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Live Blogging the 82nd Academy Awards

Mar 7, 2010 by     Comments Off on Live Blogging the 82nd Academy Awards    Posted under: 82nd Academy Awards, Live Blogging

Movie lovers, it’s that thrilling time again! Join us at 7:30 PM as we LIVE BLOG the Oscars! Joining me will be new media maven and all around fun party gal Alison Woo, who will be with a whole host of other bloggers at NYC’s Paley Center for the Media. Who knows what kind of surprises we’ll have?

Just come back to the blog at 7:30 PM  EST and we’ll have it all: the fashion, the fun, the movies and the marketing (or lack therof!)  And tell your friends!

If you’re reading this via e-mail, click Well Dunne’s link to read the transcript of the event. And be sure to leave your comments, too!