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May 8, 2019

May 7, 2019 by     Comments Off on May 8, 2019    Posted under: Featured

Former TV promo pro KEVIN KOLBE, now running his own shop is doing a live Facebook today…Wednesday May 8…at 10am Eastern. So check it out. It’s about video marketing and before you say “isn’t that what we all do now?” remember it’s always a good way to sharpen your arts with input from a different source. If you don’t have Kevin on your FB list, now is a great time. Same for moi… Well Dunne! Kevin.

The Kentucky Derby was particularly interesting this year, to say the least. If you lived in the Utica, NY market….which is horse crazy, being Saratoga adjacent….the Utica viewer was unsure as to why WKTV ran a local commercial break, complete with PSA, at the start of the race. Yes, read that…spots running over the start of the race. Basically, they got to see the last part, which is, no argument, the most important. But wow… According to the social post by GM STEVE MCMURRAY, it was a technical failure and a computer malfunction. The entire race was not shown from start to finish, so there’s that.  Ouch.

Job Alert – VP Marketing KABC Los Angeles

Think About This:“Birth and death, old and new, mourning for what was while waiting expectantly for what is to come. “In-between times” can have an abundance of opposites. It is best to be in such times of transition gently and quietly, not rushing the process but taking it a day at a time.”  ~  Ruth Hanna

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