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May 17, 2010

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San Antonio’s WOAI, the NBC affil, just announced that DAVID STOTTS is going to be the new head of creative for them. He starts June 7, but nobody knows where he’s coming from. (Note – do we really know where any of us are coming from? Hmmm) And when researching David Stotts, would you believe there are more than one with a TV background? What are the chances?! So until I hear from one or more of the TV David Stotts’, I won’t have more info than that. Except WOAI is off the list and I’ve learned that David Stotts is not as unusual a name as I had thought. Well Dunne! to the guy going into WOAI. And CALL.

ALEX WEPRIN has a great new slot – Co-Editor of TVNewser as well as Editor of WebNewser at mediabistro.com  Comes over from Broadcasting & Cable. All in NYC, of course.  And all very Well Dunne!

PROMAX just posted the finalists for the Gold…check out who’s tearin’ it up in the competition.

Going to PROMAX? Many can’t, so that’s why Well Dunne! will be live blogging. Yes indeed. Great fun and informative, too. With pictures all day long as well. Put in on your calendar. Go on. We can wait for you….

All you creatives….getting enough sleep? No? Well, that’s going to hurt your creativity. Yes, sleep is a must. Read all bout it here.

AD AGE says that the consumer being in charge of making spots is O-V-E-R. And not a nano-second too soon.

All the dustup over Facebook. You gonna sign off or just find a way to deal? Here’s one take on it.

Think About This: "If in the last few years you haven’t discarded a major opinion or acquired a new one, check your pulse. You may be dead." ~ Gelett Burgess