Marx line. Well Dunne! Chris.

Now is the perfect time to start your search for a new station voice. And can Well Dunne!Talent help. Yes we sure can. Click…listen…be happy.

Think About This:  "Do not be discouraged. Learn not to be disappointed in anything, or any person. You are disappointed because your will, your desire, has been frustrated. Learn to submit to the divine will, for God’s will is all-wise. Wait, then, for God’s appointments, learning to tread the path wisely, serenely."  ~  White Eagle


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  • Congrats you guys!! So well deserved and long overdue!!