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May 18, 2017

May 17, 2017 by     Comments Off on May 18, 2017    Posted under: Featured

Things are looking much brighter for SYDNEY RUBIN, BRENT AYRES and the creative folks at KCPQ in Seattle. Despite this past winter being the wettest on record, the forecast is for sunny and bright thanks to the new hire that’s coming on board the Tribune FOX affiliate. ANDREW MAGPOC is headed to Starbuck’s home base from Colorado. He and Ms. Sydney worked together at KOAA in Colorado Springs and the duo looks to continue to create together again. Andrew was most recently at Professional Bull Riders Inc. Yes, how interesting is that when it comes to resume additions. Andrew handled video of course as Sr. Video Editor. No word on whether he wrangled livestock. His background is fascinating – he’s worked for Oprah at Harpo as Motion Graphics Designer. The Hawaiian Islands saw his work as Creative Director at KGMB, as well as promo producing for KHON and KITV. Syd has a nose for talent. He’ll be the Senior Writer Producer in his Seattle slot. Well Dunne! Andrew.

All you who need Spanish help…and there are more and more daily…you need to check out ISSA, who is not only a native Spanish and English speaker, but the lady translates. Don’t get caught with the wrong translation. Well Dunne! Issa.

Think About This:   Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.”  ~  Arthur Schopenhauer

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June 7, 2016

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Taking the bull by the horns and shaking things up, while keeping your talent and craft sharp and creative. It’s not a dream – it can be done. One such story involves ANDREW MAGPOC, who is taking his TV, marketing and production skills and using them in a new way. Well, it’s actually an old way that’s being used in a new way. After a stint at KOAA in Colorado Springs’ promo arena, he’s saddled up with the Professional Bull Riders. Yes, it’s a pro sport and it requires a lot more muscle than, say, driving a car in an oval, but let’s not digress and do not send any snarky emails. Andrew will be doing videos for the cowboys and that’s definitely interesting. Andrew’s background (SYDNEY RUBIN calls him the best, which means a lot) was forged in Hawaii at KITV and KHON and as Creative Director of KGMB before coming to the mainland and doing graphics for Oprah. Yehaw – Ride ‘em Cowboy! Well Dunne! Andrew.

Blatant self promotion department (stop reading now if you choose…but its pretty cool so go on…) in the form of BARRY FITZSIMMONS’ Promo Cowboy podcast. The guest as of Tuesday afternoon’s posting is, well, me. Entitled Why Kate Bacon Doesn’t Spit in Her Wastebasket. The man is great with enticing titles…and it is true, btw. Check it out and yes, it was a LOT of fun. Barry is the best and looks mighty fine in that hat. http://promocowboys.podbean.com/

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