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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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Wahoo…let’s hear it for GREG STROUD, who has fab news to share with us all. Effective immediately, he’s been promoted to VP of Creative Services for Fine Living Network. Champagne is in order, as are congrats and a big ol’ Well Dunne! He’s on the fast track at his Knoxville-based biz locale. Glad to hear it!

Over in Ohio, we say Hello Columbus (reference Roth) and check out info from Ohio News Network, also known as Ohio News Now. ONN any way you slice it. The operation is part of the Dispatch Broadcast Group’s operation in Ohio’s capital, along with WBNS, the CBS affil. ONN has picked a producer who has worked his way up the ladder. GERRY PUCKETT started as morning part time editor for ONN then he was promoted to full-time status and moved to evenings, and eventually started shooting news and sports. A nod for his work from the Cleveland Press Club for best Editor for a piece led him to a Video Engineer job at AV Staging Group in California. He returned to ONN as a Fulltime Director / Master Control Operator before turning his attention to promotion, and now occupies the ONN Marketing Producer position. Thanks to CSD FRANK WILLSON and Promo Director DOUG JONES for the update.

RICHARD PREPLER got a boot upstairs at HBO. They put a whole new management structure in place and Richard finds himself a co-President of the “it’s not TV, its HBO” cable net. He shares the Presidential honors with two others. He’s been at HBO since ’92 and this is a great bit of news for him. Well Dunne!

CHRIS GAYTON has a new gig – VP of Marketing for Channel M. They’re the folks who do in-store TV networks and the ads, too. Chris will be doing all kinds of great marketing partnerships, including special ones with Old Navy.

Think about this: “God never fails the children of earth. Do not seek for things to work according to your desires; or for your circumstances to be arranged according to your earthly will. But have faith that God is leading you on the path to ultimate happiness.” ~ White Eagle

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

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It’s a trio. Director of Marketing LINDA GRANGER at Bay News 9 in the balmy Tampa St. Pete market has hired her third promo producer. Join her in welcoming SHERRIE LEE to the Bright House Networks family. Well, actually, Sherrie is already with Bright House…this is a new assignment and it sounds like fun. While at BH, Ms. Lee has been a traffic From the sound of it, Sherrie is a lover of palm trees. The New York state educated creative (she’s a grad of State University of NY, College of Fredonia – [Note to Self: Is Fredonia one of the places the Marx Brothers ruled in one of their comedies?]) has put in time in Hawaii, where palms are as common as the trade winds. Ms. Lee worked for King Broadcasting in the Islands. She’s also worked in palm tree free Buffalo, where she was with PBS. The cool thing about Sherrie’s new slot is that she’s no stranger to the company. She’s been a traffic assistant and a sales assistant before earning her chops in the creative production end of things. What does she do when she’s not doing TV? The Palm Harbour resident and her hubby are avid dirt bikers. She’s starting June 18 in her new slot, and is taking a few days of vay-cay, no doubt biking about the Sunshine State. Well Dunne!

The NYT has a great article on yesterday’s FCC ruling regarding bad words on air. Click here.

Think about this: “Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can be either flowers or weeds.” ~ Author Unknown

Monday, June 4, 2007

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Welcoming a new writer producer to the fold is LOWELL BRIGGS, the CSD at WVTM, NBC 13 in Birmingham, Alabama. Joining the creative team is LINDSEY MANN, who at one time interned at the station. She’s a University of Alabama grad. Roll Tide! Great to hear about her real life gig in her chosen field. Well Dunne!

Found a great new title. I would love to see this on the business card. Muppet Captain for Sesame Street. It’s what KEVIN CLASH’s card reads and they’re adding Senior Creative Advisor to it as well.

Tres interessant, as they say in France. Check out the research on podcasts by clicking here.

Think about this: “Can you recall times when things have continually gone wrong? Or conversely, do you remember periods when everything turned out great? We may have attributed either of these times to “the breaks,” or to coincidence. But, by and large, either outcome is likely to have been influenced strongly by our attitudes, thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

And the good news is that we determine these – which means that ultimately we control our own destiny. Learning how to do so effectively is one of the fascinating challenges of life.”
~Ron Scott

Friday, June 1, 2007

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June, June, June. It’s here already. Oy! How did that happen? June 1 marks the start of hurricane season. Which brings me to the first item….

About a week ago, had a great talk with New Orleans’ CHRIS MERRIFIELD. He’s the Creative Services Director for Belo’s legendary CBS affil down in NOLA, WWL. Chris is a real New Orleanean and contends he will be until the very end. Loves the food, the pace, telling you about it…you know. We talked about him being at the station as Production head and his promotion to creative (whenever you get to do creative things, it’s a promotion). Talked about the moves the station has had to make because of Katrina. Talked about the struggle, the good, the bad and the miracles the storm wrought. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, he sent me a link to one of the many things that happened to him during Katrina. Before you go any further, click HERE and then come back. Yep, Chris is a hero, a term he might cringe at upon hearing. Facts are facts, and from what I can tell and what I saw, he’s a team player who is the first to jump in (in this case, literally) and help out. Anybody remember seeing this video during the Katrina coverage on the WWL website? The WWL team was able to keep information coming throughout the entire storm and the deadly aftermath. Giving Chris a Well Dunne! for taking over the creative department seems relatively pale, so I’m declaring today CHRIS MERRIFIELD DAY. Watch your mail, Mr. M, for a Starbucks gift card, which you will use while giving yourself a well-deserved moment.

For those of you along the Eastern and Gulf Coasts, and that’s a LOT of folks, get your hurricane plan together now. Like Nike says: Do it.

Two favorites at NBC got promotions yesterday. How wonderful! ANNE NICHOLAS is the new Senior Director, Affiliate Advertising and Promotion Services, East Coast. ANDREW LUKA is now the Senior Director, Affiliate Advertising and Promotion Services, West Coast. A bi-coastal event. These two are wonderful to work with, professional, talented and creative. What great news. A great big Well Dunne! accompanied by applause is going out to you. The announcement comes via SCOTT CHASTAIN, who does a great job himself.

Speaking of New York, where many of you will be heading for PROMAX, comes word of a promotion for KELLIE GRUTKO. She now is a VP! VP of marketing to be precise. She’s in charge of a lot of areas, in particular creative services. It’s for Comcast Spotlight the ad sales division of Comcast Cable. Yep, I told you NY. Oh, her boss will continue to be VICKI LINS. Cool and Well Dunne!

Portland’s amazing animation firm LAIKA/house has added CYNTHIA BARTON RABE to the payroll. Her business card will read VP/CMO, Entertainment Division. CMO means Chief Marketing Officer. Her boss is CEO and President DALE WAHL. For those of us who remember when, LAIKA/house was at one time Vinton’s, noted for their claymation.

Want to learn about primetime and how the public views it in today’s Tons Of Choices World? Click here.

Coffee lovers, take note. The Hawaii Kona beans are budded out, but a drought has parched the coffee orchards in Kauai. Might want to stock up now. Lion Brand is an island company that offers wonderful selections, and they ship.

Think about this: “I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself” ~ Lone Man (Teton Sioux)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

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What’s new in Cleveland? Well, the 2007 crop of inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame have already done their thing. And the Cleveland Clinic is still the leading cardiovascular facility. Let’s see…what else. Oh, yeah…WEWS has hired a Marketing Director! Coming on board the ABC affil owned by Scripps is PETER NOLL, who’s leaving his Scripps station in Tulsa, KJRH. He won’t turn in his Oklahoma station ID card until July, but is looking forward to the move East. His new station is near the arts district, and you know what they say: location, location, location. The Minnesota native grew up watching the newscasts on KARE, KSTP and WCCO and decided he wanted to be a journalist. With his journalism diploma in hand from University of St. Thomas, Peter’s first gig was in news producing at KGAN in Cedar Rapids. From there, he was off to KELOLand in South Dakota (Lakota Sioux country) and then to Belo’s KOTV in Tulsa. There, he met Creative Director BUD BROWN. Bud turned Peter from “the dark side” and the rest is promo history. Peter has also worked for CSD DALE LOCKETT at KHOU in Houston and CSD GENE ROBINSON at KCRA in Sacramento. Glad to have met you, Peter. Well Dunne!

And as a sidebar…BUD has gone on to be GM at Belo’s WWL in New Orleans. Cool. FYI- there is a Belo Madagascar. Who knew?

Toronto’s Guru Studio has brought two aboard. SUSAN MA will produce TV and longform work while SKY BJARNASON will produce broadcast and commercial work. Well Dunne!

Think about this: “Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands–and then eat just one of the pieces.” ~ Judith Viorst

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Sometimes, the Universe just hands you a prize. Such was the case when I got the following email from STEVE DEES, the head creative dude at KHOG/KHBS, which is branded as 40/29. He got it all down for ya’ll AND he didn’t need editing at all. So take it away Mr. Dees: Catching up in Fort Smith & Fayetteville, AR, home of Wal-Mart, the Arkansas Razorbacks and the future U.S. Marshals Museum. First, a word about the market and the station. Fort Smith and Fayetteville (and further north, Bentonville, headquarters of The World’s Biggest Company) are separated by the Boston Mountains (part of the Ozarks) and roughly 50 miles. Two transmitters, two newsrooms, two control rooms for every newscast, one promotion department.
Creative Services Director Steve Dees welcomes two new Promo Writer/Producers, DAVID CHAPMAN and CHANCE HAMBRIGHT. David started during February ratings (baptism by fire!) and Chance began a few weeks later.
David hails from Camden in Lower Arkansas (“L.A.” as they call it down there) and earned a BA degree in Mass Media from Henderson State University. He has worked as an editor for two national cable programs before arriving at the ABC affil. David’s very productive; he and his wife Amy are expecting in October. We’ll keep a good thought, David!
Chance grew up in Spiro, OK, watching 40/29 (remember those two transmitters?). Since then, he earned his degree at Full Sail in Orlando. When not promoting the market’s news leader, Chance enjoys writing and singing his music (he’ll burn ya a CD). He was already at KHBS-KHOG in Master Control creating vids for his eponymous website, which turned some heads in a recent contest on Yahoo.com. Now that he’s jumped into the promo world, we hope his current work turns heads in Grey’s Anatomy! And oh yes, he’s heard ALL the jokes about his name. A Major Well Dunne! to you, Steve, and your two new hires.

Anybody know TODD ANTHONY? He just got hired as creative director at CNET Entertainment, where they do Gamespot, MP3.com and TV.com. I guess that will be in SF…

Who can’t love a guy who has an IMDB listing both Host – America’s Funniest Home Videos and a role as an alien on Starship Enterprise (which is Star Trek)??? The lucky Massachusetts native in question is TOM BERGERON who is going to host the PROMAX Awards ceremony. Don’t miss out. And then stick around for the party afterwards brought to you by the fine folks at ET. Not the little guy from outer space. The show, silly! Heads up to CBS’ DELILAH LOUD for the party info.

Media Post has an interesting article about a possible answer to the “they skipped my TV spots” problem. Click here

“Every one of us alone has the power to direct the course of our lives by choosing what actions we will or won’t take. While sometimes it’s easier to believe you don’t have a choice, the reality is that you always have a choice to behave differently.” ~ Francine Ward

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Kalamazoo is one of those great names for a city. Nobody can agree about what it means exactly, but the name pops up in songs and rhymes and is just plain fun to say. It’s a great place to spend summers, and for those of us who are into shopping, it’s the city that had the vision to build the first outdoor pedestrian shopping mall in the US back in 1959. Right up the road is Grand Rapids, which is a furniture capital. See the whole shopping theme we have working here? And we mention it because we have great news from the TV market, which encompasses both of these Michigan cities. WOOD, the LIN NBC affil and the sister stations WOTV, ABC and MNTV affil WXSP have a new promotion producer. Welcome KURTIS KAECHELE. Will have to check out more about him… Thanks to KEVIN VANDERKOLK for the info. Kevin is Director of Marketing.

Boston has news. WCVB, the Hearst ABC affil in Beantown has upped ERIN DUGGAN to Media Relations Manager from publicist. Well Dunne!

Here’s a good one…Ops and Marketing Director gets named VP General Manager. It’s happened to TIM INGRAM, who’s been over at Raycom’s ABC affil KLTV in the rose capital of Texas – Tyler. He’s saying Adios to the Lone Star State and heading one state north to take over ABC affil KAIT in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Yep, the state with the only real diamond mine in the country!

Have you seen the BEST edited spot to hit the screen in a long, long time? It’s on A&E for The Sopranos and it required a real mob family fan to go through all the video and find each character mouthing just the right shape to fit the operatic soundtrack. I’m not doing it justice…you gotta see it yourself.

Think about this: “When you are on a journey, it is certainly helpful to know where you are going or at least the general direction in which you are moving, but don’t forget: the only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. That’s all there ever is.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Had a great talk with Big Apple’s FOX station’s VP of Creative BRIAN BLUM. Please, no comments on how to diagram that sentence. Brian has a new hire and he’s thrilled to find such a great guy for market #1. JOSH MEZA will come on board June 6, this after doing his creative magic for Belo’s powerhouse WWL in New Orleans. Josh is one of the Geaux Tigers of Louisiana State University who worked at WWL two times, once as an intern. After he did a stint at WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi, he again checked into the NO CBS affil. He’s always known he was meant for The Big Apple. Well Dunne! Josh. You Geaux get ‘em up there. And somebody please point Mr. Meza in the direction of great lox and bagels. He’s never had them and is in for a treat.

Cute idea that DIY NETWORK came up with – redoing the dressing rooms at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. It’s for an October show. Cool.

While you know that WUSA’s STEVE HOUK is tearin’ it up with his band in the DC area, him being lead singer and all…word filtered in that Vegas Promo Director ERIC DAHL is a great guitarist, too. Eric works at KVMY/KVCW in the city of showgirls and slot machines. Wouldn’t it be fun to put together an all-PROMAX band? Somebody work on that.

Good news from the folks at Ebert & Roper – ROGER EBERT is getting better everyday. His recovery from a ruptured carotid artery has been long, but he’s on the mend big time. Loves taking sidetrips to the Apple store – good medicine indeed. Buena Vista TV’s DEBBIE ZARCOFF was kind enough to take a minute to share that. She’s knee deep in preparing the Ebert & Roper PROMAX session set for NYC in a few weeks.

Holidays are meant to take it easy, and that’s exactly what this writer is going to do for the next five days. Exchanging my laptop for drinks with little umbrellas in them, trading email for a fun trashy paperback, letting my sprained ankle get better. So go, enjoy, spend happy moments with those you want to be with, and come back later next week for more Well Dunne! Perhaps by then I’ll have somebody tell me the details of the latest hip West Coast craze – drag queen bingo.

Think about this: “For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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When I spun the roulette wheel, the winner was Las Vegas’ CBS affil KLAS. CSD LEE MINARD tells me he promoted one and found a local talent to take fill his two writer-producer creative slots. Being promoted is BOB WOOLEY. Bully, Wooley! Did somebody just say that? And coming to KLAS from NBC affil KVBC in LV is SHAYNE STOFKO, who’s taking the writer producer slot that Bob vacated with his promotion. Lee’s still on the lookout for an Art Director and a commercial writer/producer/editor/shooter who knows how to make that camera work! So, if you know that person, or are that person, get to know Mr. Lee. He’s one of the very best.

Climbing into the ring at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is JENNIFER MCINTOSH, who is now VP/Publicity. She’s been doing PR for mPRm Public Relations where she had a VP title and is a whiz at TV publicity. Another new WWE business card is on order for GEORGE CABICO who will have Publicity Director as his title. George comes to the Stamford, CT based WWE from B|W|R PR where he handled a lot of FOX show publicity. They both report to GEOF ROCHESTER, EVP Marketing. Well Dunne!

Trading the Brothers for the Mouse is FRANK KEATING, who’s taken the VP of Marketing slot at The Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney, Toon Disney and Jetix brands. Frank had been VP of Marketing at Warner Bros Worldwide Television. Luckily for Frank, he’s moving just down the block to his new office. Oy – the price of gas in LA! But wait…there’s more! RON POMERANTZ was given a promotion and he’s now in charge of all the on-air and branding for Disney Channel, having been Executive Creative Director. He’s now got a VP title himself. Ron has put in time at SoapNet, doing great work there. And making it a Disney hat trick, VERNOICA DAVIDSON is now a VP, in charge of On-Air Promotion Production. The three report to SVP Marketing and Creative RICHARD LOOMIS. Well Dunne kids!

You graphic folks…time’s getting close for the Communications Arts 2007 Design Annual or Advertising Annual. Click here for info. Click here to download an entry form.

Think about this: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Besides having a new address and new physical plant (that’s engineer talk for station building), Philadelphia’s KYW has a new Topical producer. Well, he’s not entirely new, since he once worked at the CBS owned station from ’01 to ’04. JOE LEWIS has returned to CBS3 as a writer producer for news topical promotion, focusing on the 11pm newscast. In between checking in at the station, he was freelancing as a Production Assistant/Gaffer/Sound Tech guy. Cool. The Yardley, PA native informs me he likes the standard creative type hobbies: music, art and literature. Well Dunne! Joe. Thanks to TODD BALLANTYNE for the update.

ED YARB is making that happy Pirate sound. You can do it too. Just say his name and draw out the “ar” like a growl. Smile while you do it. See – happy pirate sound. What’s making Ed happy is his new job. He’s been hired as Assistant Promotion Manager! Now it’s your turn to make that happy pirate sound as a way to let Ed know he’s getting a great big Well Dunne! It’s all happening in the Tampa Bay market, noted for it’s pirate history. Ed’s comes over to the MyTV station from WTOG, the CW station in Tampa St. Pete, where he was the Sr. Writer Producer for creative services and promotions. He’s also done great things in radio. Love folks with a radio background. Ed’s been in the Tampa Bay area so long, he might be considered a native and forget his Youngstown, Ohio roots. Did you know Youngstown is the pirogi capital of the world? Yes, I am told that it is true, and I am also told there’s a rumor Ed holds the Polkathon dance title! A big thanks to CSD KENT WALSH for the info. Ed, you stay in touch.

Promotion wise, STEVEN MELNICK, SVP of Marketing at 20th Century Fox Television has upped CHRIS ALEXANDER to SVP/Corporate Communications. Mr. A will have his hands full with many tasks, among them leading publicity efforts for FOX’s 24 and Family Guy shows. Fun! Great to hear. Of course, it’s happening in LA.

Excellent article on branding and TV networks from the LA Times. Click here.

And a very good audio report from NPR on how good customer service really DOES help a company make money and keep happy customers. Click here

Need to let me know what’s happening in your world? Easy as zipping an email my way. Two addresses, no waiting. kate@welldunne.net or movers@602communications.com Pictures of those with news are more than welcome. Send ‘em over!

Think about this: “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’.” ~ Erma Bombeck

Monday, May 21, 2007

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Clear Channel’s CBS affil, KGPE, in Fresno is looking great, particularly their website. The teamwork that goes into the online effort involves CSD MIKE HENRY, Design Director PETER STENFORT, and their relatively new webmaster named BENJAMIN KIRK. Sounds like a great team. Check out that logo. They’re giving their web special treatment, which is a very smart way to go. A recent study shows that TV and radio and cable websites are growing like mad, bringing in money, too. Out in Fresno, named after the ash trees that grow there in profusion, Mr. Kirk is no stranger to the media world. He came over from the radio side of Clear Channel. Keep up the good work, guys.

Wow…I should have sucked it up and gotten my MBA when I had the chance. On the heels of the NEXSTAR announcement that they’re partnering with Goldman Sachs to see if a sale is in the future comes word of LIN Broadcasting partnering with JP Morgan to see if they, too, will be on the block. The partners are the ones making the cash, as you might have already figured out.

Heading to PROMAX? It’s just around the corner. If the answer is “yes”, then you might want to check out Fodor’s List of 10 Freebies. Yep, actually free, fun, even cultural New York City activities and places. What’s not to like – Click here.

Know who RENA SAFIR is? She’s going to be on two TV network finales this Monday night. – both running at the same time. Rena is an actress who plays a wife in both 24 and HEROES. Horray TiVo! I wonder if that’s happened before, trivia-wise.

Think about this: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” ~ Henry Ford

Friday, May 18, 2007

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Tons of news, all from one place. The folks at Knoxville-based HGTV have reorganized their marketing department, which makes almost this whole posting today about them. So let’s move on and see who is involved, and what they’re up to, besides making homes and gardens look better.

First off, the whole department has a new name. Marketing, Creative and Brand Strategy Department of HGTV will be what is on the sign and on the business cards. I’m officially calling them the MCDSD-HGTV. The real work of the MCBSD-HGTV is taking their cues from Sr. VP LORI ASBURY.

MIKE BOYD has been given new responsibilities to go along with his SrVP, Consumer Marketing duties. He’ll now supervise off-air marketing, press and PR as well as two newly created slots called online marketing and partnerships as well as new business marketing.

Getting a promotion is JENNIFER LEITMAN who is now VP of Brand Promotion. Jennifer had been Associate Creative Director for PBS in Alexandria, Virginia. She’s a Mizzou grad. Go Tigers! She began at HGTB in 2004.

CHRIS MOORE has been booted up the ladder to Creative Director. His focus is all graphics all the time. Coming from a background at CNN and with Turner, Chris is a grad of Georgia State U School of Art & Design.

And PAIGE HARDWICK is now the Director of Strategy and Planning. Like Chris, she’s been at Turner and has her BS and MBA from Georgia State U.

OK, everybody. All together now: WELL DUNNE!

GREAT article in TVNewsday about MARSHALL HITES and OTTO PETERSON, the CSD and AD at KCBS and KCAL..all about their new digs and what was involved in making it work. Click here.

What’s this I hear about NEXSTAR BROADCASTING hiring the big guns of the financial world to look into “options” and all that? Biz wire this am. More to come, no doubt.

Think about this: “When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” ~ George Washington Carver

Thursday, May 17, 2007

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Helpful, fun, talented – all ways to describe the head of ABC’s Philadelphia creative operation, WPVI’s own MIKE MONSELL. His official title is VP of Creative Services. His new unofficial title is Writer for WellDunne! Yeah, it no doubt makes his week. Mike was kind enough to share info on a new hire at his shop, so I turn over the words to Mr. Mike:
SEDDIE STONE joined the 6abc Creative Services Department on May 8th. He is a 2006 graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, majoring in Media Arts and Animation. Since graduation, Seddie has enjoyed freelance stints at Traffic.com, Comcast Sportsnet, and the Franklin Institute. A native of Long Island, Seddie now calls Philadelphia home, and is looking forward to a long and successful career with us at 6abc.

In sunny CA, BRET MARCUS has a shiny new business card with a long and exciting title. He’s been named VP of Programming, Publicity and Promotion at KCET, the PBS station for market #2. They created the slot just for him, and it sounds like they took a cue from the for-profit stations, don’t ya think? Bret comes from a producer side background, having been the EP of the now cancelled California Connected for the station. Not only that, he’s from the News side of things, having been EP for Brian Williams at MSNBC and over at ABC, where he was on board for World News Now and Good Morning America Sunday. Perhaps he’ll be looking to add a PROMAX statue to his Emmys, Peabody and all that. Well Dunne! Bret. Hope you show up at PROMAX, which is coming up as fast as a speeding semi on the open road.

More LA news. This time from the Valley. Hallmark Channel to be precise. Just off Topanga. JOHN MCDONALD is bumped up to Director of Affiliate Marketing.

Think about this: “Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world” ~ Buddha.

Wednesday, April 16, 2007

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JEFFERY MILLER is a native of the Sacramento, California area. Lucky guy. We mention Jeffery, who spells his name this way, because he’s now spinning promos for the folks at Tribune’s FOX affiliate in California’s capital, KTXL. Where’s Mr. Miller been before showing up on Fruitridge Road? Working in the market, of course. He’s got a strong background in production, graphics as well as he knows his way around the technical side of things, having worked at KOVR, KCRA and KMAX. Thanks to CSD GREG SAUNDERS for the info.

The Susan Koman Breast Cancer folks are always looking for ways to attract media attention to their city-by-city annual fundraiser, the Race for the Cure run-walk. If your station has the opportunity to be the media sponsor of such a race in your city – let me quote Nike in telling you to DO IT! That said, the DC race will have a celeb walker in the form of CBS Evening News anchor KATIE COURIC, who is from the DC area. The event is slated for June 2. Thanks to STEVE HOUK at W*USA, which is a CBS affil, for the update.

LA area editors, you guys and girls who make Avids and Final Cut Pro sing…FOX needs you. Send your reels to: HR/RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENT ATTN: FNG 6122 10201 W. Pico Blvd, Building 103/RM1163 Los Angeles, CA 90035.

Think about this: “Insofar as we are able to stay attentive to the moment, we can serve the will of God. Insofar as we are able to abandon our ideas about what should happen, and what we demand to happen, and allow the situation as it is to reveal it to us, we are amenable to discerning the will of God. ‘Thy will be done’ is a prayer that will force us into this present moment, if we pray it from the heart.” ~ Regina Sara Ryan

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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A picture’s worth a thousand words. Not news to you, but in a way, it can be. The ability to post pictures here is a reality. Again, not news, but in a way, it can be. Point is, it would be a very good thing to have your picture posted when you share good news. Therefore, it shall be so. You can email pictures for inclusion along with your new job, etc. etc. etc. You control the image, so there won’t be any drivers license-looking situations, OK? SO easy even your kindergartener can do it. Just attach the jpg file and email it to kate@welldunne.net and voila, it is taken care of. Can’t WAIT, so start smiling and saying “cheese”.

FOX has taken a cue of sorts from NBCU. The Beverly Hills based Creatives have formed an in-house agency for all the FOX clients and FOX channels, etc. Called Infinity, it’s going to be headed by CHRIS CARLISLE, who’s been overseeing some of the great FX spots you’ve seen. Also onboard – MICHAEL VAMOSY, who’s been at FX. Michael’s new title officially is SVP of Design. Chris’ title will be EVP of Marketing. If they’ll be bringing the killer work that’s been on FX to a broader audience, sure will be a treat for viewers! Well Dunne!

New address to note: News Broadcast Network, the PR agency, has moved and consolidated their operations and they’re all located at 75 Broad Street, down by the Stock Exchange, in lower Manhattan.

Think about t his: “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Monday, May 14, 2007

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CBS affil WHNT in Huntsville has a lot going on right now. Yep, it’s the May book and yep, they just got sold. But more importantly, they have a new creative services producer and he’s a sweetie. JOE KUNER has come on board, and he brings a very intriguing background with him. An Army brat, he’s lived in all kinds of places, like Germany, New Jersey and Hawaii. Yeah, he loved Hawaii, especially having birthday parties outside on the beach. Can’t do that in Jersey in the winter. OK, I guess you CAN, but why? Back to Joe…who’s a southern boy at heart. He went to high school in Meridian, Mississippi and has stayed south ever since. When you talk to him, there’s no hint of a southern accent. Why? Because he spent 10 years as an on-air radio personality, and that “ya’ll” thing was thrown to the microphone pretty quick. So what TV show does Joe turn off his cell phone to watch? Jericho. Well Dunne! Joe.

Creative is just one of the adjectives used for CARNISA BERRY, the Art Director at Media General’s NBC affil in Raleigh, WNCN. The busy mother of two does church outreach work in her spare time (how she manages to find spare time is testament to her time management skills) and she designed a CD label for a new gospel artist. The design was chosen by iStockPhoto for their Design Spotlight. If you want to see for yourself, just click here. Way to go Carnisa! Well Dunne!

Think about this: “Charity begins today. Today somebody is suffering, today somebody is in the street, today somebody is hungry. Our work is for today, yesterday has gone, tomorrow has not yet come.” ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

With Great Sadness – Friday afternoon

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It is with great regret that this post is going up.  Horrible news about Raycom’s VP of Marketing, ANNE ADKINS. Anne’s son MATTHEW BOLAR was killed last week while on his second tour of duty in Iraq. Matthew, a name that translates as ‘gift from God’, was just 24. Army Spc. Bolar was serving with the 1st Battalion of the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division based at Fort Richardson in Anchorage Alaska. He was a Ranger as well as a medic.

An improvised explosive device detonated near the humvee in which he was riding. Matthew wasn’t seriously hurt until he went to the aid of an injured soldier. His instinctive action of taking care of his fellow soldier, reaching out to help, was how Matthew spent his last moments on earth.

Always thinking of others, Matthew had volunteered for his second duty assignment because he was single and did not have children, and felt that so many of the other soldiers who did should not have to leave behind their families.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, May 12 at Eastmont Baptist Church, 4505 Atlanta Highway in Montgomery, Alabama. Please call 334-277-6300 for specifics. The service is scheduled for 2 with visitation at 1. He will be buried with full military honors on Wednesday, May 16 in Arlington National Cemetery in the DC area.

The family has asked that donations be made to the Disabled American Veterans Association (click here)

Like all mothers, Anne talked of him often. She is not alone in her heartbreak. Those who know Anne, or have worked with her, or have children ourselves, are sending her prayers, energy and thoughts. Most of the planet can feel, but can’t always express, what the heart is experiencing. Creative people are blessed with a pipeline to the heart that runs in two directions. Please take your talents and let the family, and Anne, know that their sorrow is shared. “Sharing joy is double joy –shared sorrow is half a sorrow.”

Friday, May 11, 2007

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Austin based JUSTIN MACHADO has made his first hire. The KXAN News Marketing Manager has brought BRANDON APPLEGATE to the creative world. Brandon is going to be handling Topicals for the Lin NBC affiliate. He’s a native Texan who hails from right outside Houston. While going to college in Waco, he went to a job fair and was so enamoured with the TV world, he took a job doing Master Control at KWTX, CBS in central Texas. From there he moved down I-35 to Austin and was in the News Department editing and using his photog skills before Justin offered him a creative slot. Well Dunne Brandon!

And as a quick correction: when I announced Justin’s new KXAN job, I mistakenly (it was a typo) said he had been at KNYQ. That’s wrong. He was at KMYQ.

Catching up: Back in February, a torridly creative artist joined FOX’s WBRC in Birmingham, and you should know about him. MATT MORRIS has been hard at work, scorching up the computers as the Assistant Design Director. He’s no stranger to broadcast graphics, having put in time at Indiana’s ABC21/FOX28 as well as 4Front Studios. He’s a grad of the highly regarded Savannah College of Art and Design to boot! Well Dunne! Matt. Thanks to VP-CSD DEANNE BIVINS for getting us up to speed.

Most Colorful Speech of the Day goes to Holt County, Missouri Sheriff Kirby Felumb who used this description when asked about flooding problems in his area: “The water got within “a hillbilly’s whisker from going over in several places.”

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” ~ Helen Keller

Thursday, May 10, 2007

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A big Well Dunne! goes out to GLORIA SCHMIDT who just got named Creative Services Director at ABC’s LA jewel, KABC. Also known as ABC7. Gloria’s been Assistant CSD since 2000 when she came over from being On-Air Manager at KCAL. Gloria will be calling THERESE GAMBA ,VP of Programming, Advt and Promos, boss.

What is reality anyway? Isn’t that one of the main premises of your Philosophy 101? Well, we do know that reality is a cable channel brought to us by the fine folks at FOX. Reality TV has promoted LOREY ZLOTNICK to SVP/Marketing and On-Air Promotion. Cool. She’ll report to President of the channel, DAVID LYLE.

Think about this: Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious. ~ Bill Meyer

Wednesday, April 9, 20007

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Art Directors…do they ever get enough respect? They do at WSOC, the Cox ABC affil in Charlotte. Just before the May book commenced, Creative Director SALLY GANZ was tasked with going High Def. Lucky for her, and she is the first to say so, she had DAVID KAMINSKY to help her out in the art part of it all. Mr. K came east from his slot at independent Cox station KICU in Oakland/San Francisco. Yep, he was Art Director there. Sally’s advice for those of you on the hi-def track- nail down your art guy first! Well Dunne David. Good job Sally!

This is kinda interesting. The new News Director at W*USA in DC is a former creative type. Yep, a gentleman who’s toiled in the trenches of the promotion and graphics world. Is that cool or what?! Now that he’s in the News Director seat, he’ll no doubt have a take on promotion that most of his peers lack, having ‘been there and done that’ himself. As a matter of fact, this guy used to be a General Manager, too. The man in question is MIKE WARD, who I’m told is very smart.

Speaking of DC, STEVE HOUK, who’s going to be working with Mike, has a new gig set for his band, Second Wind. And it’s NOT on a school night, so no excuses kids. Friday May 18 at the firehouse. Click here and you’ll have all the info you need.

Uber cool shop WONGDOODY has created a whole new slot for ROB OSLER – now director of brand strategy and research. He comes from being the head of Modus Branding out of Seattle. Yes, the Wongdoody office in Seattle is what we’re talking about, not the one in Culver City.

The LA fire near the Griffith Park Observatory and the Zoo was so big, you could see the flames while driving into Burbank from Pasadena. Wow…very freightening.

Think about this; “Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” ~ Helen Keller

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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No doubt about it, San Diego is one of the most perfect places ever. And as luck and talent would have it, it’s the new home for JOSH KLEPPINGER. He took I-5 south from Sacramento, departing his gig as Writer Producer at Hearst’s KCRA for his latest challenge – NBC in SD. As DEB LAWRENCE was kind to share, he’s thrilled to be back where he can get back on a surfboard. Ah…sounds perfect! He had worked in Corpus before heading to Sacto. So glad to see you finding your way to such an ideal locale. Hang 10 (or in the case of your new job, hang 7, which is your new call channel, right?) and enjoy the ride. Well Dunne!

Fine Living is a personal goal, and it’s also the cable channel that has news to share today. DANIELLA CRACKNELL has accepted and is already on the job as the Director of Public Relations for the Scripps net, located in Knoxville, TN. What’s she been up to before? Glad you asked! Doing PR for a gaggle of TV daytime talk shows for NBCU, Par and 20th TV. Love it! Despite the fact she’s an expert in crisis communication, looks like the new gig won’t be using that particular skill. But wait – there’s more. Daniella reports to GARY MCCORMICK, who is Dir of PR for Scripps Emerging Networks AND she is the lady who first hired BRANDII TOBY. Brandii is the darlin’ who keeps everybody up-to-the-minute with info on the DIY Network. Sounds like that PR team up in the Tennessee mountains is fab, fab, fab. Well Dunne! Daniella.

Think about this: “Simplicity, clarity, singleness: these are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy.” ~ Richard Halloway