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September 14, 2016

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New York – Market #1. Over at WNBC, the marketing division has a new #2 in the form of the lovely PHLLLIS OHNEMUS, recently promoted by the one and only MISSY CRAWFORD, VP of Creative and Marketing. Love hearing from MC and this is what she told us about Phyllis: Phyllis is a creative force with over 15 years of experience writing, producing and directing television campaigns.  She’s known for creating fantastic work and she does it with confidence, enthusiasm and a smile.  Phyllis has worked for WNBC since 2005, and as a full-time member of the Creative Services team since 2011.  Her background also includes producing creative campaigns for LXTV and Fox 5 in New York.  Before that she was Director of Marketing at Clear Channel Entertainment in Philadelphia where she oversaw marketing campaigns for Broadway touring shows. In her new role, Phyllis will supervise the Creative Services team.  She will oversee image campaigns, news topicals, I-Team promos, POPs, billboards, print, radio, cable and social media.  She’s studied at Arizona State and Temple. Now this is the most interesting part – she’s been an elephant rider, trapeze artist and dancer for circuses here and in Mexico. Coolness at the epitome of coolness! Wanna hear more about that. In the meantime, let’s have a Big Apple Well Dunne! for Phyllis.


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