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October 4, 2018

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It’s been quite the exciting couple of years for MIKE CUNNINGHAM. He moved to Memphis, met a fabulous lady, they got married and now, the two are moving to an ideal job for him allowing them both to be close to family. Whew…that’s a lot of happy change. Mike is taking the CSD slot at Quincy Media’s NBC affil KWWL in Waterloo, Iowa. Major bonus trivia points if you know the original name of Waterloo. No points if you start singing the Abba song in your head while reading. Mike has been helming the creative efforts of Nexstar’s Memphis operation, WATN / WLMT / WJKT, the ABC / CW / Fox affils respectively. And he’s been EP’ing the Local Memphis Live program as well. The return to Waterloo is also a return to a station where he once worked. Other calls along his promo career include WNDU in South Bend, KGAN in Cedar Rapids and KTUL in Tulsa. He and the Mrs. will be settling in just as the frost starts to settle on the pumpkins. BTW, the original name of Waterloo is Prairie Rapids Crossing. A major Well Dunne! Mike.


Think About This: “You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.” ~ George Michael

October 3, 2018

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Class, open your notebook and let’s begin. Anybody know what ‘carriero’ means. Open your Italian app. Yes, you reading this over your morning coffee. It means cartwright. Maker of wheels and carts. Very good. Yes, that’s correct. We now know something fun about WIVB’ newest Creative Services team member, JAMES CARRIERO. He’s a native Buffalo man who has his degree in communications with an emphasis on production. James comes to his first TV job from being Creative Director and Content Producer for Black Horse Videography. He’s worked at several prodco’s and even worked on a political documentary. He sounds like a real find for CSD STEVE PATRICK. Best thing is his video blog, says the ever cool Steve. Need to get that link and will share with you. Well Dunne! James.  Very cool.

Why yes, that was KOAT’s DEILIA WILLIAMS sipping a drink in the restaurant scene on Better Call Saul. The woman is amazing in so many ways and is now officially cool. Officially.

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WANT / WLMT / WJKT Memphis

Think About This:  “The quality of mercy is not strained; It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes: ‘Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes The throned monarch better than his crown: His sceptre shows the force of temporal power, The attribute to awe and majesty, Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings; But mercy is above this sceptred sway; It is enthronèd in the hearts of kings, It is an attribute to God himself; And earthly power doth then show likest God’s When mercy seasons justice.”  ~  William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice Act V1 Scene 1

October 2, 2018

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Richmond, Virginia’s WWBT, NBC, has a new Manager of Audience Development. ASHLY RICHARDS has been in her new office since Sept 24. She started her TV career in Richmond as the research director and marketing associate for WRLH, the FOX affil, before going to the CW in Virginia’s capital where she handled social media and special projects. She elevated the CW Richmond Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to rank among the most “liked” CW affiliate social media pages in the country. Ashly also coordinated and helped manage all CW Richmond sponsored-events including Virginia Comicon and Wizard World. She wrangles three children under six which is amazing in and of itself.  Talk about a together lady. And, she’s been on the job while her CSD ERIK CANDIANI has been on another of his memory-making vacations. Well Dunne! Ashly.

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer KXAN Austin

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer / Director KERO Bakersfield

Think About This:  “When I say it’s you I like, I’m talking about that part of you that knows that life is far more than anything you can ever see or hear or touch. That deep part of you that allows you to stand for those things without which humankind cannot survive. Love that conquers hate, peace that rises triumphant over war, and justice that proves more powerful than greed.”  ~  Fred Rogers

October 1, 2018

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Autumn in Texas is pretty sweet. Not New England gorgeous gold leaves sweet, but it’s  no jacket at a football game sweet. It’s where ROB THOMAS is heading to take the creative reins at Nexstar’s KFDX / KJTK, NBC and Fox in the Wichita Falls, Lawton Oklahoma market. Rob has led TV markting for WAVE in Louisville and Little Rock’s KATV. He’s a great guy who has recently been doing TV sales. He starts a week from today (if you read this on Monday). Let’s all give him a Texas-sized Well Dunne! Rob.

BTW, Nexstar now as at least two creative named Rob Thomas. ROBBY THOMAS is in Charlotte at WBTV.

Shout out to the The National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) who announced A. SHUANISE WASHINGTON, as the organization’s new president and CEO. Well Dunne!

Think About This: ““We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.”   ~  Albert Einstein

September 28, 2018

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A lot going on in the Carolinas. Good thing WSOC has NIKKI OOSTRA onboard as a promo producer. She was most recently at Nexstar’s WNCT in Greenville NC where her CSD, the uber-talented MARC MORRISTON, was thrilled with her. You can’t hold a muy-talented person back, and Nikki made the switch to the ABC affil in the Queen City. Queen Charlotte people. Look her up. Big statue at the airport. Nikki has a background as a Director of newscasts, which means she is cool under pressure. She’d recently worked at WPDE in Myrtle Beach, at WSPA in Spartanburg, and at WACH in Columbia. All South Carolina. She calls Coal City, Illinois home. Again, Google it. She’s super and fun and we all say Well Dunne Nikki.

Job Alert:  Writer Producer Branded Content Discovery Knoxville

Job Alert: On Air Promo Producer RFD The Cowboy Channel Nashville

Job Alert: Graphic Designer KSTP Minneapolis

Think About This:  “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army or in an office.”  ~  Dwight D. Eisenhower

September 26

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Lots happening…not a lot of time to expand on the following open slots. More are coming in but here’s a list as of now.

Director of Marketing

WTXL – Tallahassee

WTPS – Tampa/St Pete

WMAZ – Macon

WBIR – Knoxville

KAUZ – Wichita Falls

KYTX – Tyler

Creative Services Director

WRTV – Indianapolis

KULR – Billings

KVII – Amarillo

KTVX – Salt Lake City

Creative Manager

WXIA – Atlanta

WKRN – Nashville

Think About This:  “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”   ~  William Faulkner

September 25, 2018

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Knowing a good place for yourself is a very good thing. All who wander are not lost, but in TV marketing, a little wandering can lead to just the right spot. Such is the case with KRDO’s new Promotion Manager, DANIEL BENSON. An transplant from West Virginia (seems he has a thing for mountains…which is pretty great)  he has found his bliss in one of the most gorgeous markets around – Colorado Springs. His first TV job was in Dean Matin’s hometown. Points for those who answered Steubenville Ohio. He was at WTOV. He began at the News-Press & Gazette’s ABC affil in 2014, working his way to leading the creative efforts. Nothing like a good happy story to take our minds off the laundry list of To-Do’s, eh? Well Dunne, Daniel!

Waiting for your network to come up with marketing ideas for you? Help them out, like WUTR/WFXV’s CSD TERRY KOWALSKI did for Fox, the WFXV side of his duop. Monday morning, all across the viewing area, his creative crew and news folks delivered thanks via donuts to the first responders in the market. It’s a tie-in for the 9-1-1 return on Sunday and Monday evenings as well as the return of The Resident. BTW, the Sunday evening showing of 9-1-1 did gangbusters across the country. Happy firemen, hospital MDs and RN’s and police – yep, a great idea. And it was a local donut shopt that got all the business. Well Dunne Terry!

Think About This:  “Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.”  ~  Mary Anne Radmacher

September 24, 2018

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Things move so fast today. Well, some much more than others. Working at CBS affil KENS5 in San Antonio is definitely in the Fast column, where CSD (and fave) DON SMITH has named a new Art Director, having lost one to Austin’s Fox in a manager slot. In Don’s utterly creative style, he sent out a welcome for DERRICK BARRIOS that is too good not to share.

Derrick has spent the last few years at WOAI/KABB as their Art Director and has worked at the station for 10 years.  He also spent time doing graphics at KIRO in Seattle. A native of San Antonio, Derrick has been recognized for his work with multiple Emmy nominations and one win, two silver Promax Awards and he was recognized by the San Antonio Martin Luther King Jr. Commission for his graphical work on their latest documentary.  Fun facts: WAY better dresser than me   His family owns legendary SA restaurant Los Barrios   He’s an avid car enthusiast and loves doing his own small maintenance on vehicle   Loves to sing karaoke (at least every other weekend) and go out dancing    Well Dunne! Derrick~

JOB ALERT – Marketing Producer  WIAT Birmingham  (work with ANDY SCHWABE!

Think About This: “Bravery is not a quality of the body. It is of the soul.”  ~  Mahatma Gandhi

September 20, 2018

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The eyes of Texas…you know the song. And it’s the theme for today’s post. Beginning in the heart of Texas (another song), namely Austin. FOX’s KTBC has a new Promotion Manager who’s a Texan through and through and has even worked at the station before. Welcome GENO GARZA to the new title. He came up I-35 from San Antonio, where he was Art Director for the CBS affil under the fab DON SMITH. Of course, his new CSD is fab as well (shout out to DAVID SQUIRES). Back in the day, Geno worked at KTBC as a graphic designer before teaching it at Austin Community College. Then he went over to KVUE and added Video Editor to his talents. He ran his own creative shop and added motion graphics as well. KTBC has landed a whale, as they say in Vegas (and always as a big ol’ compliment). Well Dunne! Geno.

What’s he going to miss is the big debate at KENS. Big Senate race in the Lone Star State between Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz. They’ve agreed to do three (and only three) debates, and KENS landed one. The last one. Set for October 16, details will be coming along. Hoping they stream it. The candidates will also debate at my alma mater SMU, so there’s that. Well Dunne! everyone.

Think About This:  “Being honest might not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones.”   ~  John Lennon

September 18, 2018

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Nothing really crystalizes the difference between the West and the East in this country like the current weather. With arid blue skies from the Pacific to the Appalachians, we sit and watch the water in the Southeast keep rising…and rising…and changing people’s lives. Hard to get all happy-frappy about a long list of new job announcements when so many familiar places are inundated. There are news and promo pros working without rest to help and there are stations high and dry asking viewers to show their generosity – which they are. It’s heartwarming and necessary. Well Dunne! to each and everyone.

Tomorrow, happy-frappy news.

Think About This: “You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.”   ~   Ralph Waldo Emerson

September 13, 2018

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A cousin who was an emergency room nurse for years had a saying: the gates are wide open. Like most Irish first daughters, the family uses humor to blunt the pain of real life, When she announced the gates were open, she meant the Pearly Gates and she meant that people were leaving the planet fin droves or heaven. Sadly, the gates are open again at the moment. Please send your kind thoughts to KCPQ’s SYDNEY RUBIN whose mother has left us. And please send your kind thoughts to WHNT’s BECKY SHORES whose mother also has left. Both of these talented women are caring and generous. Bless them. Their mothers raised two amazing ladies and I know their mothers are proud of them beyond words.

Think About This:  I am your mother. You are my child. I am your quiet place. You are my wild. I am your calm face. You are my giggle. I am your wait. You are my wiggle. I am your dinner. You are my chocolate cake. I am your bedtime. You are my wide awake. I am your lullaby. You are my peek-a-boo. I am your goodnight kiss. You are my I love you.

September 11, 2018

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The very week she begins as an official promo producer, NAOMI PIECE has a hurricane to deal with. A Major hurricane to be precise. As they say in the south, bless her heart. The young marketing pro was studying journalism and landed an internship at WNCT, the Nexstar CBS/CW duop in Greenville, NC. Greenville is about an hour and a half from the ocean, but Florence might muscle through like a member of the Russian mob to rough up eastern NC. Back to Naomi…she was doing the news internship and on her last day, she sat with CSD MARC MORRISTON (a favorite!) and his crew. She fell in love with TV marketing, and when she went back to college (either UNC Pembroke or East Carolina – she went to both) she focused on marketing and promotion. How terrific. She’s new but is fitting in like a vet. Naomi, you’ll have a great story to tell. What a way to begin! Well Dunne! and best of luck to you Naomi!

Job Alert – Director of Creative Services & Local Content Integration WKRN Nashville

Job Alert – Promotions Producer  WGNO/NOLA 38  New Orleans

New Orleans is called “The Big Easy.” Creating big time stuff is what we do. Whether it’s our newscasts set in a funky bar (yes that’s us), our integrated sponsorships centered around food or the nationally recognized God Bless Louisiana campaign, never has a station’s identity better matched the sights and sounds of a truly unique city. As a Promotions Producer, not only will you have the lofty task of elevating the station’s reputation for delivering nationally award winning image promos, but you must have the ability to produce compelling social and long format content to support our one of a kind News With A Twist news program. The ideal candidate must have experience in all aspects of current promo production processes, including shooting, lighting, motion graphics, videography, nonlinear editing and post-production. A boutique agency, post-production, broadcast television or cable background is ideal. Take a sneak peek into what we do. WGNO  https://youtu.be/feuWgs0xc0s   NOLA38 The CW  https://youtu.be/4pPUVAvFbIo

Seeking:2+ years Creative Services experience in on-air cable or broadcast environment, boutique agency, or post-production house

  • 2+ years’ experience in Adobe Creative Suite (especially After Fx)
  • 2+ years’ experience in Adobe Premiere
  • 2+ years’ experience in sales driven video writing, editing and production
  • Consistent use DSLR technology and digital video cameras
  • Proficiency with Mac OS and file base management
  • Strong aptitude for new technology, WordPress and social media
  • A sense of humor and authentic, conversational writing style
  • Self-directed, self-motivated attitude, with ability to work in a fast paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Competitive spirit, strong team collaborator and an open mind even if you’re totally attached to your original idea.
  • Must be willing to submit to a background check and have unrestricted authorization to work in the United States

Seventeen years since the towers fell. Americans, in those 17 years, have forgotten how unified we were then. They’ve turned on the media. Turned on truth. Turned on ‘those people’ whomever that may be. Let this 9-11 anniversary be a time to reconsider the divisions and wonder if all the days of living since that perfect September morning in New York might have brought about a different result. As Gandi said…be the change you want to see.

Think About This:   “Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” – Abraham Lincoln

September 10, 2018

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Ready to take on a great new job as well as the daunting traffic in Atlanta is RICK SNYDER who is the new VP of Creative for Fox O&O WAGA. Isn’t that JEFF ZELLMER’s slot you ask? Well it was, but Jeff has gotten a promotion to handle regional creative management duties, so that led to Rick’s focus of WAGA itself. Very cool…growth in a time of no-so-much. Mr. S is vacating his Director of Creative Services role at ABC affil WKRN in Nashville. The Elon University grad has a long track record working with FOX. For instance, he got his first TV station job producing promos and doing graphics for Fox affil WGHP in High Point (home of furniture) and then graduated to VP of Creative for WBRC in Birmingham. Again Fox. Then down in the Big Orlando, he repeated the VP Creative role for WOFL.  He tore things up in a great way as VP for Speed Channel in Charlotte. So there ya have it…he’s the ideal candidate for Atlanta. See ya Rick before 2019 dawns. Everybody, a big and hearty Well Dunne! Rick.

Job Alert – AV Manager Creative Services Universal Pictures Home Entertainment LA

Looks like Hurricane Florence is headed to the coast of NC and SC and VA. Best hurricane tip shared by a lifelong hurricane alley resident is this: Fill zip lock bags with good water and throw in freezer. They will keep foods cool when electricity goes away and can be used as drinking water after they melt. You’re welcome.

Think About This:  “As a child my family’s menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it.”  ~  Buddy Hackett

September 7, 2018

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There’s something very elegant yet laid back about Palm Springs and the whole desert that’s grown up around the Hollywood getaway. Maybe it’s the white light wrapped palm trees that stretch for miles along Palm Canyon Drive. Or the ghosts of Frank Sinatra or Bob Hope who loved the dry heat. Yet again, perhaps all the writers who decamped Los Angeles to let the desert be their muse for screenplays are leaving behind clouds of creativity. It’s a delightful place. The place where MATT PARISE has a new job! He’s the new Director of Marketing and Communication for NBC affil KMIR, now owned by Entravision. Matt got his foot in the TV door at KMIR and with the exception of a few years spent in San Diego doing promo at KUSI, he’s been doing all kinds of things and getting promotions. Matt credits the sparkling MANNY DELA ROSA with getting him into the promo world. Manny, btw, is now Manny The Movie Guy and is at the Toronto Film Fest as you read this. Such a small and fun circle of people we deal with, eh? Matt’s a great guy and we need to all send him a great big Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Creative Producer KSWB San Diego

Think About This:  “She is a beautiful piece of broken pottery, put back together by her own hands. And a critical world judges her cracks while missing the beauty of how she made herself whole again.”   ~  JM Storm

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September 6, 2018

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Dallas is flat as a pancake while Denver sits at the foot of the majestic Rockies. Bringing this to your attention as a way to announce BLAIR NELSON is heading from Big D to another Big D – she’s the new Director of Brand and Brand for KUSA, NBC in Colorado’s capital. Ms. Blair has been at Dallas’ WFAA as Brand Development Manager, so this is an in-company promotion. Always good to see. And she’s an SMU grad to boot. Go Ponies! Ahhh…a college match. Ms. Blair has a rather oblique connection to Colorado…before going to FAA, she was a Regional Account Exec for a MillerCoors, which as any beer drinker knows is headquartered in Golden, Colorado. She worked at a Plano agency as well. Most impressively, she participated in Leadership Dallas. A big Well Dunne! and an SMU high five to Blair.

Job Alert – Senior Promo Writer-Producer KTVT Dallas/Fort Worth

The CBS Television Stations in Dallas/Fort Worth have a rare opening for a special producer looking to make their mark in a top 5 market.  Join a seasoned, award-winning team of creative professionals to produce promos, commercials and anything else fun we can think of!  The ideal candidate is proficient with Adobe Premiere and the Creative Cloud in general, has studio and field shooting experience plus a great can-do team attitude.  Liking Texas BBQ a plus.  Please send resume and reel to:  dhershey@cbs.com

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer/Director KERO Bakersfield

Think About This:  “You’ll encounter many obstacles along the road to living your dreams. Some obstacles may be real, some imagined, some may be tangible, and some may be intangible. Some of those obstacles will be created by others, and some will be self-imposed. However they manifest, you will always be given the choice as to whether you give them power.”   ~  Francine Ward

September 1, 2018

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Kansas City is such a lovely city. According to song, it’s also up to date. To bring you up to date on the promo field in KC, let’s congratulate CHRIS ALLEN for being promoted to Promotion Manager for KSHB, the NBC affil owned by Scripps. Chris is a Kansas U grad who’s been at the station eight years, first in news and then as a promo producer. CSD RANDY THURMAN had great things to say, and he has a great eye for talent. Well Dunne, Chris!


Job Alert – CSD WRTV Indianapolis


Job Alert – CSD WGBA Green Bay


Think About This: “The different between try and triumph is just a little umph!” ~ Marvin Phillips



August 30, 2018

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Scripps’ KGUN in Tucson has a new Promotion Manager, and – wait for it – it’s a promotion. Ahhh…lovely. Taking the new title is LINDSEY HOPKINS, a Tucsonan who graduated from University of Arizona and has been a promo producer at the ABC affiliate. The lovely lady is also a make up artist. Very cool and fun. She started her new duties his last Monday. Thanks to CSD GARY BELL for the update.

Job AlertDirector of Marketing – KAUZ (Wichita Falls, TX) / KSWO (Lawton, OK)

Raycom Media is seeking a Director of Marketing to lead marketing efforts in the Wichita Falls, TX/Lawton, OK market. The Director of Marketing will be responsible for marketing both KSWO-TV (ABC) and KAUZ-TV (CBS/CW).  Candidates must be innovative, strategic and creative thinkers capable of protecting and promoting both brands across all screens while honoring the uniqueness of the Texas and Oklahoma audiences and interests.  The candidate must be a leader, coach and trainer with a proven track record as a television marketing director.  The DM works closely with the 7 News and Newschannel 6 news teams to create image and topical promotion.  The candidate will oversee art and graphic design as well as create and implement social and digital marketing strategies.  The DM works closely with both sales departments to help develop and execute revenue-generating ideas.  The DM will also oversee all commercial production.  Candidate must be a strong writer with exceptional interpersonal skills.

The DM is responsible for all marketing strategies and brand management, as well as handling public relations and community-related activities.  Candidate will be an effective communicator.  He/She must foster a vibrant and positive work environment by leading and teaching a staff of marketing producers. Candidate must develop and execute effective on-air and on-line research-based strategic marketing plans, meet deadlines, and have strong attention to detail/good follow-through.  Candidate must have a solid grasp of budgeting for all aspects of the marketing and creative services and should be able to edit on computer assisted non-linear editing systems.  Candidate will work closely with the General Managers of both stations and will office in Lawton, OK.

Qualified applicants, please apply online at kswo.com or the Raycom Media Career site and attach your cover letter and resume.  Pre-employment drug screen required.  No phone calls please.  EOE-M/F/D/V.    Link to apply.         Little info about Lawton, OK.        Little info about Wichita Falls, TX.

 Think About This:  “Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.”  ~  Hazrat Inayat Khan

August 30, 2018

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You only live once and when you’re dead you’re gone so let the good jobs roll. Apologies to Shirley and Lee. At the heart of it all, it’s true. If you’re not happy, ya got to roll your sleeves up and do something about it. Perhaps one of these is what will put some glow in your aura.

Promo / Brand Manager

WWBT – Richmond

VP Creative Services

WAGA – Atlanta

Marketing Director

WTXL – Tallahassee

WTSP – St Pete / Tampa

WMAZ – Macon

KUSA – Denver

KYTX – Tyler

WBIR – Knoxville

KSWO – Lawton

Creative Services Director

WSVN – Miami (this might be going for Ripley’s record)

KULR – Billings

WGBA – Green Bay

Think About This: “Fascism is cured by reading and racism is cured by traveling.”  ~ Miguel de Unamuno

August 28, 2018

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Remember when you were a promo producer and you would think about what it would be like to call the shots? Not that you didn’t like or even adore your boss, but it’s a creative dream to be the lead sled dog. One such person about to get to do exactly that…return to where he produced promos to now lead is SPENCER ERNST. Yes, he’s a favorite. Spencer is heading down I-44 to Springfield, MO to take the Marketing Director slot at KYTV-3, the NBC affil owned by Gray or Schurz or both (FCC paperwork being the determining factor). Spencer has been under the Arch in St. Louis at KMOV where he handled digital content producing. Actually, he was a repeat man at the CBS affil there as well, having done a stint as a broadcast assistant there early on in his career. The diploma he has is from the prestigious Univ of Missouri Journalism school. Yes, he was once a reporter in Columbia. Have a blast, Spencer and Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Graphic Artist WDCW Washington DC

Think About This: “The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”  ~  Socrates

August 27, 2018

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When someone is regarded as a jewel, it means they really know their stuff. When the new Promotion Manager of Cox’s WHBQ, Fox in Memphis, is referred to as a jewel, it’s got a double meaning because she’s a certified diamondtologist. Wow…so cool. The lady with the lupe in her eye and the new title is EMILY STRICKLIN-YATES. CSD RON DEJOSEPH has promoted her  from being a writer producer and sounded very happy about it when he shared the news. Emily is a grad of Middle Tennessee State U in Murfreesboro and worked in Jackson, MS as an evening news producer for WDBD before going to Memphis to produce promos for FOX 13. She’s a jewel for sure (and can tell you if your sparkler is a good one). Well Dunne! Emily.

Think About This:  “Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone.”  ~  John McCain

August 23, 2018

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Men and their hairstyles are very lucky. They don’t have to worry about humidity, which can be a hairdo’s worst enemy. So when ANDREW JOHNSTON trades the low, low humidity of Palm Springs for the ‘water as air’ atmosphere of Miami, he’ll never have to worry about a Bad Hair Day. Andrew has taken the Marketing and Promotions Manager slot at Miami’s NBC O&O. He’ll be giving up the wieldy title of Director of Marketing, Production, Digital and Creative Services for KMIR in The Springs, where he once was a photog editor in the early days of his career. He’s no stranger to NBC either, having worked in many different creative capacities either shooting, editing or producing for WNBC and NBC Sports Bay Area. Along the way he’s been in San Diego and DC. No doubt he’s stocked up on sunscreen already and ready for the colorful, exciting Miami scene. Well Dunne! Andrew.

For the “it’s too hot to think clearly’ crowd…Well Dunne is a Blog and more…it’s a talent management firm for the best VO peeps around. I know…I’m a producer at heart via hands-on, grab the ratings, see the revenue and win the awards. Check it out and make sure your Voice is Well Dunne. Carry on.

Think About This:  “When we set aside time each day for deep communion with the infinite, then, as surely as day follows night, the light of inspiration will illuminate our beings.”
~ Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith