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January 14, 2019

Jan 13, 2019 by     Comments Off on January 14, 2019    Posted under: Featured

Every Monday is the dawn of a new life. Really, any single minute that you can choose to begin is a dawn. At any moment, again and again….you can turn a different direction…or think a different thought. But Mondays seem to have made themselves into a touch point for new lives, being the first day of the all-mighty workweek. This Monday, a very talented man is starting a new life in New York City…a life he’s wanted to lead for many years. As all good stories go, things had to work out so he could finally begin. You know, like in It’s A Wonderful Life. The needs of family coming first is the hallmark of a good, kind and honorable man, and that he is. This morning, GREG VERMETTE begins his new endeavor as the Senior Editor at Mindfile Multimedia on Broadway in The Big Apple. He will be upping the game in the #1 market and you should get to know him and his company if you’re serious about making spots and campaigns that work. He’s a Massachusetts guy who soaked up all kinds of How-To at Full Sail before getting serious about mastering creative in all forms. A renaissance man of sorts, he can take copy and make the end result OMFG good. Every time. He’s been at WCNC in Charlotte and at Center City Film and Video in Philly. He’s won a ton of awards but that’s not the goal for him. It’s making sure the client gets the best. Can’t imagine anybody else as good as he. Well Dunne! Greg.


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