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October 22, 2018

Oct 21, 2018 by     Comments Off on October 22, 2018    Posted under: Featured

Jobs are whittling down for the moment. Lots of sales of groups and rumored sales of groups and even litigation possible. The times they are a-chaingin’. Here’s a few to contemplate:


WATN Memphis

WFRV Green Bay

KULR Billings

KVII Amarillo

KTVX Salt Lake City

WKRN Nashville


WTXL Tallahassee

WTSP Tampa St Pete

WBIR Knoxville


WXIA Atlanta

KNOE Monroe LA

ERIN MARTIN trained very hard and finished her first half marathon in Indiana recently. Sadly, the volunteers were not paying attention at the finish line. It’s always a big deal to finish ANY race and dear Erin had to go ask for her medal, instead of having it offered to her with smiles, congrats and even confetti. SO those of you who want to give an encouraging WAY TO GO to a star of life’s goals (and TV promo at one point) give her a loud, hearty Well Dunne! Erin.

Think About This:  “We can spend a lot of time debating what civilization is or isn’t, but when its opposite shows up in all its brutality and cruelty and intolerance and lust for destruction, we know what civilization is.”  ~  Professor Simon Schama, Columbia University

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