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August 27, 2015

Aug 26, 2015 by     Comments Off on August 27, 2015    Posted under: Featured

What were you doing when you were 24…when you were 27? You were falling in love, getting jobs that held the hope of bigger dreams to come…you were having babies and experiencing different adventures…you were learning and dreaming and blooming. 

When Adam Ward picked up his camera Wednesday in the early morning hours, the 27 year old had no idea what lay ahead. Sure, a live shot. Then turn a story or two. Some editing back at the station. Maybe a Subway for lunch.

When 24 year old Alison Parker was brushing her hair early Wednesday, long before most of us were up, she was no doubt thinking about having fallen in love with someone. They were keeping it all quite secret yet she wanted to burst with the thrill of being with someone so wonderful. She probably smiled at the thought of him.

But it wasn’t a normal day. It was the last day. 

If words could erase pain and loss, the coverage of this surreal event at Virginia’s WDBJ would be sufficient to do that…erase the pain of the loss. But words can only do so much. They won’t wipe away the screams of Alison as she was being shot. They won’t remove the bravery of Adam who kept his camera rolling even after he fell. They won’t bring back two one-of-a-kind young people who have left us, their friends, co-workers, family.

Hug those around you, even those who don’t seem huggable. Tell those you love that you do, indeed, love them and it’s not taken for granted. Notice the little things that make your life your life…like planning on what you want for lunch or remembering the feeling of being in love.

Think About This: " Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways. ~ Stephen Vincent Benét

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