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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nov 13, 2008 by     Comments Off on Thursday, November 13, 2008    Posted under: Elaine Cantwell, Eleo Hensleih, Jim Marketti, Scott Novasic

It’s all about art, graphics and The Look today.

LA based SCOTT NOVASIC’S SuperNova just completed a kick-it project for the new MGM-Weigel Broadcast endeavor called This Network. Scott took the artistic reigns and voila…the new channel is up and running as of November 1. He worked with Chicago-based Marketti Creative, headed by promo pro JIM MARKETTI. Well Dunne! one and all!

Another net getting a branding spiff is ION Television Network. They called on LA-based creative agency spark, headed by former 3 Ring Circus’ ELAINE CANTWELL. Her folks worked with ION’s Chief Marketing Officer ELEO HENSLEIGH. Cool

Think About This: “Collaboration and reciprocity are natural, and yet in the world we inhabit, competition and the fear of scarcity often block us from seeing these ways of being with one another, In a you-or-me world, reciprocity and collaboration don’t fit. A you-and-me world is full of collaborators, partners, sharing, and reciprocity. In that world, our resources are not only enough; they are infinite, When we bring the practice of collaboration and reciprocity into conscious view in everyday life, a kind of alchemy and prosperity await discovery all around us.” ~ Lynne Twist

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aug 21, 2008 by     Comments Off on Thursday, August 21, 2008    Posted under: Anna Faris, Nancy McGee, Scott Novasic, SuperNova, The House Bunny, WBBH TiVo

Go ahead…tell me that the little doll pictured here, and that fabulous bow, aren’t making you smile right now. Yeah, she’s the latest addition to the creative community. Welcome to the world KATHRYN HOPE NOVASIC, daughter of Supernova’s SCOTT NOVASIC and his lovely wife PAM. She debuted in Beverly Hills (of course she did dahling) on the 18th, to the delight of one and all. May all Ms. Kathryn’s life lessons be learned gently while surrounded by love.

It’s a promotion for NANCY MCGEE over at Starz Entertainment. She’ snow EVP of Marketing, an upping from being SVP of Marketing. She expands her realm of creative influence to home video, theatrical and online marketing. Well Dunne!

Please go to the movies this weekend and support a friend’s film. THE HOUSE BUNNY is supposed to be a kick, especially if you like the one and only ANNA FARIS, a modern day combo of Marilyn and Judy Holiday. It was written and produced by someone I’ve known since she took her first screenwriting class in Santa Fe. Support that first weekend’s tix sales and enjoy yourself at the same time. What’s not to like?

Can one Ti-Vo proof spots? Ft. Myers WBBH thinks it has a handle on the problem. Click here.

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has an interesting article on the launch promotion of promotion of NBC’s updated Knight Rider. Going to team up with NASCAR. Read about it here.

Think About This: “Faith does not rely on knowing anything with certainty. It requires only the courage to accept that whatever happens is for the highest good.” ~ Dan Millman

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jul 29, 2008 by     Comments Off on Wednesday, July 30, 2008    Posted under: Atlas Talent, Chris Clausen, Ronn Kilby, Scott Novasic, Sue Raymer, The Hollywood Reporter

Heard from a flock of folks who felt the quake out in LA. A 5.8 is nothing to sneeze at, but the worst thing that seems shattered by the shaker is nerves. SCOTT NOVASIC, a newbie to the City of Angels, felt a little shaky himself, while The Hollywood Reporter’s SUE RAYMER was writing me an email and never missed a beat. Literally just included the line “oooohhh, that was an earthquake” in the middle of a sentence and kept right on writing. Yeah, she’s been out there a while. Down in San Diego, RONN KILBY is getting ready for his son’s wedding and didn’t really feel it, but Mrs. K did. Interesting times we live in.

Best wishes go out to voice man CHRIS CLAUSEN. The Apopka, FL based talent has had a stroke. He’s repped by Atlas Talent in NYC. Let’s send him healing energy for a speedy recovery.

Think About This: “The quickest way to access all of your true potential and actually experience it, instead of just hearing or reading about it, is the power of surrender. Surrender is probably not the most attractive or appealing word to most people. In fact, surrender is usually equated with giving up, losing, and defeat. But the opposite is true: you will never gain true power until you relinquish all human control and tap into your Divine potential within.” ~ Greg Barrette

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jul 21, 2008 by     Comments Off on Monday, July 21, 2008    Posted under: 3D Animation, Graphics, Las Vegas Product Placement on news, McDonald's Iced coffee, Olympics on Verizon, Scott Novasic, SuperNova

Let’s start the week on the West Coast. California to be specific. First stop my fave – LA, where the muy talented SCOTT NOVASIC has revved up the heat in the world of 3-D animation and has launched a new graphics and animation company, SuperNova. Yeah, check it out. He’s been interviewed in some of the top animation mags, so all you artistic types can read details about Maya, graphic software and the like. All this from a background doing art for stations in LA, Chicago and Milwaukee! Well Dunne!

OMG… check out this article from Las Vegas about product placement in a newscast. It’s not that MickeyD’s paid to have their iced coffee on the set of the AM show, it’s the fact the iced coffees on the anchor desk are FAKES. Puhleese, tell me why this is a good idea.

Verizon and NBC Universal have reached an agreement to bring Verizon customers NBC Universal’s coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing on all three Verizon platforms — TV, broadband and wireless. Click here.

Any of you NBC affil sending reporters to Beijing? Let me know. I’d like to talk with them.

Think About This: “Life is not a random event. It has purpose and provides for the unfoldment of a divine plan with opportunities to make choices and decisions in every moment.” ~ Collin C. Tipping