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Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Lovely Jackson, Mississippi is the capital of the Magnolia State, which is the state responsible for one of the most popular toys in the world…teddy bears. Back in 1902 when Teddy Roosevelt was actually on a bear hunt in Mississippi, an incident was reported in the Washington Post about Teddy taking pity on a wounded young bear. The cartoon of the cuddly bear became the pop culture phenom of the day, and pretty soon, the teddy bear drawing became a teddy bear toy. Marketers were abundant even then. So there you have it. The reason we mention Jackson is that the Raycom NBC affiliate there, WLST, has a new Creative Services Director. It’s DAVID BUNGER, a native of Escondido, as in SoCal. He’s been living in Jackson since he was 13 and loves the town. He, his wife and two children are happy with the pace and the home prices. I mean, in the San Diego market, a tool shed costs nearly a million dollars it seems. David “walks across the street” to WLST from the CBS affil there, Media General’s WJTV, where he was the Production and Operations Manager. Well Dunne! David.

Trading the streets of New York for the Palm tree-lined boulevards of Burbank is RICHARD LOOMIS, who’s joined The Walt Disney Company as SVP/Marketing and Creative for the Disney Channel U.S. He comes over from a slot as Sr. VP at Comedy Central, and Mr. L boasts a track record at Nick, too. He will report to RICH ROSS, President of Disney Channel Worldwide, who hired young Loomis at Nick. Cool.

JOHN BONITO is an LA-based writer and director who has announced he’ll now only be working with the folks at Moving Parts, Inc, a Burbank production house specializing in network promos. Interesting background…he’s directed wrestling. Hoo-kay.

Ever want to draw cartoons? Well, click here for a site that will teach you! Kid safe, in case you want to share with your little ones, or your News Director.

“Only when your consciousness is totally focused on the moment you are in can you receive whatever gift, lesson, or delight that moment has to offer.” ~ Barbara de Angelis

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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It’s official. TODD LONG is heading to the steak capital of the US, namely Omaha, Nebraska. Please do NOT email me with your story of steaks, but thanks for thinking about it anyway. Back to Todd. He’ll be taking on his first job in management when he sits in the head chair at KMTV, the Journal CBS affil in Omaha come April 30. Congrats, Todd. Of course, we all know that WARREN BUFFET calls Omaha home, and it’s been rumored he has several bucks in the bank. Oh, THAT Warren Buffet! The Cornhusker state will find the Longs closer to their Missouri roots with this move. After being in red-hot Phoenix, he said he’ll actually look forward to some snow. Great to hear you’ve found just what you and your family wanted. Well Dunne!

Lovely SF by the Bay is home to CBS’ KPIX and their creative team. They are welcoming ERIC RAMIN to the fold as a Graphic Designer. His last job was a telecommunications supervisor in the Army, as in US Army, where he was also a sergeant. A salute going out to you, Eric!

I do believe the name Magical Elves is even better than Can’t Sing, Can’t Dance. Both are production companies in LA, dahling. Magical Elves does such shows as Project Runway and Last Comic Standing. Well, they not only win this month’s Name Game, but they also have a promotion to announce. SCOTT SHATSKY is the new VP of Branded Entertainment. Scott has been a Sr. Producer until the bump upstairs title-wise.

Up in New Yok, where the rain has been afallin’, comes word that ALEXANDER DUDLEY is now the Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Time Warner Cable. He’s been a Sr. VP at Park Avenue’s Dan Klores Communications, where they do PR for such brands as Kate Spade and Brillstein Grey Entertainment (read Seinfeld).

Don’t forget to keep me in the loop when you have a new job, a change of direction, new clients or even a fun achievement to share! Movers@602communications.com will do it.

Think about this: “A friend is someone who knows your song, and sings it to you when you’ve forgotten it yourself.” ~ Alan Cohen

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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This just in. Going across the street in the Metroplex market of Dallas-Fort Worth is TERRY McFARLANE, who’s shutting the door on the office at NBC’s KXAS and taking over DAVID HERSHEY’s head creative slot at CBS’ KTVT. Oh yeah, I’ll have more later. Except Terry has never returned my phone calls over the years!

When JUSTIN MACHADO’s daughter is born this coming August, she’ll be the 6th generation of Machado’s born in Texas. Lots of history with Justin’s family and the Lone Star State. Little Miss Machado played a role in Justin’s new career move: News Marketing Manager at KXAN in Austin, Texas’ capital. The LIN NBC affil is a homecoming for Justin, who was raised in San Antonio, just 90 miles down I-35. He makes the move from Seattle, where he was a writer producer. While he and wife ANNA were very happy with the Tribune triopoly in Seattle, Q13FOX, KNYQ and KRCW, they wanted to be closer to family. As much as he loved his job and they loved living in what is known as the most literate city in the country, a job offering such proximity to the grandparents-to-be proved the tipping point. The timing for his return couldn’t be more perfect: San Antonio’s gala Fiesta begins Saturday. Yes, Justin has tickets already! Well Dunne! Keep in touch! PS – could not find a way to slip in his gigs with Atlanta’s WATL and the Tribune Creative Services Group, so I’ll just let you read it as a post script.

Making the 13-hour drive from Memphis on the Mississippi to Raleigh in the piedmont, her dog Buddy in her lap each mile of the journey, was JILLIAN KUHN. She checked into Media General’s NBC affil WNCN as a writer producer (and I think editor too….forgot to ask). She had been an associate producer at the FOX O&O in Memphis. The energetic Jillian hails from Elk Grove Village, one of the northern Chicago suburbs. She’s interned at CNN, too. Glad to meet you. Be sure to get over to Chapel Hill and check out Southern Seasons for coffee, wine and all the gourmet goodies that make life so much fun.

Those Warner Brothers (and perhaps the Warner sister Dot) have drawn a new Director/Publicity into their Warner Bros. Animation unit. That’s the WBA for those in the cartoon know. From the sound of it, this new job will be fun. GARY MIEREANU is the lucky guy. He’ll handle the Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera brands. That in itself is way cool. Congrats you wascally witer…you pesky publicist…your turn to turn a Looney Tunes phrase here.

Think about this: “It is better to be disliked for who you are than to be liked for who you
are not. How much easier to be authentic than to pretend to be someone you are not. What a relief just to be. How clear and simple. How honest. How real. The only thing you really have to share with anyone, anyway, is your own state of being.” ~ Judith Ann Parsons

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Know what the First Coast is? Anybody? Anybody? Did I hear an answer from the back? Why, yes I did, and that person is right! The First Coast is the Jacksonville, Florida market, which stretches from Brunswick, Georgia (home of the nuclear subs) to just north of Daytona (home of Spring Break). Also home to the TPC at Piper Glen and the APT, down the road from Piper Glen in my gorgeous former ‘hood, Ponte Vedra Beach. Just up from PV is Atlantic Beach, where the talented CSD GLEN SEBOLD dwells. He’s the guy who heads up the Gannett operation in Jax, a duopoly of NBC and ABC. Not a lot of stations are handling both, but WTLV (NBC) and WJXX (ABC) are doing just great. Glen has nabbed an up and coming Writer Producer for the creative team…found him in Columbus, Georgia. RANDALL HALL is actually coming back to Jacksonville after putting in some creative time at Media General’s CBS affil, WRBL He’s a native of Jacksonville, I’m told. Great to hear the good news and great to catch up with Glen.

Derby Day is getting close. The Kentucky Derby is set for May 5, and the running will mark the 133rd time the race has taken place. Not too shabby. Obviously, Louisville is getting all atwitter. And drat, if the race isn’t in sweeps. What does that mean for the folks over at Belo’s ABC affil, WHAS? It means it’s sweeps and it means there’s work to do. Luckily, CSD KIRK SZENY grabbed CHRISTIAN ADELBERG to join his creative team. Christian comes from the Raycom station in Cincinnati, WXIX which is a FOX affiliate. The whole Adelberg family is in the TV biz – his wife is the morning news producer. Great to hear about all the good things happening in L-town. Hey, what IS the nickname of Louisville anyway?

Got news to share. Go ahead…do it! Email me – movers@602communications.com

Think about this: “The map of abundance and joy has always existed. It has always been about the basics. Sometimes we just forget what the basics are.” ~ Earnie Larsen

Friday, April 13, 2007

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Friday the 13th. Oy! Are we going to hole up and allow the day to pass by, hopefully unheralded and negative-free…or are we going to take on the “Thank God It’s Friday” mentality and seek out the day’s adventure? Your choice.

I am so bad. Back when I had a great chat with FOX DC’s JIM LADAS, he told me about two hires he made and I wrote them down…then they “disappeared” until just yesterday. Apologies out to RALPH RENDON, the new Sr. Producer and RACHEL BRESLOF, the new Topical producer. The two came aboard and yet seemed overlooked. It was my bad. DC’s a vibrant market and there should have been more fanfare. When they call me back, I’ll fill you in on these two talents, who are no doubt enjoying being part of Jim’s crew.

Down in terrific Austin, Texas comes word from the effervescent RONNE ROCK that her #2 at KXAN, the NBC affil, has left the world of TV and landed himself a sweet gig at Dell Computers. CHRIS LEWIS is using his production skills to produce packages for Dell’s online business channel. Cool. And to quote Ronne, “it’s the perfect spot for a self described computer/techno-geek.” Who has been tapped as the News Promotion Manager? Come back Monday and find out!

After consulting for a months, TAMMY GOLIHEW has taken the #2 slot in the publicity area for WBWTM, aka , Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing. Her official title is VP, publicity. Before going to work for the Bros, she was with BNC Public Relations where she worked on work for FOX’s show “House” and NBC’s comedy “Scrubs”. Way to go Tammy!

From the online side of the world, MARK BAUTZ is the new editor-in-chief of TV Guide Online. He’ll handle all editorial and broadband video content for TV Guide Online. It’s the new wave of what creatives can do. His last gig was with People.com.

And a WellDunne to MADDIE HENRI, the new VP of Original Programming for HGTV.

Got news? Put down your milk and shoot me an email to tell me all about it: Movers@602communications.com

Think about this: “To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” ~ George Kneller

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There’s a lot of talk, speculation and downright “grab a crystal ball” prognostication dealing with the Future of TV and Future of TV News. Well, actions speak louder than words, and one of the action figures who is doing something about the NEW WAY WE WATCH TV is CRAIG FIEGENER , who is using his roots and background to create a new web-based business. Called instantriverside.com, the portal is a TV newsroom without the tower, focusing on news in the Riverside area of SoCal. Even though it’s part of the LA market and there are news bureaus for the stations, the main focus of TV coverage was always something big: fires, huge auto crashes, etc. A former KCBS TV news guy, Craig was born and raised in Riverside, which is part of what is called the Inland Empire…that huge area east of LA and inland from the Pacific, made up of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. If you’ve never traveled through IE, you’ll be amazed at the hugeness of it all. Come on, I bet you’ve been out there at Six Flags or something, huh? Or on the way to Vegas. But we digress. Let’s get back to Riverside, where Craig is taking his on-air reporting skills and focusing on what’s happening there. He’ll provide more local news with a hyper local focus. It’s not TV news, but it will look just like it. He has a great promo piece running on the site in anticipation of the official May launch. He’s coined the operation “Instant, Intelligent Information” Bravo Craig. Well Dunne.

Meanwhile, down in Tampa, #1 rated NBC affil WFLA, the flagship TV station of Media General, is going to cut 15 slots. No word as to what those slots are, or if they involve the creative end of things. But this announcement comes right after MG announced they were going to do hyper local news blogs on their site.

Some quick notes: ELIZABETH HILLMAN was VP of communications at Discovery Channel. Now she’s been promoted to Senior VP of communications for Discovery as well as Science Channel.

Stardust Studios hired MIKE EASTWOOD as executive producer of its New York office. ALAN BIBBY was promoted to creative director; KINDA AKASH was named senior art director; LINDSAY YACURA was named producer; BRAD TUCKER was promoted to creative director; and NEIL TSAI was elevated to design director. Yes, Stardust does broadcast design. Check out their website: stardusttv

Think about this: “Each of us sends out positive or negative vibrations, often without being
conscious that we are doing so. What if we made an effort to be consciously positive, to resonate messages of the highest good for others and ourselves? What if we made a deliberate attempt to keep our thoughts aligned with God’s spiritual optimism, to refuse to be stuck in self-centered fear? Our thoughts speak louder than our words. In order to change what we create, we must change our thinking. We must mind our mind.” ~ Albert Clayton Gaulden

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Massachusetts might be cold, but RUSS NELLIGAN, the CSD at Hearst’s ABC affil in Beantown, is always full of warm insight. He did such a great job of letting me know about the new folks at his Needham station, I thought I’d turn this over to him. So, Russ….take it away:

GRANT HORNE joined WCVB-TV as Promotion Manager. Grant spent the last six years at WTFX, the FOX O&O in Philadelphia. He helped shape the station’s on-air promotion with special focus on special projects promotion, pre-show and in-show teases. Grant started in Boston February 21st.

CHRISTINE BURNS is joining WCVB-TV as full-time Promotion Producer. She spent the last two years working at New England Cable News in the same role. This is something of a homecoming for Christine. She started her career at WCVB-TV first as an intern, then moved up to a part-time position, producing topicals and handling logs. Christine starts April 9th.

Thanks to Russ for being this week’s guest writer. I’ll add some more about GRANT, since I was lucky enough to spend some time with him on the phone. He’s a native Philadelphian, having been born and raised there until he turned 8. Then he took off and spent the next years in New Orleans, where he grew to be a seafood aficionado and where he worked at the Tribune ABC affil. Eventually, his work caught the eye of FOX in Philly, and he went back to his hometown. Now, he finds himself in Boston. Good thing he loves reading maps, because Boston is not the most easy place to navigate. But he will get to enjoy quality fresh seafood once again. Have a great weekend exploring New Hampshire, Grant. He and the wife will be on the prowl for antique jewelry, which Mrs. Horne will fix up for her online store. Well Dunne!

So, who’s going to take Grant’s slot in Philly? Funny you should ask…seems that MICHAEL FLOYD, who’s been freelancing at WCVB, is heading down to Philly. Yes, Grant brought him to CSD AUDREY FISH’s attention, and the rest is history. Michael begins in the City of Brotherly Love next Monday. I’ll have more on him then.

Think about this: “The work of creating is an act of love. The God who flung from His fingertips this universe filled with galaxies and stars, penguins and puffins, gulls and gannets…peaches and pears, and a world full of children made in His own image, is the God who loves with magnificent
monotony”. ~ Brennan Manning

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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Hello kids! Been enjoying the spring and the flowers and…oh, wait. Yeah, well, there WAS that snow thing going on in the East. And the Midwest. And the South. And Texas. Sigh. Word has it that the unseasonable and unwanted cold temps may do away with the peach crop this season. Not that I’m keeping track, but has there been a GREAT peach season since 1978? I think not. Pity. Well, I missed you all, despite my frolicking and relaxing.

I did sneak away to my computer to check emails and found some great news awaiting. So let’s put on our sharing hats and see what is going on.

The Warner Brothers lot in Burbank is one of those Hollywood wonders. A college-like campus of creativity, it is, turning out show after show. Which leads to the need for creative promotion, which leads me to our Man of the Day – JOSEPH JOHNSON. Middle initial “C” – and no, I don’t know what that stands for, but perhaps he’ll share. Mr. J is the new Creative Director of On-Air Promotion for Warners, part of the Worldwide TV Marketing group. Wow. It’s a promotion for Joseph, who joined the Bros in 2006 as a Sr. Writer Producer and was thrilled to get this promotion around the first of March this year. The Burlington, Washington (state) native has been freelancing in LA for some of the best studios and shows around. From FX’s RESCUE ME and THE SHIELD to Hallmark Channel and ABC, JJ has spun his stylish magic. Now, he’ll be handling the broad Warners’ scope under the direction of ERIC SHIU VP of On-Air Promotion and KAREN MILLER, SVP of Creative Services. All from his office in the Triangle Building on Pass and Olive. Well Dunne!

Brand Central, whose name is worthy of a round of applause, is full of new folks. Joining the LA based company (on the Westside, you know) are VP ERIC STEIN who was with Taffy before finding the new gig, Licensing Manager ANDREA BRENT who comes over from 20th, Marketing Manager HAZEL BROWN who has a lovely British accent and was over at Universal, and as Licensing Associate – KIMBERLY HOWELL.

And I am damn near breathless that the one, the only George Clooney is not more than a few miles from moi at this moment, shooting a new film. Do you think it would be pushy to ride the Segway up and down in front of the location in hopes that someone would take note, invite me on the set, and voila, it’s George and me forever?? A girl can dream. But if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, don’t call.

Think about this: “Only when the last tree has died, and the last river been poisoned, and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” ~ Cree Indian saying

Spring Break Extra #3

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Normally, I wouldn’t be adding anything to the posting, since I am spring breaking and frolicking and attempting to relax. BUT who can overlook the news from Burbank that long-time promo guru VINCE MANZE has been promoted, and the new slot will find him doing scheduling, not marketing and promotions. Vince will leave his job as head of The NBC Agency for a slot that finds him answering to KEVIN REILLY. And a new title: President of Program Planning, etc. All this seems to leave the wonderful JOHN MILLER to head up the Peacock Net’s creative marketing messages. Hmmm, I wonder what the view from Vince’s new office will be.

Now go back to what you were doing.

Friday, March 30, 2007

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Who says you can’t go home again? RICK SWANSON, who heads the amazing group of Creatives up at KING in Seattle, has hired CHERYLYNNE CROWTHER. She’s an alum of KING, so her return is, indeed, a homecoming. With the new title, Director of Integrated Creative Services, all signs point to responsibilities that are very forward thinking. The much-awarded folks at KING are acknowledging the exploding role web-based marketing plays for creative services. At her new desk since Monday, Cherylynne will see that the KING folks move past the traditional in their promo efforts. And, btw, she’s been dubbed “Awesome”. What a compliment! Cherylynne hasn’t been un-busy since she was first at KING. In the interim she was VP of Marketing and Communications at MSNBC, and full-time mom to two little ones. WellDunne one and all!

More West Coast moves. Getting a promo from Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group is ERIC COVERT, whose new title is VP/Creative Content and Production, Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group. His boss is ADAM SANDERSON, SVP/Brand Marketing.

What with Passover and Easter on the calendars, WellDunne is going to be frolicking amongst the fresh blooms and generally Spring Breaking. So you can come and visit the site, but there are no guarantees any new news will be here for the next week or so. You, however, can share your news with moi by emailing movers@602communications.com

Think about this: “I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” ~ Anne Frank

Thursday, March 29, 2007

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Finally met up with PETE FERRARO, Sinclair Regional Promotion Director. He handles the creative crowd at stations in Baltimore and Cincinnati, and he told me about a new hire at their Cincinnati property, WSTR, also known as My64. Welcome BRYAN ERDY. He’s now the Senior Writer Producer. Pete is thrilled to have enticed Mr. E, who brings with him 10 years of promo know-how. His most recent gig was at NBC in Columbus, Media General’s WCMH. Word is he’s a movie buff and loves the world of promos. Let me remind one and all that even Stephen Spielberg can’t imagine, conceive, write, produce and then watch his ideas come to the screen as fast as promo folks. THAT, as they say, is way special. WellDunne, Bryan.

Got news? Share. You can be part of the crowd that ensures good news travels fast. Email is movers@602communications.com

Think about this: “What are you doing to increase the balance of your cosmic bank account? This invisible storehouse of divine energy exists within and all around you—and is available to you, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. With it, you can affect healing, boost performance, strengthen prosperity and grow your soul. Your day-by-day and moment-by-moment choices determine the state of this spiritual ledger sheet.” ~ Greg Barrette

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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State capital of Florida is Tallahassee, located in the panhandle portion of the state, up along the Georgia and Alabama borders. Beautiful this time of year…azaleas abloom everywhere you look. Home to Florida State University, it’s a great place to raise children and enjoy life. That’s exactly what MARK BARCELO and his family are doing. Mark is the new Promo Manager at Sinclair’s WTWC, the NBC affiliate. Originally from South Florida, he migrated north from the Miami area, and he quickly became involved in producing a syndicated TV series. “Travel & Garden TV” had a run of several years, during which time he got to travel and shoot gardens. His production side experience will come in handy, no doubt. Welcome to TV-side marketing, Mark. WellDunne!

I can’t make this up, and I’m very creative…a toilet paper holder for your bathroom that also serves as an iPod holder. I swear. It’s a stereo dock that has the added feature of holding your TP. Cost, $208 plus change, shipping and handling. You can get the link if you want, just ask. It might be the one iPod accessory that Graeme Newell (an early adapter who is a true iPod man) doesn’t have…yet.

“Time is something you spend everyday, but it cannot be bought at any price. You spend time on everything: yourself, loved ones, family, friends. The time in your life is priceless. What determines what you spend your time on?” ~ Ron Rathbun

Tuesday, March 26, 2007

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Portland, as in Maine, not Oregon, is even better than you can imagine. Over at WGME, former NY City girl CHELSEA MILLER has been thrilled at all the activities the city has to offer. And she now has a little time to spend enjoying her adopted city – she’s no longer the Lone Ranger in the promotions department there. True, the search is still on regarding a Promo Manager there, but they did hire a new writer producer. ERIC LETENDRE, and that IS French, has been doing his creative thing at the Sinclair station. It’s his first venture into the promo pool and he’s swimming very nicely at the CBS affil. They’re still looking for a Promo Manager, just in case… WellDunne! to Eric.

Action at Sundance, the Channel. Getting new titles and new challenges include LAURA GIACALONE who is now Director of Consumer Marketing – up from Manager of Marketing. JAIME PRZEKOP’s new title is Manager, Sales Marketing and his old title was Manager Promotion Marketing. And GREG VUONO is now Supervisor of Affiliate Marketing from his Coordinator slot.

For a medium whose obituary keeps getting written up (for quick insertion on a website no doubt), there sure seems to be a lot of energy around the LATimes. Big money is circling like planes on a holiday weekend at LAX. Why would some of the wealthiest men in the world be so interested in owning this “soon to be dead” outlet? Billionaires abuzz over this. Just wondering….

If you’re reading this from your Spring Break getaway, GREAT! You have time to let me know what’s new. Email works – share. movers@602communications.com

“If doubt, despair, and denial threaten to dismantle your dreams today, let Love rear up in your defense.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

March 26, 2007

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Out in Sack-a-Tomatoes…. I mean Sacramento, CA comes word of a new hire. GENE ROBINSON, CSD at Hearst’s KCRA and KQCA (NBC and My58 respectively) has a new writer producer and he’s a Darling. No, he’s REALLY a Darling…NATE DARLING. Gene found Nate through the Hearst grapevine – via ownership sister station WPTZ. It’s cold in WPTZ country – Plattsburg, NY, which is waaaay upstate. The NBC affil covers Vermont, too. One of the reasons for the big market size jump for Nate could be the fact Sacramento is hovering in the 70 degree range and just this AM, WPTZ reports a brisk 33. Welcome aboard Nate. Hope to hear from you soon. And good news from Vermont, thanks to WPTZ – maple syrup season is off to a great start!

Making the switch from Big Time PR at Ketchum Public Relations in DC to cable news is MICHAEL MURPHY who has been named Senior Manager, Media Relations at FOX News Channel, same city.

For those of you who track such things, and want to phone me in lieu of the preferred email missives, shoot me one of the aforementioned emails and I’ll share the new number

Think about this: “It’s not yesterday’s regrets, nor tomorrow’s challenges that matter–only the infinite possibility of today.” ~ Linda Knight

Friday, March 23, 2007

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TRACY ACCORD OLIVER is writing and producing for Hearst Argyle’s Pittsburgh operation, WTAE. It’s an ABC affil. When HEATH MYRICK was promoted to the #2 slot under CSD SHERRY CARPENTER, there was a creative void, which is happily filled by Tracy. More on her comin’ up. Had a very bizarre afternoon and didn’t get to chat with her.

Have you heard about the new “seamless spots” that ABC trotted out for media buyers? It’s like a “show within a show” format where commercials would run in TV sets, on cell phones, iPods, etc. as part of the entertainment. The Alphabet Web had an example, using JIM BELUSHI’s show in which Jim was watching TV and we, as the audience, saw the same commercial that Jim the character did. It’s a work in progress. Interesting.

Have you heard, part 2: NBC and Rupert Murdock teaming up with their laser scope aimed at YouTube.

Wow…this is a FAB job. PROMO WRITER/PRODUCER CBS ADVERTISING & PROMOTION, NEW YORK Late Show With David Letterman *Must be able to write and produce great topicals within an hour *Must have at least 3 yrs experience as writer/producer *Must be able to work nights and under pressure *Quick thinker, quick writer with solid production skills *Comedy experience a plus. Send your Reel and Resume to: Late Show Promos 51 West 52nd Street, Rm 533 New York, New York 10019

Think about this: “Live like there is no tomorrow. Learn like you will live forever.” ~ Gandhi

Thursday, March 22, 2007

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The dogwoods are in full bloom in Atlanta right now, transforming the city into a wonderland. No matter what kind of pictures you see, or how much someone describes spring in ATL, you have to be there to get the full impact. Worth the time and effort. Such is the world that MARK BRADWAY has entered, having moved to town from 11 years down Miami way. Mark is the new Assistant Creative Director for the FOX owned station and he’s been on the job for three weeks. He’s settling in nicely and is looking forward to bringing the wife up from S. Florida. She is excited about finding a new home and shopping the outlets in Dawsonville. That is, indeed, a real plus for those who love shopping and bargains. Back to Mark, who’s a real Yankee. He hails from upstate New York. His degree-getting at Savannah College of Art and Design brought him to the land of Sun and sweet tea. He’s hooked and I guarantee he’ll never shovel a snow-covered driveway again! He reports to relatively new Design Director STEPHEN JANSA and they both report to the lovely CSD KATHY SOIFER. Well Dunne!

Rainbow Media’s Lifeskool and Sportskool has a new VP of PR in the form of MARIE STENBERG, who’s been doing PR for Cablevision out on Long Island. She calls ELLEN KRONER SVP Corporate Communications boss.

Getting on the Avid Customer Reel is like grabbing the gold ring. Like winning a sum with a comma in it on the scratch off lotto ticket. Like…ok, you fill in that third one. You’re creative or you wouldn’t be reading this. The Avid Customer Reel for 2007 will include pal RONN KILBY’s “Really Works” spot he did for them. Yep, Ronn’s work right up there on the big screen with all those Hollywood Blockbusters. How cool is that! Well Dunne!

Think about this: “By the accident of fortune a man may rule the world for a time, but by virtue of love and kindness he may rule the world forever.” ~ Lao Tsu – Chinese Philosopher

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Let’s start this day outdoors, with the channel of the same name. Need to reitterate with telling you we’re discussing Outdoor Channel? VP, Marketing & Research DENISE CONROY-GALLEY is debuting a new logo and new on-air look for the cable net, which is, btw, dropping the ubiquitous “the” from their official name. The newness gets unveiled on Thursday at the upfront event in NYC. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find out if it was an out of house project or if the good artists at the channel got to express their talents to the max. Watch this space.

The Detroit Tigers training camp down in Lakeland, FL (home to the grocer Publix) has a new look thanks to DIY Network. Sounds like a real puzzler…decorating a training facility. But they did and you can see the results April 8 when DIY TO THE RESCUE airs.

Bye bye bunnies. So says CINDY RAKOWITZ, who has been in charge of the PR and Marketing area of Playboy for the last 15 years. Yes, in LA of course. She’s checking in the 5W PR as SVP and GM.

LEE ARMSTRONG, who began her TV career in the promo ranks, will retire from her General Manager slot at Charlotte’s ABC legend, WSOC, in June. Lee is an amazing lady who broke glass ceilings along the way. Hate to see her go.

Speaking of interesting promotions…remember back in the Fall when CBS put promos on eggs? Well, I got a present for St. Pat’s and it was potato chips printed with movie trivia. Had never seen that before, and it’s fun. A great gift and a cruncy, salty way to enjoy tasty trivia. Or use in a promotion.

Had the pleasure of dialing Director of Programming and Promotion LYN CONLAN down at Tampa’s WMOR and loved, loved, loved her voice mail message. I might have to dial her daily just to enjoy. And from her, we get our Think About This: “You can bet on the fact that when something hits the fan, it will not be evenly distributed” ~ LC

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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March is a month with an “R” which means it’s crawfish season down along the Gulf Coast. These mudbugs, as locals call them, make for a great evening when mixed with Cajun music and cold beer, or Diet Dr. Pepper if you please. I mention the whole crawfish situation because 1-it would be great to find some, with the accompanying music and beverage and 2-had a great conversation with DARYN BOULERICE from down New Orleans way. Yes, it’s the same Daryn who came floatin’ down the Mississippi from Little Rock, where he headed up the Creative Services for Clear Channel’s FOX affil, KLRT. What’s he doing in NO? Heading up the creative efforts for Tribune’s duopoly, ABC affil WGNO and WNOL, aka CW38. Daryn is a true TV guy, who counts Syracuse and San Jose as stops on his journey. He’s a native of upstate NY. And I mean upstate. Like within a rock’s throw from Canada, eh. A French Canadian by nature, he has a cousin that played NHL hockey. The French background helps down in Nawlins, of course. Since his arrival, he’s added a few to his department.

ROBERT HANNANT has a background from the agency side of life. He’s done national commercials and lived in Dallas and NO. Robert decided to take a turn at the TV end of things and sent a reel to Daryn. Robert is now happily producing spots and everybody seems very happy.

Joining Robert in the writing producing area is NOAH AUTHEMENT, who is a Louisiana man through and through. He’s from Houma and spent time up in Alexandria at FOX affil KNTZ. The move to Trib put him closer to home. It also found him officing on the top floors of the Trade Center at Canal Place. The panoramic view of the city is breathtaking, I’m told, and no doubt inspiration.

The hat trick member of the team is BEN GORMAN who’s whipping up commercials. He has quite a history, having worked in TV since the time he was 12 and ran camera for his grandfather, a well-known evangelist. There’s no part of production he hasn’t laid hands on.

BTW, former CSD LIZ WHITAKER is up in DC in a non-TV related job. Bet she misses NO big time, even with the excitement of DC at her feet.

So there you have it. New Orleans is coming back and coming back strong. There’s nothing more inspiring than watching what the American spirit can do. Well Dunne to the entire team down there! Keep me posted.

Think about this: “Each willing effort is sufficient to move the soul.” ~ Greg Barrette

Monday, March 19, 2007

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Got any confetti handy? If so, grab a handful and throw it skyward while smiling. Clapping is encouraged. There ya go. You’ve not only started out the week in rare form, you’ve marked today’s info session’s 100th attempt at keeping you informed about entertainment marketing, as well as keeping you entertained. Big plans are afoot – more confetti should be on hand at your end. But before you go about seeking this highly necessary accoutrement, take a moment to hear me say thanks for dropping in and being part of Well Dunne!

Been to the Tribeca Film Festival? DeNiro’s thing and done very well. There’s also a Tribeca Film Institute. Point being TAMMIE ROSEN is their new Director of Communications. Great job. More fun than you can imagine. Well Dunne Tammie!

Ms. RHAZ ZEISLER is taking her twenty years of creative know-how to ClipBlast! where she’ll be the VP of Product Development and Chief Creative Director. Cool. ClipBlast! is a web search enterprise; so if you want to find a clip, check them out at www.clipblast.com

JONATHAN AUBREY is now the Director of Corporate and Marketing Communications for here! reporting to STEPHEN MACIAS, SVP. It’s a promotion for Jonathan.

And yes, I did go out of my way to find company names with “! “ in them. Part of the Well Dunne! service. E! will be checking in later this week with news of their own.

“When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose.”
~Chief Seattle