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February 1, 2019

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The old show biz caution ‘don’t work with animals or children’ was proved untrue by the talented crew of 2C Media’s recent project for Animal Planet. They found the cutest dog for the promo for, what else, Puppy Bowl XV. A French Bulldog. Awww. But wait, there’s more. Set to the Motley Crew tune, Home Sweet Home, the notorious band donated their fee to animal rescue. What’s not to like? There’s lots of live action, VFX and sound design on display to boot. Well Dunne! Animal Planet and 2C. Check it out on Vimeo by clicking here.

Job Alert – Senior Creative Producer Amazon Services Seattle

Passing on the Super Bowl this year. All the commercials are on the net anyway. So there.

Think About This:  “When people say, ‘She’s got everything’, I’ve got one answer—I haven’t had tomorrow.”  ~ Elizabeth Taylor

December 21, 2017

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What better place to get the Christmas spirit than Alaska, where JOHN RICE’s neighbor has a pet reindeer. Yes, in Anchorage. John, who is heading up the Denali Media properties marketing and such, even had a close encounter with a 9 foot moose in his driveway. The moose was chill, in more ways than one, and took a nap nearby. For those Christmas-holics amongst us, Anchorage should be on your list. Christmas Eve weather forecast is for snow. Doesn’t that sound lovely! Well Dunne! John and Happy Christmas.


Definitely need more hours in the day. All in favor? Let’s take a moment from logs, last minute family matters, grocery emergency runs and traffic to think about the amazing good your operations can bring about. Take, for instance, CHRIS and CARLA SLOAN of 2C Media. There isn’t anybody who puts their heart into helping like these two and their whole company. They have made the children of Puerto Rico happy after a horrible hurricane. Chris and Carla et all have tirelessly raised funds, wrangled airlines and even delivered presents themselves – all to make a difference.  It’s what getting up in the morning is all about. To say Well Dunne! is just not enough.


Read the beautifully written obituary for LEE MINARD. There will be a celebration of his life in the spring. He is more than missed.


Think About This:  “If you want to find richer meaning and purpose in your life, just keep loving.”  ~  Alan Cohen

November 13, 2017

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Being a long time advocate that TV marketing and promo people make the best GMs…let’s stop by Huntsville, AL and see what former sales promo pro MARYANN BALBO has been up to. Maryann knocked ‘em dead at WNCN in Raleigh and WTVD, ABC in the same market where she handled marketing for clients that was always spot on. The New York native is now GM at WHDF. Despite the time crunch such a job imposes, she and her son, Mason, have written a book together. How cool is that! Entitled Date Night With Mom, the story is a delightful tale that emphasizes being present and spending time with your children – it’s the best thing a parent can do. Order it as a gift – or for yourself. Let’s hear it for the amazing Maryann! Well Dunne! to you and Mason.


While you have your credit card out…click on your generous switch and hear what 2C Media’s up to now. As you remember, 2C’s CHRIS SLOAN AND CARLA KAUFMAN-SLOAN made a world of differnce for the storm ravaged people of Puerto Rico with their Operation Care-Lift. With the holidays fast upon us, they’ve begun Operation Puerto Rico Gift-Lift for Hurricane Relief. He’s got three Spirit Airlines A20 jets ready to load up with holiday cheer. Help them ensure the children of Puerto Rico have a wonderful holiday, no matter what. If you feel so inclined, click here and let the holiday generosity flow.

Job Alert – CSD WSYM Lansing MI


Think About This: “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  ~  John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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October 20, 2017

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It’s no secret that 2C Media has worked near-miracles for the people of Puerto Rico. CHRIS SLOAN and his wife CARLA KAUFMAN SLOAN are real heroes, fundraisers, do gooders…people who make a positive difference on the planet. Which brings the point that MARK S. CLARK is one lucky son-of-a-gun because Mark just got named the new Head of Development for 2C Originals, an arm of Chris and Carla’s company. Mark is a do-it-all creative who has written, edited, produced and directed more than 100 short- and long-form projects plus has been integral for promos for CNN, ABC Family, Comedy Central…you get the idea. He’s pretty amazing. He’s a Miami native who started at 2C as a freelancer. Cool. Let’s hear a hearty Well Dunne! Mark!


Job Alert – Marketing Director KVUE Austin


Think About This: “Some believe that it is only great power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I’ve found. I found it is the small things. Every day deeds by ordinary folks that keeps the darkness at bay.”  ~  Gandalf (J.R.R. Tolkien)

still copyrighted but too lazy to use the mark…2017…Well!Dunne

September 26, 2017

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So there you are, sitting on the fender of a water logged Toyota Yaris, in the sun because so many trees were blown down and away. It’s hot…you’re hungry and would give a prize body part to have a Diet Pepsi. With ice….oh yeah, baby. Ice. You wonder how your cousin is – he and his kids live about 50 miles west. There was no answer when you called him, but that was before Maria. Your cell doesn’t work, so maybe he would answer if he could. You hope he’s OK. His family could stay with you, your dad, your mom and the Lopez family. They used to live across the street. Your roof isn’t there any more, but there’s blankets that have finally dried out. It’s hot but they make a passable pillow on the floor. You’re lucky because your mom and dad and you made it through. Your sister had flown to Mexico City and you knew she was going to come through. One day she’ll come back…when they fix the airport; when they fix the road TO the airport. You think it’s ironic that one of the things that made it through the water and wind is the American flag that you had in the storage area above the hallway.

Puerto Rico needs our help. This is what life is like on the island just a little more than 1,000 away and is, let me repeat  IS, part of the US. These are our fellow citizens suffering.  Three media executives have personally launched Operation Puerto Rico Care-Lift, an effort that – as of Monday morning – has already generated more than $30K in cash and supplies, as well as a charter plane generously donated by CargoNationExpress. The effort will involve sending supplies Friday and eventually a “go team” to the island. Behind this boots-on-the-ground mission are Discovery’s LARA RICHARDSON, who grew up in Puerto Rico, and 2C Creative’s CHRIS SLOAN and CARLA KAUFMAN SLOAN, whose non-profit Caleb and Calder Sloan’s Awesome Foundation supports many efforts benefitting children and families.  Thank you press release for that info…and now here’s deets:

So come on people…we are SO blessed and lucky, even after our battering at the hands of Mother Nature. Most urgently needed items are Pedialyte, personal care kits (toothpaste, tooth brushes, tampons, soap, shampoo), water purification tablets, diapers, flashlights, small radios (solar/battery operated), small tents, sleeping bags, mosquito repellent/bug spray, canned non-perishable foods, first aid kits, baby formula, gloves, hand sanitizer, trash bags and towels.

Donations Needed By Thursday, September 28, 2017 for Next-Day Departure to Puerto Rico


1.    You can bring supplies to 2C: 12550 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 700 North Miami, FL 33181 Attn: Nikki Coloma 305-672-8229

2.    Send supplies to 2C via an e-tailer like Walmart.com or Amazon.com. View a pre-set Amazon Wishlist at this URL. http://a.co/5FrJgbW

3.    Donate Funds to GoFundMe, and Lara, Chris and Carla will purchase supplies: https://www.gofundme.com/operationPRCareLift

Think About This:  “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”  ~  Steve Maraboli

August 28, 2017

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The word devastating is defined as destroyed or ruined. The pictures from Texas are riveting and unbelievable. Devastating is the right word to describe it. The miracle of live broadcasts from the stations there allows us all to see the power of television; the bravery and grit of those who are not just getting a paycheck and showing up but are following their need to be of service. Making a difference, informing those in need, serving as the source of what can be lifesaving information. There just aren’t enough adjectives for the efforts put out by all these people, working together. KHOU, which sits nearly on top of Buffalo Bayou, flooded then had to evacuate, so TEGNA sister station WFAA in Dallas is broadcasting for them. : KPRC, KHOU, KRIV, KTRK…all amazing. Flooding waters may go down, but the damage done lingers in insidious ways. We count our blessings and we reach out to help.


One of the good guys in the biz is CHRIS SLOAN. His 2C Media is matching donations to the Red Cross made by his staff, clients, freelancers, vendors and alumni. Well Dunne, Chris.


Think About This:  “I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”  ~  Galileo


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June 8, 2017

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Today (June 8th), all you folks at “Big” PROMAX in LA, block out some time between 10:30 and 2:30 Pacific. No, not the Comey testimony (although the ratings for that should be impressive). I’m asking you to get yourself to the Marriott…bring your creativity – and your heart as well. It’s the Caleb and Calder Sloan’s House of Awesome. The point is to create 2,000+ meals in four hours to then be distributed right away to shelters for children, adults and families. You’ll get to decorate and write encouragements alongside all the top creative, marketing and design pros. What a lovely thing to do…using your talents to help.  This wonderfulness is at the behest of PROMAX Board member 2C Media’s CHRIS SLOAN and his wife CARLA. It’s part of the foundation they established in honor of their son CALDER, who would be so proud of his family and what this event is doing. Calder was Mr. Awesome. His loving spirit will be the best part of it all.  Making a contribution to a better world – what better way to show your creativity. Well Dunne! everybody. God bless Calder.

Job Alert – CSD KCNC Denver

Think About This:  “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”  ~  Thomas Campbell

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May 16, 2017

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CHRIS and CARLA SLOAN have built an amazing operation in Miami with their 2C Media. Now they’ve added three, including the very talented LARRY WIENER. The UMass Amherst grad got his start in Boston doing a variety of TV jobs at Cablevision then jumped into promo for New England Cable News. He learned promo by writing and producing at WKRN in Nashville, WSVN in Miami (where he got promoted to Promo Manager) before jumping to LA for Fox Broadcasting as Sr. Writer/Producer On-Air Promos. He took the VP/Creative Director position at ION Media Networks and was Director Creative Services for CBS in Miami and VP Marketing and Creative Services at Tribune in Ft Lauderdale. He’s worked for Discovery and most recently was VP Creative for Eclipse Creative. His title with 2C is Creative Director. Very exciting for all involved. Well Dunne! Larry.

But wait – there’s more! BEN FRANK and MARNI WAGNER, who have both worked at 2C, were promoted. Both are now Creative Directors. Ben has a station-side background having done news and topical promos. He was a promo producer for WPLG and was at WTVJ when Chris discovered him, and the rest is, as they say, history. Ben’s work for 2C is on display for promos for CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown as well as the NBC Olympics Opening ceremony promo. MARNI has worked in LA and NYC, as well as traveling as producer for long form network shows. Her latest work is the launch on CMT on Nashville.  Yes, she has a lot of awards – all deserved. Ben and Marni….VERY Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Topical Writer Producer KENS San Antonio (work with DON SMITH and a super newsroom!)

Job Alert – Writer Producer Weigel Broadcasting Chicago

General Job Description:

This isn’t your typical “News Promotion Producer” position, because our priorities are Comedy & Entertainment!  This job is for someone who wants to take the next creative step in their career.

Weigel Broadcasting Co. has an immediate opening for a skilled writer/producer/editor to join our promotion department.  You will be responsible for creating on-air promos for a variety of entertainment, sports and syndicated programming. Our company continues to grow and we need talented people who can accept a creative challenge, and produce innovative and unique promotional content


Write, produce, direct and edit various on-air promotional material

Work with various departments to guide projects through the entire production process

Create unique & clever ways to promote our content digitally

Other duties, as assigned


The ideal candidate is a seasoned creative professional with outstanding writing, producing and editing skills as well as strong visual and graphic sense

Previous experience writing, producing and editing promos for television is required

Self-starter who is assertive, enthusiastic and highly motivated

Proficient in Adobe Premiere and additional experience in Adobe Creative Suite is preferred

This is a high quality, deadline driven environment

We need professional promotion creatives with demonstrated experience in producing great content from conception through completion

Our Perks & Benefits:

Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance package

Long Term Disability Insurance

HSA Plans

401k and Profit Sharing Plans

Vacation/PTO/Sick/Paid Holidays

Tax-free Transit

Discounted Parking Access

Gym Membership Discount

Convenient access to highways and public transportation

One block from the aptly named “Restaurant Row”

Think About This:  “Although I am a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice have prevented me from feelings of isolation.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Copyright © 2017 Well Dunne! Talent Kate Bacon

April 30, 2015

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Ya gotta give points to anybody who sticks to their beliefs, no matter how difficult things get at times. One of Well Dunne! Talent’s own has been supporting marijuana legalization for quite some time, and has taken a lot of flack for it. Now, however, KEVIN GASSMAN seems to have found the ideal job that combines his pot stance and his radio talents. He’s got his own show on KHIGH 1580, the AM station in Colorado Springs that, as NBC describes it, celebrates the stoner’s lifestyle. KHIGH changed their format last week from all-sports to all pot.  Gas, as he likes to be called, is one of their hosts, Monday through Friday 10a to Noon. Listen live and while you’re at it, Well Dunne! Gass.


Pretty cool spots for the upcoming Mayweather v Pacquiso fight with kudos going to 2C Media out of Miami as well as HBO Sports and Showtime Sports.  And MILO, a motion capture robot. Who would ever think you’d read a sentence like that! Super spots…check it out by clicking here. .tv/home/design/mayweather-vs.-pacquiao

Think About This: “Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”  ~ John Wesley (thanks to KTAB’s Karen Yarbrough)

Copyright 2015 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


April 8, 2015

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It’s been a year since Calder Sloan was heartbreakingly killed in a swimming pool accident. Calder was the 7 year old son of C2 Media’s CHRIS SLOAN, who many of you know from his outstanding creative marketing and programming background as President, Owner and Executive Producer of his Miami-based company. Chris and his family have shown their true inner resolve since, and just this last weekend, the Miami Children’s Museum dedicated an exhibit to Calder and his brother Caleb. The story of the new exhibition from NBC Miami is here – click. Calder was Mr. Awesome, and if you aren’t aware of the outpouring of support from across the globe for him, you should take a moment and research it. The Sloans are leading the fight to get a bill past the Florida legislature mandating upgrades to the safety of swimming pool electricity. They exhibit grace under the most daunting of life’s events. Wishing them a Well Dunne! seems quite inadequate in comparison. Shalom.


Job Alert – Producer Editor WXIA Atlanta

Well Dunne! Talent’s DENA YASNER switched it up, trading desert for island paradise with a week long sojourn in Hawaii. On Waikiki, spotted the production of Hawaii Five-O and, if the editors are as good as they have been in the past, Dena might even be in a scene in a future airing. Love the Aloha State and love Ms. Dena as well.

Think About This:  "But sometimes, unexpectedly, a quiet moment finds us and we drop down into the life we have beneath all the rushing and the trying and the endless daily details, sinking into the fertile soil of the sometimes neglected inner life, where the seeds of remembering what matters are planted. What comes from that place, when we give it half a chance, flowers in our lives and the world, creating unexpected changes in the direction of our journey and offering unanticipated blessings to us and those around us." ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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May 15, 2014

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2C Media has racked up some exciting noms in the PROMAXbda 2014 National awards derby. Couldn’t happen to better folks. For a list of those up for gold, silver, bronze and kudos, click here.  Well Dunne! to all that talent.


Condolences to FOX DC VP MIKE HENRY on the loss of his son earlier in the spring. A memorial service is being held on the west coast this weekend. Always sending you our best Mike.

Love Ken Levine. He’s THE BEST comedy writer and all round great guy…so you should take a gander at his idea on how to fix TV (entertainment side).


HARRY LEGG has written an article that outlines why using your Image voice for commercials is a really bad (reallllly bad) idea. 

When you have your station image voice talk, you want your viewers to pay attention. After all, you selected him or her to be the sound of your operation…the sound of Who You Are. So you really need to think twice (or more) and know this: your image sound should not be reading commercials.

Billboards are entirely different. Your voice is listing the people who support you. Great. Nothing better. But in today’s bottom-line, money-is-tight atmosphere, there’s a lot of pressure to use your station voice for local spots. Many in the sales department are keen about it. 

What’s a creative to do? Gotta educate them.

Start with educating them about Tune out – a term that needs to be top of mind for all creative work. Tune out needs to be avoided at all costs. You need to teach people that tune out happens when something (ahem..a voice for instance) becomes used so very much…over and over and over…that it loses all impact. It becomes the mailbox at the end of the street you don’t notice at all. The sound of crickets. 

OK, so maybe tune out is too esoteric. Legal always works…your image voice is contracted for certain things, and commercials isn’t one of them. On rare occasions, commercials might be included in the talent agreement, but that’s another problem.  On the whole – Image voices are for image work.

Is there anything worse than bad trafficking where a viewer could hear a ‘I gave it my all’ station promo right after a read for a mattress company – in the same distinctive voice? Ouch.

This isn’t a war with your sales people. Far from it. You are helping them help their clients. It’s a win-win. 

Think About This:  “I get up every morning determined to boh change he world and have one hell of a good ime. Sometimes it makes planning my day difficult.”  ~ E. B. White

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July 31, 2013

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Augusta, Georgia is home to more than just the Masters golf course. It’s where JOSH BOUTWELL is now living and working in his new gig as Marketing Manager of Raycom’s FOX affil WFXG. The Eastman, GA native had been working at another Raycom affiliate, WFXL in Albany before heading to his new job. He’s also done marketing for the South Georgia Peanuts Baseball club. Of course he’s an Atlanta Braves fan…he grew up watching Dale Murphy. A great big Well Dunne! Josh. 

SHANNON POWELL, the super fun lady that Josh replaced in Augusta, has a new endeavor that sounds terrific. She’s the Marketing Manager at Augusta Harley-Davidson. I bet she’ a big fan of Sons of Anarchy, too. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Marketing Manager WFXL Albany GA

Job Alert  – Art Director RNN TV Network Rye Brook NY

2C Media did a kick-it promo for another season of HBO’s Hard Knocks. Click to view.

Very good article on the future of broadcast TV from the perspective of how Aero and Hopper have changed the basics. 

Think About This: "Stop trying to be ordinary. There is nothing special or desirable about being ordinary. In fact, it is totally unacceptable. You are an extra-ordinary being who must go into motion, into movement so that you will draw to yourself the equivalent of yourself. You have become an energy field that magnetically draws you to that which you are."  ~  Jack Boland


October 25, 2011

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CORY BOWLER is going to use his marketing skills in a different way. He’s over in East Texas at the Rose Capital, Tyler. Gorgeous town, Tyler. Cory has been Marketing Manager doing the promo thing, and he’s now going to be Local Sales Manager. Yes, he’s thrilled.  And yes, they’re looking or a marketing writer producer. Well Dunne! Cory.

2C Media did a fun job launching 30 Rock in syndication. Looked like it was a fun shoot with ALEC BALDWIN. Well Dunne! Miami folks.

Job Alert – Creative Services Manager at Yahoo. Same job as TV, only it’s not.

Job Alert – Louisville’s WAVE TV is looking for a writer-producer. CSD BOB MACK is the man to impress.

Job Alert – from CSD CURTIS MILES at WTVD ABC Raleigh-Durham

What we are looking for: INTERACTIVE DESIGNER

 We at ABC11 are looking for an individual to produce numerous Apps for our enormous 4-foot iPad. Ok, it’s not really an iPad. However, it is a hugh 83-inch, multi-touch display that we want to bring to life with a variety of custom-built applications (based on Flash/Flex 4). We are looking for an individual to create these engaging applications for our broadcast news product. You will be working closely with our News Producers and Graphic Designers to conceptualize and execute ideas for our ongoing newscasts.

 Technical Requirements:

  • ¥ Expertise with Flash/Flex (ActionScript 3.0, Flex 4/Flash Builder)
  • ¥ Experience in building desktop, web, & mobile applications (particularly for multi-touch interactive displays)
  • ¥ Competency with graphic applications is a plus (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects)
  • ¥ Knowledge of other programming languages a big plus (Java, C++, C#)
  • ¥ Strong comfort level working with PCs and MACs


  • ¥ Passionate
  • ¥ Self-motivated
  • ¥ Team Player
  • ¥ Detailed oriented
  • ¥ Must love technical challenges
  • ¥ Able to adhere to tight deadlines while maintaining quality
  • ¥ Have an "eye" for design
  • ¥ Abilty to easily adapt to changing situations
  • ¥ Great sense of humor

 We offer:

  • ¥ Full-time position
  • ¥ Competitive salary
  • ¥ Paid vacation
  • ¥ Medical insurance
  • ¥ 401k plan

This is EXACTLY the thing to do for sick friends. Bravo Heinz for exceptional marketing and take note Jerry’s Famous Deli (best chicken soup on the planet)

Think About This: "Let us be very sincere in our dealings with each other, and have the courage to accept each other as we are. Do not he surprised or become preoccupied at each other’s failures – rather, see and find in each other the good, for each one of us is created in the image of God."  ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta