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Friday December 8

Dec 8, 2006 by     Comments Off on Friday December 8    Posted under: Uncategorized

Chad Mallem is going Hollywood. Yep, he’s going to leave his wonderful job in the city by the bay, San Francisco, and head south to the land of palm trees, movie stars and bright lights. Ah, my lovely LA. Actually, he’ll be living in the Hollywood Hills when he takes up residence and begins his new job Jan 2. A new year and a new job..perfect! Chad has such style. Perhaps he needs a great pair of designer shades as a holiday gift. ANYWAY, Mr. M’s last day at CBS’s own KPIX is December 15 and he’ll take that writer producer talent down to NBC U Cable, where he’ll be the writer producer editor for emerging networks. All his new work will be in SD and HD. Definitely moving into the 21st century. Obviously, we intend to keep up with Chad and wish him all the best!

Feliz Navidad y’all. Down in San Antonio NICK LUCIO has joined the Art Department at Belo’s CBS affil KENS. Previously, Nick worked in the art department of News 9, a joint Belo and Time-Warner 24-hour news venture in San Antonio, and was on the web design team for an e-learning company, also based in San Antonio. Thanks so much to Art Director KYLE CONTRERAS for the update. And ps – Nick – Kyle is thrilled to have you on board.

Note to all: if you get the chance, visit San Antonio before Christmas. Down along their unique River Walk they present the most wondrous La Posada, a ceremony that is guaranteed to be as moving and entertaining as you’ve ever seen.

Think about this: “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ~ Oprah

Thursday December 7

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Quite day with just a few notes to share. Some days are like that.

Adieu Miami and hello Hampton Roads. So is the life of SCOTT CRAVEN, who was hard at work this November at WGNT in Norfolk, VA. The CBS owned CW station’s creative efforts are headed by Chris Wolfe, who came up from Florida as well. Scott was at Miami’s WB39 in Hollywood. The East coast version.

Get our your crayons, we’ve got news about Nickelodeon Preschool. ANGELA LEANEY is now SVP Creative Director.

And over in the Valley, ALLIE CARSIA is the new Director of Marketing for Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel. Previously, Carsia was with Reed Television Group.

Think about this: “It is a happy talent to know how to play.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday December 6

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Egads…the blogger site has been down all day. AND they changed the way they have you post. WAY too much change for a blog, but there you are. So, let us begin.

Wow…another baby has joined the ranks of KOP – Kids of Promotion. Welcoming a little girl just three weeks ago was CBS Detroit’s PAM SHECTER. She’ll be back on the job the end of January, and will have the entire holiday season to enjoy her new bundle of joy. How exciting. Thanks to Promo Manager MARCY RIBIT for the happy news.

In the lovely Carolina coastal town of Wilmington comes word of a new Promo Manager. STEVE KLEM is happy to stay put and not have to leave this lovely part of the world. A film guy who’s worked on DAWSON’S CREEK and the feature 28 DAYS with Sandra Bullock, Steve is using his background in the world of TV now. He’s at Morris Network’s ABC affil WWAY. Originally from the DC area, the Maryland side, he’s glad to have chosen a life filled with fewer cars and more seagulls. I hear ya. Congrats and keep in touch!

The welcome mat is out for CATHERINE MORAN, who’s walking into Comedy Central as VP of Consumer and Trade Marketing. The NYC based gig will put the CTAM Marketing Council member at work after her jobs with USA. AMC and SciFi and her latest, Lifetime. Way to go. Comedy Central must be a hoot to work with, n’est-ce pas?

And finally, sad news from LA. RONNIE LIPPIN, the president of entertainment PR firm The Lippin Group, died from a rare form of breast cancer Monday at Cedars. She was only 59 and was, as they say, the ultimate dynamo. It’s hard to imagine such energy no longer with us. Her husband, Dick Lippin, will continue to run the biz, known as the PR agency to the stars.

Tuesday December 5

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Great news from Minnesota, and I’m not talking about the state landing in the number one slot on the Healthiest State List, although it most certainly did. Nope, I’m talking about the forward thinking decision at CBS owned WCCO. Their new GM, SUSAN ADAMS LOYD (a local girl who was thrilled to come back North after spending career time in Florida) was faced with replacing the Creative Services Director when WENDY MCMAHON stepped up to Boston. After observing and listening, the aforementioned Ms. Loyd decided to try something different and split the job between two folks already on staff. Handling the Branding portion of the station is gifted CASEY KESPOHL while handling the Production portion will be SCOTT WOOLDRIDGE. Yes, they both miss Wendy, because there are times in one’s career when it all comes together and the three were in that magic space. However, the eye-turning creative and impeccable production will continue.

Meanwhile, as a celebration of sorts, CASEY took a week off (end of book, of course) and went to Malta. Now, I have never known anybody who’s gone to Malta, so hearing about it was most intriguing. The Illinois native (from the Quad Cities) enjoyed the blends of culture and was most impressed with the ancient city of Medina. He spent time wandering this beautiful place, seeing only three people all day long. Obviously, there are no cell phone towers or wi-fi outlets, so it must have been the ultimate in relaxation. Yep, an island in the Mediterranean is the place to get away from it all. Must ask him if he has pictures.

Think about this: “Traveling is almost like talking with men of other centuries.” — René Descartes

Monday December 4

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THIS JUST IN….please forgive me, but I have so wanted to do that, and now I can thanks to a wonderfully talented lady, KPRC’s ANDREA LAIGN. Her last name, btw, is pronounced “Lane” rhymes with cane. Anyway, the effervescent Andrea of the Post Newsweek Houston Creative Services Department has news that she’s thrilled to share. She’s going home to the DC area, taking the open Writer Producer slot with one of my favorite guys ever – STAN MELTON JR of ABC affil WJLA. She gave her notice just an hour ago (based on when this is written, not when you get around to reading about it) and will be back East to share the holidays with the family that has kept her phone bill anything but low. What does Ms. Laign have to say about her new gig, other than she’s thrilled and happy? “Finally, a safe place to be a Redskins fan.”

Meanwhile at the very same WJLA, we’re waiting to hear what PHIL KRAFT has on his dance card, since he will be heading back to the Miami market after working in the nation’s capital as well as Charlotte. Phil’s wife, a traffic engineer (isn’t that COOL?) has taken a job in Miami and he’ll be doing the Good Husband thing.

More about everything tomorrow. Stay warm if you’re in the Midwest, and stay cool if you’re in LA.

Think about this: I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil. ~ Robert Kennedy

Friday December 1

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Time to celebrate Friday once again. What is it about Friday that makes it so, well, wonderful? I do believe it’s my favorite day. This decision has nothing to do with the fact I once had TGI Fridays restaurant chains as a client.

It’s been a very busy month, with many of you so consumed that hirings were on the bottom of the list. But there’s going to be lots of news beginning next week, because I keep getting calls, asking if I know of someone they could bring on board. YES, I can help. Just email me and we’ll point you to someone that might fit your bill.

While you’re weekending, check out www.charlotteenergysolutions.com to see how you can save money and help the planet. The site is going to get a total makeover, so drop in for the “Before” version.

Think about this: “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is awaiting us…. The old skin has to be shed before the new one is to come.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Thursday Post November Sweeps

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Hey, what happened to STEVE WILKINS who was in Greensboro, NC as the CSD? Anybody who can direct me his way, please feel free to share info. The Gannett CBS affil isn’t without a leader. DAVID REEVE is set to keep it rockin’. He’s in the process of moving down from DC. More on him when I get a chance to spend a few on the phone.

Now that another November sweeps is over, and you have a few moments to live a real life again, why not congratulate yourself for jobs well done. Do something special for yourself. Get that massage you’ve been thinking about. Or take an extra long yoga class. Or buy a really good bottle of Santa Barbara chardonnay. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

Think about this: “There is more to life than increasing it’s speed.” ~ Gandhi

Monday After Thanksgiving

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Did we all have a good holiday? Of course we did! While we gathered with friends and family, one of us decided to expand her family! Welcoming a brand new addition to the world is WJLA’s Promotion Manager, BONNIE WOOD. She and hubby SKIP are parents to BRANSON JAMES WOOD, who showed up weighing 6 pounds and is 19.5 inches long. He’ll look adorable in those fabulous baby outfits! He made his debut in Fairfax, VA in the DC area, which means he’s right in the middle of the action that DC is known for. BONNIE promised her boss, STAN MELTON JR that she’d make it through sweeps before giving birth, and she came darn close. Everybody sends their very best your way, Bonnie, and if you send a picture, I can post it!
All the news comes from Virginia today. Down in the Hampton Roads part of the state…you know the area of Norfolk, Virginia Beach and all those lovely bridges…comes word that GREGORY STEVENS has been named Traffic Assistant at Cox Media Hampton Roads. It’s a promotion, actually, since he’s been with Cox for about 18 months already. A Tidewater Community College guy, he’s taken classes in Biz Admin and Marketing Management, both of which he’ll no doubt use in his new duties. Congrats, Gregory!

And an announcement from moi…a new client. For those of you who heat their homes (readers below the Mason Dixon line can check out here if you’re pressed for time), learn about how corn stoves can save you money while saving the planet. Yea, I said corn. Cut your heating bills to about $60 a month. Less than most condo fees. I’ll have your website tomorrow. ENERGY SOLUTIONS is a green company you’ll want to know about.

Back to work everybody. Enjoy!

Day Before Thanksgiving

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This from our dear friend GARY WANN, Promotion Director of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s KTVT:
Can I actually list in a single paragraph all that for which I am
thankful?That’s a pretty tall order! If we move past the obvious. wife, kids,
family,friends, health, limited financial success, yada-yada-yada. I’m
reminded ofthe little things that mean so much. Like the time I was finishing up a
major image project and the Avid seemed to “forget” how to read the
mediadrives. Or when I sat in a parking lot with a film crew for three hours
waiting on that anchor that was always ten minutes away every time I
called.And of course how could I forget the popular, “I’m sorry we had to cut
thetrip to Promax this year. we’ll work it into the next budget.” But
seriously. I’m very thankful for the amazing people I’ve had the
privilegeof meeting and working with in this business. You’re a wacky, crazy,
maddening bunch. and I wish you all the best in the coming year.

Tuesday November 21

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What? Not only late, but no real news? Could that mean a trip over the river and through the woods for Thanksgiving? Sure does. En route and out of wi-fi zones. So check back tomorrow and I’ll have news of a new little baby, a promotion, and what life is like in New England, where the whole turkey thing began.

Monday November 20

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Thanksgiving week. It’s official. Witih all that’s on our plates, and with travel schedules being what they might be, the idea of stopping and really looking at what’s happening isn’t making the top 10 list of Things To Do. So, to move the focus back to our lives, I’ve asked a few of you to send along some of their thoughts about Thanksgiving. No guidelines were conveyed. This is a totally creative effort. Nothing was changed with the exception of spell checking the content.

Today, we’ll start the week hearing from DOUGLAS KARABASZ, the Art Director of NBC affiliate KPRC, the Post Newsweek station in Houston, TX. Douglas was able to fit my request in, despite the pressures of November AND getting ready for his upcoming trip. On Friday, he’s taking off for a long trip to India, where he and his wife will check out all parts of this exotic country. Yes, he’s promised to let us know how it all goes, and we’ll hold him to it. So, I turn the column to Mr. K:

This has been an exciting year personally and I can’t be anymore thankful. I’m thankful for change; without it we would not be presented with opportunities even if it seems as if those opportunities are sometimes cleverly concealed as problems. I have been able to find the opportunity within the challenges and that is my definition of good fortune. I wish for myself as well as others that next year’s opportunities and challenges will continue to yield great rewards.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.” ~ Author Unknown

TGIFriday November 17

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Wow, change is afoot. Major change. Not that TV hasn’t been immersed in a constant change for quite some time, but Thursday seemed to bring some biggies. First, the Clear Channel announcement. It’s a non-sale sale, like a non-denial denial. For the tidy sum of $18.7 billion, cash thanks for asking, San Antonio based Clear Channel has “merged” with two private equity entities. This means all those with stock in CC did very well, again thanks for asking. Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital are the new “owners” of the media firm, leaving the MAYS boys, RANDY and MARK, still at the helm of the company their father built from his one original AM radio station in SAT. The For Sale sign was immediately hung out on the 42 TV stations Clear Channel owns and runs. The goal of the venture capital guys are to run the Top 100 market radio stations, which they believe are a stable, low-capital business. So we’ll see who has the coin to buy a string of TV stations in today’s media world.

Change #2 is over at the Peacock Network (don’t you love referring to NBC that way?!). For the second time in two days, a major exec has turned in his notice. RANDY FALCO has taken leave of NBCUNI to run AOL. Yesterday, DAVID ZAZLOW jumped ship to go run Discovery. These are knowns. One of the unknowns fueling buzz is that JEFF ZUCKER is going to be promoted to the spot that BOB WRIGHT has, namely Chairman and CEO. And it was just yesterday Jeff was calling the shots and making Katie Couric happy at TODAY.

Did I say change? CBS is changing as well. As of Thursday, the entire promotion department at Atlanta’s WUPA, CBS’s The CW station, have been pink slipped. And most of the promotion folks at CBS’s Tampa, another The CW station WTOG, received the same buhbye message. So there’s some very good folks who are wondering what is next on their career plates. The plan is to do all the promos for Atlanta and Tampa from the CBS station in Norfolk. NBC calls this plan hubbing, but CBS prefers to call it hosting.

Meanwhile, CBS also announced two promotions. JOANNE CALABRIA is now a VP of Public Affairs and will work from her Philadelphia office at KYW, where she also oversees the communications department. On the West Coast, MIKE NELSON is now VP of Communications for all 39 CBS/Viacom stations. He’ll not only keep his office in LA at KCBS but also get an office in NYC. Cool. Bicoastal offices. Say hi to MARSHALL HITES, Mike.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.” ~ unknown

Thursday November 16

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Comedy Central is serious about their promotions, and has promoted heavy weight (in terms of career not bathroom scale) PETER RISAFI to lead their creative efforts. His new title will fill up a whole business card: VP of Brand Marketing and Executive Creative Director. He’s a New Yorker, of course, and report to MICHELE GANLESS, EVP and Manager. He came over to CC six years ago, before that he was Creative Director of SoapNet, making their launch a success. He’s also done creative work at Lifetime, FX and fXM, Nick at Nite and Nickelodeon. Yep, I told you he was a heavyweight.

HUMBUG list could really take off here. But no. I throw in the towel. There is no holding back the greedy “spend money and save the economy” thrust that the holidays have taken on. The final straw came yesterday when, in a banner ad on Yahoo, Sonic Drive In has the 40 Days Til Christmas slogan flashing at me, accompanied by a tater tot in a Santa hat. You win. I give up. Let the retailers fight it out for the money. I’m giving homemade gifts. Tater tot in a Santa hat, indeed.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “When you hear the toilet flush and the words ‘uh oh’, it is already too late.” ~ Mothers Everywhere

Wednesday November 15

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Tuesdays are not very special, as a whole. But yesterday was an exception. It began with a phone call from a TV promo guy who is as talented as they come. When he was my boss, he made me laugh while we all worked ourselves silly. PHIL MICHAEL has some very impressive call letters listed on his resume, such as #1 stations WBS in Atlanta and WSOC in Charlotte. For the last several years, he’s been in Savannah, making sure his daughter gets the special programs she needs. He was involved in non-profit PR, but now he’s looking for something else that allows the family to stay put. All you delightful Creatives can get those brain cells to come up with something. I’ll pass it along.

The perfect weather of San Diego is why that city is always tapped as the perfect place to live here in the US. I couldn’t agree more. The official San Diego website touts the city’s nickname as America’s Finest City. But jobs being what they are, one can’t always hunker down in such perfection. SARAH GARRISON is currently promo producer down in SD for the 11 pm news on NBC’s O&O station KNSD. But the peacock family made her an offer she can’t refuse, so she’ll be packing up and moving up the PCH to KNTV in the Bay Area. She’ll be promo producing for the folks in SF beginning Dec. 13. Like an early Christmas present. Her new job will bring her closer to her roots – she’s a Tacoma Washington girl who has her diploma from UofW. And yes, she loves the Pacific Northwest and those rainy soft days. Before she moved to SD, she was a promo producer at KIRO in Seattle, which was her first job out of college. Nice. In addition to winning her first Emmy this last year, she also completed her first half-marathon. On the horizon, besides the learning the SF area, is a full marathon. Hearty congratulations to you, Sarah. Keep in touch.

HUMBUG LIST continues to grow, the new addition is the Postal Service. I have NEVER been a fan of the PO (please, don’t bother to comment…sorry, but I don’t care if your family has delivered mail since the pony express days – today’s snail mail has no excuse) but now they are on the humbug list. Last night’s prime time was full of fake snow and some self-congratulatory message about the PO. Not buying it, and don’t appreciate the message. IF you have to be on the air at this point, it’s for planning ahead mailing, not ‘aren’t we great at what we do’ mailing. Remember, these are our tax dollars folks.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder “”A knowledge of the path cannot be substituted for putting one foot in front of the other.” ~M. C. Richards

Tuesday Nov 14

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My son, being a tennis pro and all (yeah, he makes a VERY good living doing exactly what he loves to do…is that the way to live or what?!), has me hooked on The Tennis Channel, that wonderful Santa Monica based cable net focusing on the game of love. It gets even better, because TTC covers all the tourneys, which means all kinds of great marketing is afoot. So it makes perfect sense they would turn to PROMAX to find their Director of Marketing. NEIL ROBERTS is that guy, and he comes with a background at VARIETY as well as Roadshow Entertainment. Also coming aboard is LAUREN LEDER, Director of on-air creative. Her background includes stints with iNDemand and work with CBS and ESPN.

Because this is Tuesday, a great day for All Tennis All the Time, we continue with news of promotions at the same locale. Signing up with TTC in 2003, KATE VARLEY was senior producer of on-air promos and is now director of short-form content and special projects. Kate has worked with King World, Game Show Net and Hallmark.

Sounds like TTC has definitely got game.

I watch PBS a lot. Not enough to be considered a TV snob, but enough to realize that WGBH TV in Boston is the Mecca of quality programming for the non-commercial crowd. Well, they’ve got a new VP of marketing and communications. Welcome to JAMIE PARKER, who makes the transition from Sr. VP of brand communications at Arnold Worldwide, where one of their clients was Jack Daniels. Cool. A shot of jack black in your pumpkin pie will make it better than anybody’s grandma’s. Really it will.

HUMBUG LIST GROWS. Target is now off target. At least the spot I saw had a turkey in it, and I’m not talking about the fake-smiled housewife models in the spot. And Intel is out. I don’t believe my Apple has Intel inside, but folks, it’s JUST TOO EARLY!

Thought to hold in mind and ponder “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday November 13

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Let’s do a lot of quick catching up this Monday morning. Swig that latte, put your track shoes on and let’s cover some ground right quick:

STELLA MIN is the new Sr. Director of Creative at Court TV, promoted from Sr. Design Director. HARRY SWARTZ-TURFLE was upped to Sr. Producer from Producer at the online Court site. Others with promotions include BRAD DUNN, who is now managing editor from deputy managing editor. No longer a deputy, I wonder if he keeps his badge…

Former COO of Broadway Video Entertainment BRIAN OFFUTT is now Sr. VP of entertainment products at Nick and Viacom.

Know about CONCRETE PICTURES? They do some amazing work out of their Philly suburb offices (as well as their NY and LA ones, too). You’ve seen their work on The Food Network, Discovery, CBS Sports…long list. They’ve got LAURA GILLESPIE doing producing now, as well as former Trib Philly WHPL guy MIKE YOON who is now Art Director.

DANIEL BRAGG is now VP of Creative at Discovery’s many channels, giving up his own biz Bragg Creative, whose clients included FX, Scripps and, well here’s a surprise, Discovery.

JOE GESUE is Editorial Director of NBC Sports Olympics and NBCSports.com. Yep, he’ll be sure all the good stuff about the upcoming Beijing games is exciting and correctly done.

Another addition to the HUMBUG LIST. You remember – those stores that are airing TV commercials pushing holiday spending, airing NOW. It is, according to my iCalendar, quite some time until Santa shinnies down the chimney. Joining BEST BUY is WALMART. They are pushing their toy department with the kind of franticness an ice sculptor salesman does on a hot July day. So far, the online stores have been in keeping with the early November time frame.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “I don’t know if there are men on the moon, but if there are, they must using the earth as their lunatic asylum” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Friday Nov 10

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Some people are just lucky. They get to be raised in a great place AND get to work in their hometown as well. Such a person is PAMELA WOON, a Seattle native who is going to stay put in her Starbucks and Microsoft headquarters locale, even though she’s getting a new title and a new work address. Switching from Television Writer Producer at Comcast to Executive Producer Creative Services at KSTW, which is The CW affil. Her official first day is November 27. Pamela has worked at Storyteller Communications as well as Fisher Communications’ KOMO where she was a writer and on-air talent. Congrats Pamela, and stay dry. Even in Seattle, the rains they’ve had in the last week have been record breaking.

I’m starting a HUMBUG LIST. On this list goes TV commercials pushing holiday spending. Please note the folks making the Humbug List will all be hocking their wares WEEKS before Thanksgiving. Come on, people. First on the list is BEST BUY SUPERSTORES who assaulted my LOST reverie last night. Bye bye Best Buy. Not spending one cent with you over the holidays. Oh, and the websites where I shop are in the mix as well. One sprig of holly before I carve a turkey, and they’re out as well.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “Somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windshield. It said Parking Fine,” ~ Tommy Cooper

Thursday Nov9

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Let’s take a moment and go back in time. Not that far. Just to October. Time frame – World Series. Focus – the Cardinal’s victory. Wahoo! I’ve been a Cards fan forever, having grown up in a family that spent summer nights on the back porch, listening to their games on an old radio. Harry Caray, a former neighbor, called the games. When he took off for Chicago, Jack Buck took the mike. Baseball on the radio was magic. The boys in red, as they were called, were class acts who made the game important.

With the recent Series win notched on the Cardinals belt, fans of the Redbirds have come out to share their enthusiasm for the team. Isn’t it interesting that, with my radio memories of the Cards, the person who emailed works for an audio company. World Wide Wadio’s STEVE JACOBSON, now residing in LA, is a Cardinals man. He and Wadio’s PAUL FEY were at the first World Series game in the brand new Busch Stadium. HOW COOL! Yes, the Cards have a new stadium and that series pennant must look like a million on the new flagpole! The duo was also at the first Rainout. If you missed it, there were several rainouts.

LA has Cards fans all over. FOX’s ERIC POOLE and STEVE HAMMEL are from St. Louis, as is voice talent AMY McINERNY, who works with Paul’s wife at ELAINE CRAIG CASTING. BILL SCHULENBERG, who does sound design/engineering/producing for Wadio, is also part of the St. Louis Creative Mafia out there.

Back at home under the Arch, WALT JASCHEK is doing his creative thing. He’s a former partner of Paul’s and one day gave me great advice that I pass along to you as the Thought…

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “Just like a plant, every few years you have to repot yourself so you don’t get root bound.” – Walt

Wednesday Nov 8

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Get out your pencils, children. Time for a quiz. Where is the largest chest of drawers in the world located? No fair using your laptop to find the answer. Anybody? For those who gave the answer High Point, North Carolina – you are right! And you no doubt have the best furniture in your neighborhood. Yes, High Point NC is the furniture capital of the world, and does indeed have a 5-story chest of drawers. It also has a FOX O&O TV, WGHP, and they have announced a new Vice President of Creative Services. Stepping into the new slot is Promo Producer TIM TAYLOR. Name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, this Tim is NOT the Tool Time Guy from ABC’s HOME IMPROVEMENT. This Tim is the guy who’s been producing at the central Carolina station since 1997. He first clocked in there in1985, having originally been a photojournalist in the News Department. He’s been married 21 years and his 19 year old is in college studying business administration. In his spare time, Tim loves his sports bike, also known as a crotch rocket. Cool. He sends his best to fellow sports biker, PHIL KRAFT up at WJLA in DC. Phil used to work at WGHP.

From the Wish I’d Thought of That Department…DYI Network has a new series that sounds like exactly the kind of thing most of my friends need. It’s called TECH OUT MY HOUSE and it’s all about explaining how the various technical gadgets we all love work, and how to install them in your house. You know, it’s a how-to so you don’t have to ring up your cousin…the one who always makes you feel stupid when you ask him to help you with your iPod or your laptop. Most families seem to have a tech snob in the fold, huh. Anyway, the show begins Nov. 21. Check your listings for more info.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results. ~ George S. Patton

election day

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Here’s a happy way to begin an Election Day…. with a DOUBLE Congratulations kind of item. Yes, two times the happiness going for Phoenix, Arizona creative TODD LONG and his wife Jina. First, he’s welcomed home a new little baby girl as of October 12. Hannah is her name, and I can only imagine how precious she is. Great name, which means Grace of God. Can’t do much better than that. Hannah is welcomed by two brothers, Jeffery and Jonah, ages 6 and 3 respectively. My bet is that, when Hannah begins noticing boys, her two brothers will have her dates jump through hoops.

Little Hannah is the first good thing for TODD. Second is new his new job at FOX’s KSAZ in the Valley of the Sun. The Cape Girardeau, Missouri native is loving living in the desert and is leaving his current gig at Scripps’ ABC affil KNXV to go down the street and work with the one and only JIM GIRODO. Todd has a diploma from South East Missouri State U, called SEMO by the natives, and yes, Cape is the hometown of Rush Limbaugh. Before moving west, Todd worked at KFVS, the Raycom CBS affil in the lovely Missouri River town.

Sadly, one of my favorite Florida icons is no more. Gatorland, whose gaping mouthed reptile and long scaly body was in fact a building, was one of those sites you don’t forget. On my first trip to
Disney World, my kindergarten-aged son and I drove by this tourist attraction that promised gators jumping right out of the water. It was so outrageously fun, it became a perennial favorite. We always drove by Gatorland when we had the chance. Monday, it burned, along with several snakes. We mourn the structure and are not distressed to hear of a few dead snakes.

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Monday November 6

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Two New at Nexstar, one from within and one from afar. SEAN REYNOLDS is a film guy. Went to Southern Illinois University’s film school and started out as an independent film producer in the Windy City. And if you’ve ever been in Chicago when it gets gusty, you understand just how accurate that nickname is. But we were talking about Sean, who’s married to the lovely Katie. She is, you guessed it, a documentary filmmaker. Besides, wine, traveling and architecture, Sean and Katie like, of course, movies and collecting movie posters. This all has a point because now Sean is applying his passion for film as the new Promotion Manager for WTVW, FOX 7, one of the top performing FOX affiliates located on that gentle bend in the Ohio River – Evansville, Indiana. Sean is no stranger to WTVW, as he’s been there for the past 4 years in commercial production. Sean is really excited about his new role and vows to bring a film-like quality to all the news promotion. Good idea, Sean. Share some of your spots! Now that one can email them…there’s no real reason not to do so.

ALYSON POWELL-WILSON, like many of us in promotion, came to Nexstar’s KARK, the NBC affil in Little Rock the long way via Omaha, Wichita and Jackson, Mississippi. Mostly, she was a news producer, which should serve her well in her new job at KARK as a topical producer. When not at work, Alyson and her husband, Jesse, and 7 year-old son, Jordan, love to watch movies.
They must get to know the Reynolds in Evansville.

Thanks PAUL GREELY for the excellent writing and good info. Now get back to that novel!

You’ve been doing planning for the election, right? Have plans for special Topicals, perhaps some POP action? Well, the MOST important thing you can do tomorrow is to V O T E. We can take on the subject of whether the voting machines will actually count your vote on a later date…

See ya tomorrow.

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