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February 19, 2016

Feb 18, 2016 by     Comments Off on February 19, 2016    Posted under: Featured

Ever talk to someone on the phone and draw a mental picture of them…then find your mental picture was very, very close to what they really look like?  Happened with WTOC’s SARAH SMITH. Her bright, bubbly voice mirrors the Atlanta-raised lady, who is the Digital Marketing Manager of Raycom’s CBS affiliate in that most elegant of towns, Savannah.  The University of Georgia grad (Masters of Art History !) who also studied in France (oui, elle parle) and has a degree from Vanderbilt, came over from being Research Director for ABC in The Hostess City. She’s done the research thing for WXIA in Atlanta as well, having also handled being an Account Exec. This is a woman who loves the learning curve! Need more of those in the biz. The art education got a workout when Sarah was a Gallery Director as well as owned her own Fine Art Advisory Service. Can you say many talents?  Plus, at her new station, she gets to work with anchorman RUSS REISINGER, not only a great guy but one who never ages. Sarah – Well Dunne!

For all you Pittsburghers…Monday morning when you get up, start the week off on a different, happier and more fun way. Tune into Well Dunne! Talent’s ALLY BUTLER as she debuts as the morning show host on Y108. She’s got a partner, Andy, and he’s a musician. This is a great pair and from the snippet that has been shared, they sound devine. Listen anytime (or all the time) from 5-10 in the am.  Love that Ally!

Have ya’ll seen the android commercial with the two pianos…one with each of the 88 keys playing a different note and one with all the keys sounding the same. It’s excellent. It’s clickable. It’s one that should make you think about whether your station marketing is played on the piano that makes music or the one where it’s all the same. End of mini-lecture.   

Think About This: “Yesterday’s homeruns don’t win today’s games.”  ~ Babe Ruth

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