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September 22, 2017

Sep 21, 2017 by     Comments Off on September 22, 2017    Posted under: Featured

So many slots are finally being filled. So many need to be written about and given the chance for us to share their excitement (and new title). But there are other things afoot in the world and it’s difficult to not focus on the news.

The stories coming from Mexico City…from Florida…from Houston…amazing. Harrowing. Uplifting. When a good friend called to catch up on what has happened (for instance, who knew that the earthquake was responsible for the eruption of the Popocatepetl volcano and that eruption killed 217!) she stood in awe of the young people of the Districto Federal. They formed human chains to uncover those trapped in rubble and street by street, they made a difference. She honestly thought she was going to die.

All this in way of saying that the ‘normal’ way of doing marketing might need to be examined with the eyes of people who have suffered and seen suffering. Experiences – loss – fear – persistence – they all seem to shrink and even denigrate the marketing done for news and entertainment. Just a thought…perhaps it will spark reexaminations and perhaps new directions. How exciting.

Job Alert – Director of Digital KMTV Omaha

Think About This:  “We don’t even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward.  In times of tragedy, of war, of necessity, people do amazing things. The human capacity for survival and renewal is awesome.”  ~  Isael Allende

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