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February 11, 2019

Feb 10, 2019 by     Comments Off on February 11, 2019    Posted under: Featured

You know how important networking is. No need to re-sing that chorus. But with the time crunches we all face, finding ways to perhaps do more networking with less effort. Perhaps streamline some portion of your networking profile. Then you should get to know TAMMY PHILLIPS. She’s the new Senior Corporate Recruiter for Nexstar, focusing on News and Marketing. She’ll be looking for great talent for all the Nexstar chain, and with that many stations, she’s someone to know. Before the Nexstar job, she had recruited for Raycom. The Arkansas State grad knows a lot about the biz, having worked news as Producer, EP and News Director. Well Dunne! Tammy.

While on the subject of recruiting and the like, let’s throw out the idea that job titles today might need some rethinking. Here’s where your marketing skills can be of great value. Perhaps walking folks through the steps of How To Be Clear and Say What You Mean might help alleviate some of the convoluted titles that muddy what the job really entails. Throwing all the duties one does in today’s marketing world is not a good idea. If you have to extend the title to another line on the biz card, or if you look at the title and are confused, then time to revert to the time-honored ways we used to identify Managers, Directors, VPs and the like. And I’d like to discuss the Success Manager title with the person who dreamed that up.

Think About This:  “When the meaning is unclear, there is no meaning.”  ~  Marty Rubin

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