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April 7, 2010

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Birmingham is a particularly beautiful city in the Spring. KAREN SWANN loves B’ham and is having a blast as the Promotion and Production Manager at the Sinclair duopoly in Alabama’s biggest city. WTTO and WAMB, CW and MyTV respectively, is where Karen has been for just under a year, and it’s really a homecoming. Karen worked at WTTO for 10 years, from ’89 to ’99 – as a matter of fact, the job back when she started was her first in broadcasting…she was a Film Assistant. She came back after being a Copywriter for an agency there, Big Communications. Sorry if you are getting this as a feed…her picture is definitely what a creative would love. Well Dunne! Karen!

The ruling yesterday that the FCC doesn’t have any chops overseeing the Internet is going to impact the future.  It’s Comcast 1 – FCC 0. Read about it here.

Nikki Finke reports that ALAN DANIELS might be coming back to head up the marketing for Sony TV in the wake of BOB OSWAKS departure. Check it out here.

Think About This: "Guidance requires action, but it does not guarantee safety. While we measure our own success in terms of our personal comfort and security the universe measures our success by how much we have learned. So long as we use comfort and security as our criteria of success, we will fear our own intuitive guidance because by its very nature it directs us into new cycles of learning that are sometimes uncomfortable." ~ Caroline Myss