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August 3, 2017

Aug 2, 2017 by     Comments Off on August 3, 2017    Posted under: Featured

Austin, Texas is about to welcome back the 50,950 students (!) who attend the University there. Yeah, a lot of students, surpassed only the University of Central Florida in Orlando. But we digress. Back to Austin, the city of Longhorns, SXSW, and the one and only Willie Nelson. It’s also home to DAX DOBBS, who’s been named Director of Marketing at Nexstar’s NBC affil there, KXAN. Dax has a sheepskin from University of Southern California in LA….in Film of course. He has some interesting gigs in the film world, including working with the coolest producer, Lynda Obst.  He produced for Pilgrim Films and then went to Austin to produce for the Sinclair station there. He held down the Brand Manager then the Creative Director slot at Tegna’s KVUE before joining KXAN. Sounds like the creativity will keep bubbling in the Texas state capital. Well Dunne! Dax.


Think About This: “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”  ~ Erol Ozan


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