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September 9, 2016

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MARK VALENTINE started as an editor for CNBC and transitioned to Producing on-air promos for them in short order. That led to him being named Creative Director at Lee Hunt Associates/Razorfish. In 2000 he struck out on his own and founded Anatomy Media, Inc., a New  York-based creative agency. Or in their words ‘we make cool stuff.’ Mark is Creative Director there as well as co-owner. His Hot Spot Showcase was a major hit at this year’s PROMAX in NYC. It’s his turn for Five Minutes With…so take it away Mark….

What has ANATOMY been up to lately?
We’ve been working with TNT and Amazon to launch several new scripted series. One of my new favorites is Amazon’s Fleabag starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She’s insanely funny.
“Creative Director” — what do you see that position meaning in the future?
The creative director position will continue to be an important job. As a creative director, I play many roles including casting agent, therapist, interpreter, band leader and car mechanic. It starts with casting the right people for the right parts. Creative directors translate strategic goals into tactical directives and set things in motion. Creative directors help others navigate the creative process. Check out Zane Lowe’s interview with Rick Rubin on YouTube for some great insight on guiding the creative process. Legendary Beatle’s producer George Martin was an incredible creative director. Composer and Beatles expert Scott Freiman has a fantastic lecture on Sgt. Pepper. The making of the Sgt. Pepper album is a master class on creativity.
If you could go back to college, what would you study and why?
Architecture. I’m fascinated by three-dimensional living spaces. I would like to design and build my own house. I can watch those HGTV home renovation shows all day long.
Favorite commercial or promo on the air right now
The recent campaigns for Atlanta, American Horror Story and The Strain caught my attention. The marketing team at FX consistently delivers outstanding work. I always enjoy working with John Landgraf, Stephanie Gibbons, John Varvi and their team. They have a great appreciation for craft.
Favorite commercial or promo of all time
Nike “Write the Future” directed by Alejandro Iñárritu is a tour de force in live-action and editing. Check out the full-length 3-minute version. Iñárritu is a master. On the other side of the spectrum, Kmart’s “Ship my Pants” is one of those remarkable spots. I have no idea how that one made it all the way through.
My first big break…
My first big break was landing an internship at CNBC. A wonderful person named Miranda Patterson made it possible. Her generosity opened a door and allowed me to get my first job in television. My second big break was meeting Lee Hunt. Lee had a very successful branding agency in the 90’s. I was one of the first people Lee hired. It was an incredible learning experience that lasted 8 years. The take-away: find a startup and get involved. It’ll be hard work and you’ll feel like you’re in over your head, but that’s the best place to be. Ideally your personal and professional growth should parallel the growth of the company.
Favorite way to jumpstart a stalled creative streak
Clean my workspace. Clear my desk and start over. It’s my way of hitting the reset button.
Best quick office-type energy boost is
My office is in midtown Manhattan near Bryant Park, which is a great escape. When I’m working at home, I take a walk along the Hudson River. Nature is a great recharge.
My cell phone is (what is means to you or how you use it…)
The smart phone has changed everything. As marketers, we’re still figuring out how to effectively integrate it into our media plans. On a personal level, my wife and I have two teenage boys. Our phones allow us to be connected when we’re not together.
Current Binge watching choice:
I’m currently finishing up Netflix’s Stranger Things. And next, I’ll be watching HBO’s The Night Of.

You have 10 minutes to kill online. What sites do you visit?
The Nerdwriter, Every Frame a Painting, Great Big Story, Devour, Trailer Addict, iTunes trailers, Motionographer, NY Times, Art of the Title, Team Coco and Vox.
Who would you like to spend “Five Minutes With”?
I’d like to spend five minutes with my 18-year-old self. I’d tell myself to work less and travel more.

Think About This:  “Think before you speak. Read before you think.”  ~ Fran Lebowitz

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