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May 3, 2018

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Adding just one word to a title is pretty amazing. Of course, one gets more responsibility as well as, if one is savvy, compensation. A company can only show its love via credit, compensation or perks. Everything else is just a gold sticker that gets tossed the end of the day. Anyway, the one word added to KEITH GRANT’s title at ABC Entertainment Marketing is…Executive. He is now Executive Creative Director, a step up from his Creative Director role at the network. The Ithaca College grad has also done creative for entertainment marketing agency Pongo and been On-Air Manager for Fox Sports. All in LA of course, darling! Big Well Dunne! to Keith!  Well deserved.

Does anybody like or even understand the marketing idea behind the Volkswagen spot where the world is ending via a meteor and the couple keep putting stuff into the back of their car? Asking for a friend.

Think About This:  “You might think you don’t matter in this world, but because of you, someone has a favorite mug to drink their tea out of each morning that you bought them.  Someone hears a song on the radio and it reminds them of you. Someone has read a book you recommended to them and gotten lost in its pages. Someone’s remembered a joke you told them and smiled to themselves on the way to work. Someone’s tried on a top and felt beautiful because you complimented them on it.  Someone has a memory that makes them grin that involves you. Someone now likes themselves a little bit because you made a passing comment that made them feel good. Never think you don’t make an impact; your fingerprints can’t be wiped away from the little marks of kindness that you’ve left behind.”  ~  no idea but this is gorgeous.

April 30, 2018

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STEPHEN CRONCOTA’s resume reads like a list of the most fabulous things: Versace, Escada, Kendall-Jackson wines…and the best of the TV world. Now this globe-trotting marketing pro has a new and very interesting role dealing with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which this writer has struggled to understand and is still on the fence. However, Ambrosus is committed to it and Stephen is their CMO. Best part is it’s in Italy, so he doesn’t have to venture far from his Milan digs where he had been CMO of Versace. The man moved to Italy after being in Munich as CMO for Escada and before that Santa Monica where he was EVP CMO for Game Show Network, which goes by GSN. The Middlebury grad has handled marketing for Conde Nast, E! Network, Warner Bros and Turner. Totally jealous of these wonderful slots! And very happy for him and his new onw. One, two, three…Well Dunne! Stephen.

Job Alert – Creative Writer Producer WTKR Norfolk VA

Job Alert – Producer/Editor Newsy Chicago/Cincinnati/Columbia MO

Job Alert – Director Brand Creative TBS Atlanta

Think About This:  “I never lie because I don’t fear anyone. You only lie when you’re afraid.”  ~  John Gotti

April 27, 2018

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New Orleans is a one-of-a-kind place. Unlike any other place on the planet, New Orleans has a beauty, a pace and a presence that is its own. From the beignets to the Mardi Gras parades, NOLA is an experience, not a location. No wonder JOE CADWELL jumped at the chance to stay instead of taking his considerable video talents elsewhere. The Metarie man is the newest addition to the creative team at WGNO, the Tribune ABC affiliate. CSD JEFF FUNK saw the talent and has given Joe his first TV job, which he’s already tackled successfully. Joe’s background has been with agencies and doing video for any number of NO entities. The best part was he never gets lost. He knows his way around the Crescent City – and he knows how to pronounce all the names. It’s a NOLA thing those names. Nonetheless, make the new guy feel at home with a big Well Dunne! Joe.

Job Alert – Director of Marketing Jewelry Television Knoxville

Think About This:  “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly now. Love mercy now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”  ~  The Talmud

April 26, 2018

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What’s your favorite song about Memphis? A musical town of renown, Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn comes immediately to mind, right?. And it describes PETE GEORGE’s activity as of today…he’ll be walking in Memphis. And driving, and eating and working. Working where? Glad you asked. He’s the new Audience Development and Brand Manager for Raycom’s WMC, the NBC affil in the town branded Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll. Pete’s coming over from Scripps’ KJRH in Tulsa where he’s been wrangling the marketing since he arrived from Pittsburgh’s Sinclair duop. A Penn State grad, he’s worked for FOX in Chicago as well as in Tampa and Orlando. Yes, doing promo, marketing, audience development, and whatever buzzword we’re calling it now. Did we mention he’s a great guy? Well, there’s that as well as his artistic talents. Enjoy the fine bar-b-q that Memphis is noted for and definitely hang on Beale Street when you want blues, Pete. Big Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Creative Services Writer Producer WREG Memphis

Job Alert – Marketing Producer KUSA Denver

Job Market – Marketing Content Producer (Topical) WBRZ Baton Rouge

Job Opening – Marketing Director WTXL Tallahassee

Think About This:  “All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”  ~  Indian Proverb

April 25, 2018

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What do you say about a talented protégé whose work you’ve admired for many years…when that person announces they are retiring. How can that be? Retiring? Yes, it’s true…retiring. Using the “R” word is JIM ROTHSCHILD, currently Station Manager of legendary WRAL in Raleigh. Jim is a St. Louis man who has two stations on his resume: KMOX (now KMOV) and WRAL. That, my friends, is what is known as totally solid. Perhaps there’s a short stint at KTVI in St. Louis, but that’s just foggy memory. Hearing he’s retiring is dispiriting. Some people are like Atticus Finch…they’re always there. Jim is following the lead of current WRAL GM STEVE HAMMEL, who is handing in his GM biz cards and using the “R” word himself. April is when Jim steps away. Between the two men there is approximately 80-plus years of experience. Be impressed. There aren’t cap letters or colors to indicate how sincere and deep this is: Well Dunne! Jim.

Job Alert – Creative Director Science Channel LA job#19632

Job Alert – Promotion Manager KRDO Colorado Springs

Job Alert – Supervising Producer KTLA LA

Job Alert  Promo Writer Producer WDSU New Orleans

WDSU-TV, in New Orleans, has a rare opening for a Promotion Writer/Producer to write, shoot, edit and design promotion for all media platforms. This position is responsible for producing station image promotion for all platforms that advances our brand and gets noticed in a competitive market. This person will write, produce and creatively execute daily news promos and assist in the execution of street team events, station campaigns, and marketing projects. This person will also assist the promotions department in other duties, as assigned.  If you are highly-creative and are motivated with a great attitude, then this job could be ideal for you!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Produce, write, shoot and edit compelling on-air promos and image campaigns from start to finish that generate viewer interest to increase the brand awareness and ratings for all multi-platforms.
  • Organizing, overseeing and executing projects from concept through delivery, directing and supervising video editors, production crews, and talent.
  • Create, update and enhance station on-air image, entertainment promos and graphics- this includes daily program episodes for air.
  • Produce and execute community outreach events, including on-air promotion and event planning/execution.
  • Assist with street team vehicle and events.
  • Hands-on editing and online editing supervision
  • Contribution to brainstorms across all departments        

Experience Requirements:

  • At least 3 years Television experience required.
  • Experience with Adobe applications such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photo Shop a must.
  • Related military experience will be considered

Qualifications Requirements:

  • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Working knowledge of ENPS preferred.
  • Working knowledge of production processes including non-linear editing.
  • Proficient in cinematography and lighting.
  • Demonstrated ability to write compelling, conversational copy.
  • Strong image and promotion writing skills.
  • Must work well under extreme deadlines.
  • Must have flexible work schedule including nights and weekends as needed.
  • Must be creative and a team player.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or some college preferred.
  • Equivalent military training from Defense Information School (DINFOS) and associated experience will be considered.

Think About This:  “Despite what you may believe, you can disappoint people and still be good enough. You can make mistakes and still be capable and talented. You can let people down and still be worthwhile and deserving of love. Everyone has disappointed someone they care about. Everyone messes up, lets people down, and makes mistakes. Not because we’re inadequate or fundamentally inept, but because we’re imperfect and fundamentally human. Expecting anything different is setting yourself up for failure.”  ~  Daniell Koeke

copyright2018 / Bacon/WellDunne

April 20, 2018

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A this-and-that, how did the week fly by catch-all today. Let’s start with JENNY DOLPH, the very talented writer producer for LARRY WATZMAN at WBNS in Columbus. Now Jenny is the very engaged lady, having said yes while on a tropical vacation. SO excited. All happiness Jenny.

From the Best GM Ever side of the fence comes the nicest story about KMOV’s MIKE MURPHY. With a great Irish name like that, you know he’s got that special spark and to show it, Mr. M was the kind gentleman who stopped and changed a flat tire for a stranded motorist on the notorious Highway 44 in St. Louis. He could have motored by and hit his office overlooking the Arch, but he stopped and, despite the zooming traffic (St. Louis drivers are anything but slow) he did a good deed. The lady in question was an oncology nurse. And a die hard watcher of KMOV. She sent the nicest email to MEGAN HANNIGAN ORF who posted it. A huge Well Dunne! to Mike. Let’s all find a way to pay it forward this Friday.

Job Alert – Promotion Producer WRC Washington DC job40296BR

Anybody see that Bob Woodward of Deep Throat fame is teaching a Master Class on Investigative Reporting? Yeah that does sound interesting.

Think About This:  Kindness is an inner desire that makes us want to do good things even if we do not get anything in return. It is the joy of our life to do them. When we do good things from this inner desire, there is kindness in everything we think, say, want and do.”  ~ Emmanuel Swedenborg

April 18, 2018

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Ah Spring. When the world is awash in newness, in flowers and freshness – and the hunt continues for producers across the land. Just where are all the TV producers that were once abundant? Are they about to be put on an endangered species list? Well, maybe. This would be the ideal time and place to hawk the producer training offered by the one and only Well Dunne! group but that is far too crass even in times of Trump. So here the list and there will be more to come. BTW, for those of you who have spring in the brain, remember that Well Dunne! Talent is the place to go for a VOICE and not just jobs. Carry on.

KERO – Bakersfield

WPTV – Palm Beach (work with JAMES GRIFFEL)

WTAE – Pittsburgh*

WSAV – Savannah*

WIVB – Buffalo*

WLKY – Louisville

WYFF – Greenville SC

KSWB – Salinas

KOCO – Oklahoma City

WPBF – Palm Beach

KSNT – Topeka

KING – Seattle

WLBT – Jackson, MS
WMAQ – Chicago*

WJZ – Baltimore

WRC – Washington DC

OH…correction. The VP Creative job in Hartford is NOT at NBC but at the Tribune FOX affil there, which is WTIC. Was told all is forgiven…

Think About This:  “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and and conscientious stupidity”  ~  Dr. Martin Luther King

April 17, 2018

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Well, there are indeed jobs – in some great markets. And so, with that in mind, and not questioning why some jobs have gone nearly a year without being filled (we all know which ones they are)…here ya go.


KTBC – Austin

KTRK – Houston

WVIT – Hartford

Audience Development/CSD/Director of Marketing

WAPT – Jackson MS

WKYC – Cleveland

WTSP – Tampa/St Pete

WBIR – Knoxville

KOVR – Sacramento

WLOX – Biloxi

WMC – Memphis

WSFA – Montgomery

WSVN – Miami

WNCN – Raleigh

KBOI – Boise

WTVY – Dothan

WHIT – Hattiesburg

Creative Director

KPNX – Phoenix

KSDK – St Louis

Assistant Cretive Services Director

WJCL – Savannah

Brand Manager / Promotions Manager

KIRO – Seattle

WHBQ – Memphis (with with Ron DeJoseph!)

WBNS – Columbus

WXMI – Grand Rapids

WVNS – Ghent WVa

KNST – Topeka

  • Creative Director CBS Television Network Los Angeles
  • Originals Creative Director Netflix Beverly Hills

Think About This:  “The women who I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because s**t worked out. They got that way because s**t went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.”  ~  Elizabeth Gilbert

April 11, 2018

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If you were to pass away today, what would you want people to say about you? Remember about who you were and what you did on the planet? The sad news that JOANI LIVINGSTON has passed away has touched some people very deeply. A former promo colleague of hers at CBS affil KWTX in Waco, BILL CASTELLO, wrote the following about this highly talented and generous lady who was running her own business, where her talents were touching hearts. God bless her.

“You loved to tell stories. Whether it was a newscast, a sales presentation, an educational video, or a world changing documentary. You saw a story in everything and in everyone. You made working at KWTX special. You taught us how to make good television and you made us feel like one of your family. Because we were. So many times I told you I can’t. Every single time you told me I could and should. You always made me feel like I could do anything. You were my champion and my encourager. So I will tell a story about an angel named Joani to everyone who will listen. And I will encourage others like you encouraged me. Your love and legacy will live on in all of the people you touched and changed. I will never forget you. I can’t wait to see you again someday.”

Think About This:  “Have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”  ~  Anais Nin (on Joani Livingston’s FB page.)

April 10, 2018

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What happens when two extremely talented and high energy TV marketing types throw in together? Major creative fireworks that will continue to make Jacksonville’s WJXT one of the best stations in the country. CSD SHERRY CARPENTER has tapped DAVID MOTT to be the newest member of her team. Official title – Creative Manager. David, originally a Florida guy who had pretty much determined not to go back (humidity and flying roaches were not mentioned but inferred) changed his mind because of the new lady boss and the way Graham Media runs the independent. He’ll be starting the very end of April. Yes, he’ll miss the mountains (Florida types are always in awe of mountains, as well they should be) but he’s already packing for his new chapter. Mr. M, if you remember, is a new major favorite due to his sense of humor. People, laughing is good. Consider adding more to your life. He’ll be leaving the CSD slot at WVNS in West Virginia. So kick off your Tuesday with a Well Dunne! David.

Job Alert – Creative Director CBS Television Network REF#: 30647 LA

Think About This:  “The best memories come from bad ideas done with best friends.”  ~ the internet

Copyright 2018 © Bacon/Well Dunne

April 6, 2018

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Don’t you just love Philadelphia. Besides the cream cheese, Philly is home to outstanding food, historical one-of-a-kinds, gorgeous neighborhoods, quaint and expansive shopping, an active arts life, and great people. From the Main Line to the sketchy neighborhood where Anthony Bourdain found a to-die-for Thai soup place, Philly rocks. When you call it home, you never really wander, even if you don’t live there for years. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to find a job that allows creative expression AND is in Philly. That brings us to HENRY VAZQUEZ, who is a Philly man and is returning to the City of Brotherly Love at the end of the month. Sadly, his talents and leadership skills will be lost to the world of TV but he’ll be joining a former TV marketing pro in his new slot. Henry’s going home to be Creative Services Director for the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA, working with former NBC CSD LAUREN BACIGALUPI. It’s been five years since Henry got to do day-to-day there, and his wife is going to be much happier now that they’re no longer splitting their zip codes. Henry has a stellar TV marketing background as VP Director of Brand and Digital Development at Hartford’s WTIC, CSD at Vegas’ KLAS, and Promo Manager at WCAU. The man has interned at Paramount through the WGA and written all kinds of marketing for the folks in Philly TV. He even has an MBA…he reads all the time. Yep, he does. Obviously a favorite, let’s all shout Well Dunne! Henry.

Job Alert – CSD KBOI/KYUU Boise

Think About This:  “They told me that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh. But everytime she laughs, I’m the one who falls in love.”  ~ Tommy Ferraris

Copyright 2018 Bacon/WellDunne

April 5, 2018

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Adventures come in all sizes and shapes…and they present themselves at times when we sometimes don’t expect them. Enter attitude. With the right attitude, they become life changing and joy producing. Yeah, that does sound a little over the top, but it’s actually true. ERIK CANDIANI has the right positive attitude as he embraces a new adventure that sees his family become trés modern. Bi-coastal actually. Mr. C is headed from the west coast to the east coast. Adieu VP Creative at KTVU in the Bay Area and Aloha to Raycom’s NBC affil WWBT in Richmond, VA. GM KYM GRINNAGE and he got along, to quote Forrest Gump, like peas and carrots, which leads to ERIK’s new role wrangling the creative staff in the city where they know the value of southern hospitality. He’s been CSD or VP Creative in Minneapolis and Denver plus was at KTLA in LA as well as KOVR in Sacramento. This will be an adventure – east of the Mississippi. Erik is a writer who turns out screenplays and has more energy than one can summon on a normal day. Great to hear it’s all going to be magnolia-covered and happy as soon as he drives all the way across the country. Now THAT is how you get the pulse of what’s going on. Huge Well Dunne! Erik.

Job Alert – VP Director of Brand and Digital Development  WTIC Hartford

Job Alert – CSD WNCN Raleigh

Think About This:  “Thre is no certainty; there is only adventure.”  ~  Roberto Assagioli

Copyright ©2018 Kate Bacon/WellDunne!

April 3, 2018

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Ah spring, when a young man’s fancy turns to love. And said man gets an engagement ring and asks his love to make it permanent. It happened just this weekend in Memphis when MIKE CUNNINGHAM popped the question. Mike is the CSD at Nexstar’s ABC affil, WATN, in the city that houses both a pyramid and Graceland. Of course, his intended said yes, thus becoming his intended. Everybody is all smiles and happiness. Mike is a Purdue grad who has done TV for such stations as KCCI in Des Moines and KTUL in Tulsa. Has a wicked sense of humor, and a gorgeous fiancé. Well Dunne! soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. C.

Meanwhile, as life does, another soul has been called away. Let us all send our condolences and kind thoughts to ZOHRA ALNOOR POWANDA, who spins promo magic for WJLA in DC. Her father passed away….and he had the kindest eyes. He’ll be watching over his wonderful daughter from heaven.

Think About This:  “Every so often your loved one will open the door from Heaven, and visit you in a Dream. Just to say “Hello” and to remind you they are still with you, just in a different day.”

Copyright©2018 KateBacon/WellDunne!

April 2, 2018

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Some birthdays are more memorable than others. This particular birthday for JIM KOONCE is memorable is that he’s alive and well, which was utterly challenged when he was involved in a head-on car crash on the eve of his cake-with-candles day. He walked away in one piece and will no doubt remember this birthday for more than presents and a number. Jim is Promotion and Production Manager at Apple Valley’s KAPP-KVEW in Kennewick, WA. He’s made his mark serving on ABC promo boards as well as heading up creative at KTNV in Las Vegas KGUN in Tucson, KXLY in Spokane, KCPQ in Seattle and KVOS in Bellingham. He even spent time in Alaska as owner and GM of KVOK in Kodiak. Talk about adventure…that might be his middle name. Happy Birthday and Well Dunne! Jim.

In the South, they have this wonderful thing called Easter Monday. It extends Easter one more day and you don’t have to work. Hope you are observing it…Well Dunne! is.

Think About This: “Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love.”  ~  Sitting Bull

March 29, 2018

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Lovely LEAH MAYS is about to save a lot of time, a lot of gas and gas money, as well as wear and tear on her car. She’s returning to Raycom’s WLOX in Biloxi as the Brand Manager. She’s been commuting from her Oceanside home there to Hattiesburg for the last few years. The 75 miles drive takes about an hour. Hattiesburg is home to CBS affil WHLT where she helmed the marketing,and creative. Except for her first job in Bismark, ND (where she went to college), Ms. Leah has been in love with the Gulf Coast and has worked doing broadcast and station marketing for Meridian’s WGBC and Gulfport’s WXXV. Sticking closer to the ocean is going to be a real “ahhhh” feeling. A great big Well Dunne! Leah.

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WTVY Dothan AL

Job Alert – Preditor NBC Sports Philadelphia

Job Alert – Director of Marketing and Audience Development WSFA Montgomery

WSFA NEWS 12, the #1 brand in Montgomery, Alabama seeks a Director of Marketing and Audience Development to lead the station’s marketing department. This role provides expertise and support to News, Digital, Sales and all other local content efforts for multiplatform creative strategies, and commercial production services for WSFA.

  • This is the perfect role for someone who is currently a Director of Marketing, Marketing Director, Creative Services Director, Promotion Manager and/or Senior Producer looking for the next move in their career.
  • This individual is a hands-on leader, skilled in multi-platform marketing, outside media delivery, client creative services projects, and communications and community relations activities. Exceptional organizational and strategic thinking required to implement market research recommendations and achieve goals in audience development and revenue growth.
  • The Director of Marketing and Audience Development manages a creative team to produce award-worthy, audience-motivating promotion that will expand the station’s rapidly-growing broadcast and digital media presence. The Director of Marketing and Audience Development is also responsible for the station’s overall marketing strategy, including outside media planning and buying, budgets and employee training modules.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Film/Video or related field preferred. 2 years’ experience in a marketing leadership position preferred. Send creative reel demonstrating advanced knowledge of video production, especially Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and DSLR cinematography. Qualified applicants only, apply online and attach resume, cover letter, and link to your most recent work.  Drug screen and Motor Vehicle Record check required. EOE-M/F/D/V
  • https://careers-raycommedia.icims.com/jobs/8335/marketing-director/job

Spring is when nature wakes from a dormant state and reaffirms life in colorful, vibrant ways. It’s much like beginning a new job. That’s why Well Dunne! blog is so much fun to write. Getting to share and then share again the excitement and anticipation of newness…possibility. Happy Spring! Keep moving forward (Bacon motto).

Think About This:  “Always have your hook baited. In the pool you least think, there will be a fish.”  ~  Ovid

Copyright©2018  KDBacon/Well Dunne!

March 23, 2018

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KERO – Bakersfield*

WPTV – Palm Beach*

WTAE – Pittsburgh*

WFTS – Tampa*

WSAV – Savannah*

WEHT – Henderson KY

WIVB – Buffalo*

KOIN – Portland

WYFF – Greenville SC

KSNT – Topeka

KING – Seattle

WTXL – Tallahassee

WLBT – Jackson, MS

WMAQ – Chicago*

WJZ – Baltimore

Golf Channel – Orlando


Job Alert – Freelance Podcast Producer WRAL Raleigh

Think About This:  “If you avoid war to keep the peace, you ignite war within yourself.”  ~ Louise Thompson

March 22, 2018

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Way out in the Pacific Northwest, there’s the Yakima Valley, home of wineries and apple orchards and KNDO TV. Yeah, it’s a stretch but work with us here…KNDO has a new Marketing Manager. Welcome WENDY LARLEE to the Cowles owned station. She has a background in product management and we’ll have to catch up with her later this week…busy calendar – no time.

MARYANN BALBO (her picture) is adding VP to her title and heading west to pick up those biz cards. With an impressive background in marketing, she’ll be in Wichita at Cox Media. Her old slot as GM in Huntsville at the CW is gonna miss her! Well Dunne! friend!

Job Alert – Creative Services Manager KSNT Topeka

Job Alert – Art Director Trailer Park Hollywood

Job Alert – Programming and Marketing Strategy Manager KSTU Salt Lake City

Think About This:  “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘let’s party!”  ~ Robin Williams

March 16, 2018

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Want to spend the weekend looking at the possibility of a new job? OK, but wouldn’t it be more fun to be outside, or watch March Madness, or …..



KTBC – Austin

KTRK – Houston


Audience Development / CSD / Director of Marketing

WWBT – Richmond

WAPT – Jackson MS

WKYC – Cleveland

KNHL – Honolulu

WTSP – Tampa

WBIR – Knoxville

KOVR – Sacramento

WLOX – Biloxi

WRTV – Indianapolis

WMC – Memphis


Creative Director

KPNX – Phoenix

KSDK – St Louis


Assistant Creative Director

WJCL – Savannah


Brand Manager / Promotion Manager

KIRO – Seattle

WHBQ – Memphis (work with Ron DeJoseph! )

WBNS – Columbus

WXMI – Grand Rapids


Think About This: “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious..” ~ Stephen Hawking



March 15, 2018

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Seems a lot of very creative people are getting jobs outside the TV marketing world. Another loss to that pool is RACHEL PAPP, who has been at Palm Beach’s WPTV since ’08 writing and producing and doing all kinds of magic. She’ll be vacating her Sr. Writer Producer slot to go work for The Buzz Agency as their Director of Social Media.  She’ll be taking everything she learned at the NBC affil as well as WKMG in Orlando to the new position. CSD JAMES GRIFFEL is going to miss her when she start at the new place April. No foolin’ – Well Dunne! Rachel.

Hmmm…lots of jobs open. Lots of great people. And there isn’t anybody looking into why the best and brightest are simply not biting. It’s not always money, although that has been a factor.  As in any well run business, retaining talent is imperative. So….balls in your court folks.

Job Alert – Promo Writer Producer WJZ Baltimore

Job Alert – Senior Producer Editor Golf Channel Orlando

Think About This:  “There is no greater threat to the critics, cynics and fear mongers than a woman who is willing to fall because she has learned how to rise.”  ~ Brene Brown

March 14, 2018

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They’re beefing up the WUSA creative team in the nation’s capital…and the ace in today’s sights is DYLAN WILBUR, newly tapped but on the job Art Director. He’s transitioning from CBS in Minnesota where he was AD under CSD CASEY KESPOHL and Promo Director SCOTT WOOLRIDGE (two heavy talents). The move to DC will reunite Dylan with SKYE BEITLER, newly named Creative Director; the two previously worked together at KTVU in Oakland. Dylan has also worked in Milwaukee for both Hearst and Weigel as well as in Vegas for Journal (now Scripps). Sounds like it’s a gathering of some exciting work in progress….Well Dunne! Dylan!

The gene pool…it’s an amazing fabrication. The way talents and interests and physical features can be passed down…wow. One such example is in Kansas City, where marketing pro DAMON BRYANT has a son who is wildly musical. Give him a listen..buy the music. Love putting the spotlight on new emerging talent – especially ‘in the TV family’ kind. Well Dunne! proud dad and BLAIR BRYANT.

Job Alert – Local Sales Manager KSWO Lawton

Job Alert – Senior Communications Strategist Bloomberg NYC

Think About This:  “There will be very painful moments in your life that will change your entire world in a matter of minutes. These moments will change you. Let them make you stronger, smarter, and kinder. But don’t you go and become someone that you’re not. Cry. Scream if you have to. Then straighten out that crown and keep moving.”  ~  Erin van Vuren

March 13, 2018

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Working somewhere for 40 years is an amazing achievement. Working for 40 years at the same TV station is a rarity indeed,  but it happens. WFAA’s Production Manager JERRY CADIGAN has done it. And he deserves our kudos. But its our condolences that are needed now. Jerry’s son was one of the people killed in the helicopter crash this weekend in NYC. TREVOR CADIGAN had been a WFAA News Intern and had moved to NYC to take on the world of real journalism. His future was unlimited. Handsome, smart, enthusiastic….he had it all. The WFAA Family has a Go Fund Me campaign which in a few short hours has over achieved, which is exactly the kind of person Jerry is. The guy who always comes through for everybody. If you can, show Jerry that TV people stick together. There’s nothing well dunne about this….

Think About This:  “If you have been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to others, then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.”  ~  Nikita Gill