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October 13, 2017

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It was a short week but just horrid. And now it’s Friday the 13th. Oy. Despite it all, the spirit and strength of the human race never fails to leave one breathless. The fires in California are beyond description. We are still reeling from hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Houston and all of Florida. The earthquake in Mexico City will be hampering life there for quite some time..schools are still closed, buildings are tagged to come down before they fall down…  This time might be unparalleled…and yet, with no place to park in California (not kidding), with people being murdered, with greed taking the lead in the horserace of life, and with a station doing a promo about a dead baby that sounded more like a cutesy come on (shame on you and you know who you are), we still respond to the creative spark that drives us make the world prettier, funner, better. Creative people deserve far more than they’re granted. And the decision to find a creative should be made by a creative, not someone who believes in only numbers. And with that, take a gander at the jobs that are open…perhaps one is just right for your creative spark.

VP Creative & Programming

WLS – Chicago


WYMT – Hazard KY

KMBC – Kansas City

KTNV – Las Vegas

KDAF – Kansas City

WAVE – Louisville

WRAL – Raleigh

KDAF – Dallas


WSVN – Miami

Marketing Director

WECT – Wilmington NC

WAVE – Louisville

KSDK – St Louis

WUSA – Washington DC

KING – Seattle

Assistant Creative Services Director

WLKY – Louisville

KSBW – Salinas

Brand Manager

WCNC – Charlotte

Promo Manager

KIVI – Boise

WPEC – Palm Beach

WOFL – Orlando

News Promo Manager

KSWB – San Diego

Director of Digital

KMTV – Omaha

Digital Manager

KMTV – Omaha

Broadcast Designer

WPVI – Philadelphia

Think About This:  “When we feel a sense of belonging, it is not because we are the same as everyone else, but because we have been accepted as we are.”  ~ somewhere on the Internet

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