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June 24, 2014

Jun 23, 2014 by     Comments Off on June 24, 2014    Posted under: Featured

If anybody knows how to market …how to make a major splash and keep folks comin’ back for more, it’s WWE.  So being part of their marketing efforts is quite exciting. Such is the spot MARK SULLIVAN (what a grand Irish name) finds himself…he’s been producing promos for them since the beginning of the year (I know – it’s June – time flies). Mark is a University of Rhode Island man who has a stellar track record in the promo biz, with stints as a writer/producer at Nickelodeon, Sr. writer/producer at Nick @ Nite and TV Land, Creative Producer for WGBH’s Zoom, Exec Producer of On-Air at Oxygen and as owner of Sullivision Films. Check out his vimeo – great stuff.  Most favorite of his last gigs was being President of Sonic Snail Productions. Super name. A great big WWE-sized Well Dunne! Mark.

Must apologize…the “T” on my laptop is not cooperating. Will have it repaired, but hate parting with it for any length of time…separation anxiety.  Please overlook and just rack it up to low T.

Think About This: “Before you speak, let our words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself ‘Is it true?’  At the second gate, ask ‘Is it necessary?’  At the third gate, ask ‘Is it kind?’”  ~  Sufi saying

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