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January 30, 2019

Jan 29, 2019 by     Comments Off on January 30, 2019    Posted under: Featured

Things are C-O-L-D and you don’t need any more clichés or smarty pants taunts about it. Perhaps a  few ‘drop in’ comments for those who are toughing it out might warm things up. Like WGBA CSD MATTHEW SMITH, who will see negative 23 in Green Bay today (Wednesday) instead of only negative 15 at his former station in Detroit. The cold weather might keep Stephen Arnold Music’s DAVE BAUMANN from his thespian turn in The Music Man at the Berman Center…they debut on Thursday so it’s still undetermined. They have snow up to there as well. There will be no mail delivery in Iowa. Like ALL of Iowa…no mail Wednesday. None in Wisconsin, and parts of Illinois and Minnesota and Missouri and – you get the idea. BOB ST CHARLES, CSD at FOX59 in Indianapolis (Wednesday low predicted to be negative 30 with wind chill) has a fireplace and a dog, so that’s one way to hunker down. Don’t do anything stupid, people. Or to quote my dad, don’t freeze anything off you might need later…

Ironically, or perhaps opportunely, here’s a job listing from The Weather Channel:

Job Alert – Sr. Producer/ Editor The Weather Channel Atlanta


Job Alert – Director Marketing Entertainment ESPN NYC

Think About This: “Winter is nature’s way of saying ‘Up yours.’  ~  Robert Byrne

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