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May 15, 2014

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2C Media has racked up some exciting noms in the PROMAXbda 2014 National awards derby. Couldn’t happen to better folks. For a list of those up for gold, silver, bronze and kudos, click here.  Well Dunne! to all that talent.


Condolences to FOX DC VP MIKE HENRY on the loss of his son earlier in the spring. A memorial service is being held on the west coast this weekend. Always sending you our best Mike.

Love Ken Levine. He’s THE BEST comedy writer and all round great guy…so you should take a gander at his idea on how to fix TV (entertainment side).


HARRY LEGG has written an article that outlines why using your Image voice for commercials is a really bad (reallllly bad) idea. 

When you have your station image voice talk, you want your viewers to pay attention. After all, you selected him or her to be the sound of your operation…the sound of Who You Are. So you really need to think twice (or more) and know this: your image sound should not be reading commercials.

Billboards are entirely different. Your voice is listing the people who support you. Great. Nothing better. But in today’s bottom-line, money-is-tight atmosphere, there’s a lot of pressure to use your station voice for local spots. Many in the sales department are keen about it. 

What’s a creative to do? Gotta educate them.

Start with educating them about Tune out – a term that needs to be top of mind for all creative work. Tune out needs to be avoided at all costs. You need to teach people that tune out happens when something (ahem..a voice for instance) becomes used so very much…over and over and over…that it loses all impact. It becomes the mailbox at the end of the street you don’t notice at all. The sound of crickets. 

OK, so maybe tune out is too esoteric. Legal always works…your image voice is contracted for certain things, and commercials isn’t one of them. On rare occasions, commercials might be included in the talent agreement, but that’s another problem.  On the whole – Image voices are for image work.

Is there anything worse than bad trafficking where a viewer could hear a ‘I gave it my all’ station promo right after a read for a mattress company – in the same distinctive voice? Ouch.

This isn’t a war with your sales people. Far from it. You are helping them help their clients. It’s a win-win. 

Think About This:  “I get up every morning determined to boh change he world and have one hell of a good ime. Sometimes it makes planning my day difficult.”  ~ E. B. White

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