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November 27, 2018

Nov 26, 2018 by     Comments Off on November 27, 2018    Posted under: Featured

What a lovely holiday it was…hope you can say the same. Hope that this holiday will be filed under Great Memories and will make you happy when you call it up again. As to getting back to work, OK. But if you have that itch, perhaps one of these will scratch it.

Creative Services Director

WATN – Memphis

WFRV – Green Bay

WGCL – Atlanta

KITV – Honolulu

Alabama News Network – Montgomery

Marketing Director

WCNC – Charlotte

WKRN  – Nashville

WTXL – Tallahassee

WMAZ – Macon’

WTVA – Tupelo

WBIR – Knoxville

Creative Services Manager

WNCT – Greenville NC’

KCPQ – Seattle

KNOE – Monroe

WXIA – Atlanta

Think About This:  “It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting the high technology from weaponry to livingry.”  ~  R. Buckminster Fuller

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