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July 17, 2018

Jul 16, 2018 by     Comments Off on July 17, 2018    Posted under: Featured

It’s always so lovely to hear news from the ol’ hometown. And it’s even better when the news has a double nice ring on a day that everything else seems beyond insane. KSDK is a St. Louis powerhouse. The NBC affil has a new Promotion Manager and he’s from the same town where my Dad was born. And, to put the cherry on the ice cream sundae, the new job is a result of a promotion. DOUG HOWELL is the man in question and he’s super. The Indiana native holds a degree from Indiana State and his first job in TV was over in Terra Haute at WTWO and then as a Director at WTHI. Made the jump to KPLR in St Louis where he TD’d before going over to Market Street and KSDK. As if TV doesn’t keep him busy enough, Doug is an amazing photog who runs his own sideline called Doug Howell Photography. Gorgeous work. Let’s hear a big St. Louis Well Dunne! for Doug.

Big news day today / yesterday, understatement being a hallmark of this particular writing style. The TV bombshell was the FCC chairman’s announcement that the Sinclair-Tribune deal is in trouble, if not about to expire. Been around a long time and never has there been so much craziness. So no, it’s not just you who keeps shaking their head and wondering what is coming up next. I don’t think anybody knows, even if they have a crystal ball. Deep breaths people. Could the lesson here be that paperwork is way more important than you think? As the Irish say, we live in interesting times.

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Think About This:  As most of the population suffers through life, barely surviving, disappointed and confused day after day, hopeless, wondering what happened to their strong and beautiful country, it is in the media’s power to restore, if not some of our quality of life, at least a bit of our peace of mind.  ~ Steven Van Zandt

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