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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sep 22, 2008 by     Comments Off on Monday, September 22, 2008    Posted under: Blog Spotlight, Jobs, Steve Houk

It’s been a particularly tough week for the country, as well as for a lot of people who read Well Dunne! Jobs being eliminated…departments being downsized…new management structures that appear to make decisions a little harder to come by…an InBox of work that will never seemingly be cleaned out. To that end, Well Dunne! is going to expand their job finding focus. Tomorrow, details on jobs for Creatives will be shared and we’ll all be able to have a more focused site in which to find our heart’s desire. Or at least health insurance. As they say in TV, stay tuned.

Since the entire readership of Well Dunne! is composed of the most talented writers, graphic artists, editors, talent, producers, cartoonists, musicians and the like…it comes as no surprise that our group has fostered bloggers. It’s time to salute them, support them and, in my case, list them for you. So kicking off today’s BLOG SPOTLIGHT (which could use another clever name if anyone wants to share) is W*USA’s STEVE HOUK. Steve’s a musician (that’s him at the mic in the pix) when he isn’t promoing, and his band keeps parts of the DC area sounding great on weekends. His blog is www.midliferocker.com Check it out!

Got a blog to share? Let me know via LINKED IN. And any news via LINKED IN will be idea. Let’s put an end to spam and communicate.

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