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March 30, 2016

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When you find a group of colleagues who work together in relative harmony, energizing and making things happen, there’s no better work experience. When there’s a change in what you all do together, many times you make the change and continue working with the group. It’s exciting – horizons broaden and growth happens on all levels. It’s what happened to former promo pro WILL SLIGER, who headed up TV marketing slots in Chicago and Phoenix, before going over to Go Daddy. When Go Daddy changed hands, the founder started another company (it’s what he does) and Parsons Extreme Golf, or PXG for short, came around. Will’s co-workers joined the new entity, and now Will has rejoined them. His new title is SVP Marketing at YAM Worldwide/PXG.  Well Dunne! Will. 

Job Alert – Creative Director On-Air Promos Oxygen NYC

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WPEC West Palm Beach

According to Harvard Business (yes, the #1 business learning institution around – not too shabby to use their information…) the job of a manager is to make sure the people they work with have a life outside the job. What a concept. Read all about it. 

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