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May 20, 2014

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Not only does he have one of those fabulous names that underscores his creativity, but DUSTY SCHMIDT also has how own bar and beer making operation. Does it get more intriguing? Not without government interference.  The former Syracuse Orangeman is now part owner of Boise’s Grind Modern Burger / Woodland Empire AleCraft. Tasting on-site, too. Dusty has a history of making things happen through marketing and advertising, and he’ll draw on his past to make his The Place in the entire Northwest. His past includes work for NatGeo, Speed Network, Tribune, and Veria TV as well as his tenure as SVP of Creative Affairs at HGTV in Knoxville and Manager of On-Air Promos for Fox. Best of all, Dusty had the pleasure of working with the one and only JOHN TISCHENDORF back when the two of them were just getting started in the Gem State. (Note..gem and not potato?) No, his new venture does NOT rule out his project work. Make a note of that and he might even bring some extra burgers and beer with him. Well Dunne! Dusty.

Job Alert – Promotion Supervisor KAAL Rochester MN

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