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Well Dunne! for May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne! for May 8, 2009    Posted under: Austin Keyes, Celebrity Apprentice, Dr. Jordana Mansbacher, Hearst, Mark Bradley, WMTW

Excitement at the end of the week. Love it! Let’s start with MARK BRADLEY, who is getting ready for the move north from his Charleston, SC home. Mark has accepted the CSD slot at Hearst’s Portland, ME station, WMTW. The ABC affil is headed up by one cool GM, KEN BAUDER. Portland is a great town, full of art and restaurants and affordable lobster bisque. Mark isn’t traveling too far from the Atlantic, but he will be traveling from family, who traded their Westchester County address for a Charleston one a while ago. Mrs. Bradley is from neighboring Mt. Pleasant, home of amazing outlets, btw. The NYC guy went to school at UNC and stayed in the Carolinas, working for Capital in Raleigh and then went to Charleston in 1991. Congrats and Well Dunne! Mark. Great news for a great guy.

Speaking of NYC, Well Dunne! Talent’s AUSTIN KEYES is headed there for such a terrific reason. He’s announcing the Celebrity Apprentice finale show this Sunday night…LIVE. Yeah baby! Don’t forget to tune into NBC and listen to Austin’s great voice. And yes, he would love to do more of the same kind of work, so call me and we’ll hook you up with his tonsils.

BTW, the Keyes household is full of TV appearance moments. His lovely wife, DR. JORDANA MANSBACHER has been featured on Spike.

Think About This: “Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” ~ Helen Keller

TGIF end of February 2009

Feb 27, 2009 by     Comments Off on TGIF end of February 2009    Posted under: 000th show, 5, Hearst, Jimmy Fallon, KBHS/KHOG, Ken Bauer, Wheel of Fortune

Heading to the verdant Northwest Arkansas area is KEN BAUER. He’s starting Monday (!) at KBHS/KHOG in Fort Smith in the natural state (official nickname). It’s the Hearst-owned ABC and CW outlet in this beautiful part of the world. Ken had been at Meredith’s CBS affils, WGCL in Atlanta and KCTV in Kansas City. Ken en familia look forward to making the move. Congrats and ALL our best. A Huge Well Dunne! Ken!

Congrats to the WHEEL OF FORTUNE, taking it’s 5,000th show to air. I wonder if any PR math whiz calculated how many spins have been spun in 5,000 shows? Well, no matter – Keep it up!

How is NBC going to promote interest in JIMMY FALLON? Ad Week’s Madison & Vine takes a look.

Time Magazine says spot breaks make TV shows better. Well…there you are. Read about it here

Hit a creative dead end? Feeling moody, sad or down? Then take 10 minutes and FIX IT. Thanks to Scientific American

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dec 3, 2008 by     Comments Off on Wednesday, December 3, 2008    Posted under: Cory McRae, Hearst, WAPT

It’s a long way from the Great Wall of China to Hearst’s ABC affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi. But CORY McRAE has traveled it and is now sitting in the Creative Services Director chair at WAPT in the Magnolia State’s capital. Yes, the McRae family passport has a lot of stamps on it, because a few years ago, he took time off from his TV job in Kansas City (he was a photog and writer-producer at WDAF as well as FOX) to live for a year on the island of Saipan. Yes, I’ll wait while you google it to find out it’s a Pacific paradise. The McRae clan, which includes Mrs. McRae and the two little McRaes, traveled all over that part of the Pacific Rim and even spent time on Bali, which sounds as exotic as it is. The Montana native and his brood are now settled into Jackson, an elegant town of charm and finesse, where Cory is taking on his first CSD assignment. He’s thrilled and can tell you so in Chinese, because he took lessons in the Mandarin language. Well Dunne Cory! Keep in touch.

Think About This: “Do not seek after what you yearn for, seek the source of the yearning itself.” ~ Adyshanti

Monday, April 28, 2008

Apr 28, 2008 by     Comments Off on Monday, April 28, 2008    Posted under: Hearst, Joseph Schiltz, KITV, Lifetime marketing, Marty Schlesinger, Mediaweek, WDSU

Know what vog is? That’s right – vog. It’s what happens in Hawaii when the volcano on Hilo erupts, which it is, and the air looks like what hangs over Glendale on a hot Valley day. Only this is not fog, not vapor, not smog. It’s vog. It’s what MARTY SCHLESINGER says is happening now in the islands. I have a report from Maui that you can’t see the other islands because of the vog. Marty, who rides his bicycle to work and makes great time on the 5-mile commute, is in the market for a new writer producer at his shop, KITV, the Hearst ABC affil in Paradise. So, all you creative folks who don’t mind a little vog in exchange for Waikiki sand and the freshest sushi around, get your stuff together and apply.

Things are not quite so paradise-like at another Hearst-owned station. We’re talking WDSU in New Orleans. When I dialed to see what had become of the talented and lovely JOESEPH SCHILTZ, someone in their Promo Department (you know who you are) hung up on me after asking some of the most, well, interesting questions. Leaving me with no news about their CSD search. So kids, write this down. If you don’t want to share, just say so. Don’t just babble, stammer, act stupid then hang up. It’s considered rude pretty much on a worldwide basis.

Lifetime is going younger and hipper in their marketing. This MEDIAWEEK story tells all.

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