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August 29, 2016

Aug 28, 2016 by     Comments Off on August 29, 2016    Posted under: Featured

Family is everything. Even at those times when you feel smothered, or ignored, or embarrassed (it is an election year after all…) good people respond to family. When DAVID JEWELL made the choice to leave TV, at the heart of the decision was his family. When he finally closes the door on his office at FOX affil WDRB in Louisville, he’ll replace topicals, sweeps pieces and POPs with fun family things like picking children up at school and laughing and spending time with the people that make it all worthwhile. Retirement has a lovely sound, especially after the 40 years that David’s been in the biz. He’s worked in Louisville at both the FOX station as well as WHAS. David will be traveling too – he’s vacationing on the South Carolina coast this week to practice. He’ll be back in L-Town to help his successor so all will be well in TVland. Yes, the new CSD is coming from Minneapolis to be closer to his Tennessee roots. Read tomorrow and you’ll know who. Meanwhile, David is a great guy who deserves all the best. TV will miss him. He promises to keep in touch. So everybody let’s give him a Well Dunne!

Think About This:  “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language  And next year’s words await another voice.  And to make an end is to make a beginning."  ~ T.S. Eliot

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